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The One Where I’ve Had A Bit Of Good Luck

The feeling of excitement from being able to attend Blizzcon may not wear off for a while, but things have returned to normal regardless. I’m back home, back to work, back to the Timeless Isle and working on using LFR to practice SoO in the hopes I might one day get a chance to go through there on flex.

The first step, however, was to actually finish the last stage of ToT which I had never completed. I really have no good excuse for that. It was combination of laziness, not having friends to queue up with, too busy standing idly in Stormwind chatting with my guildies, herbing.. you know, all the standard excuses. But I took care of the problem by queueing immediately and got that out of the way so I could head into SoO knowing I had done everything prior. I’m totally glad I decided to do it too because my Treasures of the Thunder King bag contained a Cracked Primal Egg and in 3 days I had myself a shiny new Red Primal Raptor mount. (Note: these things aren’t very red at all)

dino mount

In between trying to actually earn valor on Elfi for the purpose of upgrading gear and finally being respectable and trying to get back into the habit of keeping up with my Tillers farm on all 3 of my level 90′s, I did manage to get some time in on the Timeless Isle and was super excited to have 2 pets drop for me this week. Hooray for good luck!

Wow-64 2013-11-21 11-15-45-01
Wow-64 2013-11-21 11-17-22-30

Still have a lot of pets and mounts on my wishlist but these are a fine start. Maybe my luck will stick with me a little longer. I’d love to get the Ruby Droplet so I don’t have to make my way up to Garnia anymore.

The One Where It’s Overtime Season At Work Again

It’s that time of year where things at work have gotten out of control again, so my greedy ass has been volunteering for overtime to get some extra money. Which means not only is my time in game somewhat limited, my brain power and energy are limited too. This results in me doing even less of the important things I didn’t do before. However, I am off work all next week on vacation and although I won’t be home every day, I am certainly hoping to spend a day or two doing some LFR or something equally exciting. Do not fret, of course I will share any mundane cool details.

In the meantime, you get to see my latest exciting (not) achievement wherein I ate 91 chocolate cookies. Followed by a fascinating look at the mossy boulder being removed from my DK alt’s farm. Please, try to contain yourselves.



Where I’ve Been and Where I’m Going

Where I’ve Been:
I have been out of game and basically offline completely for the past 28 days or so due to a family emergency. Except that’s not exactly as black and white as it seems. Most people have no idea what’s going on or why I’ve been absent, but even the people that do know the basics don’t really understand the family dynamics at work. So I thought I’d take a shot at trying to explain it real quickly.

Approximately 28 days ago, my 86 year old grandfather was crushed under a tree that was being cut down by my father, but fell early and unexpectedly. It also fell the opposite direction of where they planned it to go. This is a serious injury for old people. He was knocked unconscious immediately, 911 was called and he was airlifted 2 hours away to a trauma hospital in the city where I live. My entire family lives within miles of each other in a small, rural community. I’m the only one who escaped to civilization lives away from them.

Grandad was critically injured. His left scapula was broken in 2 places, his lungs were bruised and 8 ribs were broken, his lower back was broken, his pelvic bone was broken on the right side and his right femur was broke in 2 places. The next morning they did surgery on his femur to insert a steel rod, but he was not stable enough to have any other surgeries. The rest of his breaks are being left alone in the hopes they will heal fairly straightly on their own. It took him 4 days to wake up after being put under for his surgery, but he finally did and was downgraded to stable condition. After another week in ICU, he was moved to a private room. However, he is still in the hospital in the city where I live.

I am the responsible one in the family. Even if I didn’t want to be, I’m expected to be. But I generally take responsibility on willingly. Probably connected to my whole Virgo and servitude thing. The day of the accident my mom called me and asked me to rush right over to the hospital because it was going to take them 2 hours to get there. So I went over and met with the ER doctors, heard all the gory details, was taken to see him in all his bloody (lots of scratches from the tree and ground), broken misery. I started filling out his paperwork and making decisions that needed to be made urgently. I am someone who is calm in emergency situations, so when my parents did finally arrive, I was still in charge of the situation. And I have remained in charge of the situation ever since then. Whether I want to be or not.

We all stayed in the ICU waiting room for 3 or 4 days after it first happened because the doctors told us he’d be lucky to make it through each day. Once he finally woke up after surgery and was considered stable instead of critical, most of the family went back home. Except for my mother. My grandmother is in a nursing home immobile and suffering from dementia, so she is unable to visit him. Which means my mom is the main person who cares for Grandad. Since she is retired and lives 2 hours away, she’s been living with me ever since the accident so she can be at the hospital around 20 hours a day and not waste time and money driving back and forth.

Not only have I spent the past 4 weeks sleeping in chairs at the hospital and then on my own couch at home, I’m also not getting as much sleep as normal and when mom and I are home together in the evenings we watch her TV shows and I don’t “play” on my computer because video games are dumb. Yes, I realize I’m an adult and this is my house. But some battles just aren’t worth the fight and I’m trying to keep in mind that she’s stressed out and been away from her own home for weeks now.

The good news is, other than the issue with all of his broken bones still being broken, Grandad is recovering nicely (but very slowly) and they hope they can move him into a nursing home down local to his home in the next two weeks for several weeks of rehab and therapy. Then my life will be my own again… I don’t mean that to sound as selfish as it does but hopefully you understand what I do mean.

Where I’m Going:
I am freaking going to Blizzcon! I can hardly believe it. Like most of you, I have been anxiously waiting for tickets to go on sale. I warned my mom in advance yesterday that I would be spending some time on the computer at 9pm (central time) because I needed to buy tickets for an event. I didn’t bother telling her what the event was; she would not have approved. When the time came and the button lit up that tickets were for sell, I clicked the button. I was approx. #6500 in queue and I could tell by how much stock decreased compared to how much the queue was decreasing, I wasn’t going to make it.

I was right, I didn’t make it. I was still at around #2400 when they sold out. Boo. But wait! I had been reading Twitter while waiting for my chance to buy tickets and I had seen that Vidyala was lucky enough to be at the front of the queue and had indeed snagged tickets. Then she mentioned she snagged extra tickets and thanks to the awesomeness of guild membership and online friendship, she sold me 2 of them. Also she’s just a darn sweet person.

I am so excited to be going and so ecstatic at having a chance like this to snag the tickets. Especially since I am taking a much needed camping trip this weekend to escape my current life of sitting in a hospital room most of my day. I won’t be home on Saturday, so last night was my one chance. Even though I haven’t been around at all lately, I have a great guild. I can’t wait to meet a chunk of them at Blizzcon this year!

The One Where I Wonder What’s Wrong With Me

This is nothing new, I wonder this all the time. But it’s back on my mind thanks to the news that patch 5.2 will be released in a couple of weeks and I am not prepared for it. Again. As usual. I would love to figure out why I stay so behind. I spend A LOT of hours logged into this game over the course of a week and still I’ve never capped Valor, don’t remember to tend my farm every day, have yet to step foot in LFR, only run an average of 2 heroics a week, still don’t have my Cloud Serpent mount, etc. etc. The list goes on and on.

I can’t blame it on transmogging because I only have 1 (recently completed) transmog outfit for 1 character. I can’t blame it on pet battles because I only have 1 team formed and they are at level 15ish. As far as dailies go, I hit exalted with the Tillers and got everyone to be my best friend very early on but since then the only other rep I’ve completed is Golden Lotus. I haven’t even started several of them. And this is my main, Elfindale, I’m talking about. I have a level 90 on the Horde side who’s accomplished nothing more than opening up all the farm plots. And no, I don’t tend my farm every day on that toon either, thanks for asking.

What the fuck do I do with my time in-game? It’s something I’ve been asking myself for the past 5 years. There is something about WoW that causes me to develop situational ADD, I swear (does not affect me when I do heroics or actual raiding). I log in with no sense of “first this, then this, then this” and I find myself mousing over other players in the area because I like what they’re wearing or to see the name of the mount they’re riding. Then I check my mail. Then I stare at Accountant for 5 minutes and wonder why I don’t make more gold than I do (psst.. it’s because I don’t do enough dailies or heroics or anything at all really).

Then I fuck around with all the stupid shit I carry in my bags that I have no use for but cannot bring myself to delete because OMG THE NOVELTY OF THIS THING (I’m looking at you, Ancient Amber). Then I go to the bank and organize it and look at all the stupid shit I have in there which I have no use for. I stand there several minutes and contemplate deleting things. Then I realize I should be doing something, so I head out to the Shrine’s patio and survey the vast land of opportunity before me. Then I pull up my bags again and wonder if I should store some of the useless crap in the bank with the other useless crap (volatile orbs, landsharks, ugh). I’m also chatting with the guild and/or real ID friends during all of this, which likely slows me down a hair but I will never stop doing. In fact, I would love to have more real ID friends for chatting. Battletag Elfi#1350. Hit me up.

Now where was I? Oh that’s right, standing around not accomplishing anything. I tab out to catch up on Twitter. Tab back in. Remember I wanted to look up how to get that cool object/mount/gear/pet, tab back out to google it. Read every comment on WoWhead just because they’re there. Tab back in. Catch up on guild chat. Scroll through last few minutes of general and trade for God knows what reason. Oh hey, I should fly out to the farm. Take flightpath, tab out to catch up on Twitter. Jump into a Twitter conversation and get ignored (off-subject, but it happens to me a lot). Tab back into game & forget why I flew to this spot. Hearth to Shrine. Immediately remember I was going to farm. /facepalm. Take flight path back. Decide I should gather some herbs while I’m in the area. Spend the next 30 minutes alternating between gathering herbs and tabbing back out to see if I’m actually going to get a reply on Twitter. Spoiler alert: I usually don’t.

Tab back into game, decide I’m tired of gathering herbs. Hearth back to Shrine. DAMMIT I WAS GOING TO FARM. Maybe I should actually run a heroic or do something useful. Queue for heroic, fly to farm. Decide I would be better off working on my DK alt because I really want her to be at 90 before patch 5.2 drops. Switch to DK alt without ever taking care of my farm. Quest on DK alt for a few minutes then decide to head to Stormwind to see if I can make money playing the AH. Stare at AH for 20 minutes and realize I don’t have enough starting capital to do much playing on the AH. Head back out to quest. Decide I should have looked for cool transmog stuff for my DK because everyone needs to be transmogged at level 70, right? Hearth back to Stormwind and look at AH some more. Reprimand myself for not leveling faster, head back out for questing.

By this time, I haven’t eaten dinner, haven’t done any exercising, need to get ready for work and once again, accomplished nothing. I mean, obviously I’m exaggerating this a bit (no, not really) and not every day is quite this ridiculous (but close). I’m seriously considering actually writing out a daily action plan. Something along the lines of:
1. login to Elfindale, immediately queue for heroic
2. while waiting on queue, immediately fly to farm and ACTUALLY TEND FARM
3. if still waiting on heroic queue, do Klaxxi dailies (I’m close to exalted with them, amazingly)
4. While flying to Dread Wastes, pick herbs
5. After heroic, login to Krisstalys (lvl 90 Horde) and tend farm
6. Login to Morrissa (DK alt I want to get to 90) and queue for random dungeon
7. while waiting for dungeon, complete quests

It seems silly that I would need to write down such simple things and I often wonder if I would even actually follow the plan if I did ever write it up. It’s not like I’m incapable of intelligent thought, I should be able to just do these things because I know they need to be done. Which is why I swear WoW triggers some sort of attention deficit for me. I just don’t seem to be able to resist getting distracted by all the shiny things.

I am curious if any others out there find they have a similar issue OR if any of you have some advice on how you manage to do more in 2 hours a night than I do in 4 hours a night. I’m not even kidding, I want to know. Because I’m really disappointed that I probably won’t have my DK to 90 before the patch and that a new raid will once again come out before I ever see the current raid. I need to figure out how to play more efficiently. Sometimes I wonder if it’s because both of my level 90 toons are Balance druids and as such, they are not exactly lean, mean killing machines. I’ve always sworn I hate melee and have no interest in bear or cat but since I’ve been working on my death knight so much recently, I’m starting to change my opinion about melee a bit. Maybe I should consider a bear off-spec for Elfi so that dailies and other general things would go quicker. I often wonder if the fact that everything – including killing vermin on my farm – takes so damn long and is so painful sort of subconsciously keeps me from running out there and doing what I need to do. Of course, I’m not in the best gear thanks to my lack of gathering Valor and my absence from heroics and LFR. And there’s a terrible cycle to be stuck in… without gear I suck, because I suck I don’t do the things that could get me gear. Awesome.

What do you guys do to maximize your efficiency in game? How many people think druids suck? What advice can you guys give me on overcoming this problem?

The One Where I Shouldn’t Be So Damn Impressed With Myself

I talk a lot of big talk and make a lot of big plans around here about how I want to stay current with game content and see all the raids and do all the things. In reality, I’ve only completed 3 different heroics and am nowhere near being raid ready. Just to clarify, I’m not trying to be someone who constantly makes empty promises to myself; it’s just that my eyes are bigger than my stomach. Wait, wut? You know what I mean. So imagine my surprise when I found myself raiding (if you can call what I did raiding) with my guild last night.

Here’s how it all started. I had been logged into the game basically all day just working on alts and trying to figure out how to best replenish my recently diminished gold piles. My plan was to log out right before 8:00pm, fix myself some food, and settle in to watch the season premiere of The Biggest Loser. Partially because I need the inspiration, partially because I have a girl crush on Jillian Michaels. About 10 minutes before that happened, my gm whispered me to see if I would be interested in filling a spot for them because a guildie had something come up unexpectedly. I’m not going to lie, I laughed. I told him he really did not want me in his raid because I haven’t been doing the dailies or running the heroics I need to do to upgrade myself. I think the last heroic I ran was over a month ago and I managed a whopping 15k dps. Yeah, that’s embarrassing. In my defense, I only have 4% haste and my cast times are fucking LOOOOONG. That’s not a very good defense is it? Clearly there is more wrong with me than just my haste, but that’s a whole nother can of worms.

Back to the current story, I told him he’d be better off pugging as on top of my shitty, non-existent dps I also had never stepped one foot into the place and hadn’t yet studied any of the fights. I would be going in blind. Shudder. But it was now just a couple of minutes before 8 and they just weren’t finding anyone who could help them out so he asked me again if I would like to join them. I told him it would be absolutely horrifyingly embarrassing for both me and the guild but I am one of those people who will always do anything I can to help the team. Even if my help is going to amount to nothing more than being a warm body.

Which is exactly what happened, dps wise. I brought them no help at all. And just like I predicted, I was completely embarrassed about my dps. I mean, it seriously barely even registered on Recount, I swear. I can’t give you my overall dps number because after we got to Elegon the guildie who had not been there earlier had finally gotten online and I stepped out so he could join them and save them from me. And I can’t give you my dps number up until that point because the first time I glanced down and looked at it, I died. Of embarrassment. Then I puked. From nervous shame. Then I died again of more embarrassment. BUT. When it was all said and done, if you just ignore dps altogether, (please. ignore it.) I was actually pretty damn happy with my raid awareness and the fact that I really had no issue with standing in poop or falling off platforms or running away from the group when necessary. Obviously I would never say I was 100% on raid awareness, but for being such a nervous noob and just getting some quick, basic instructions before each pull I really think I did a good job. Of course, there may be 9 other people who don’t have that opinion, but no one ever yelled at me to move out of shit or run away or shoot the other guy or anything. I had even recently reconfigured my UI to make sure my battlerez, tranquility and innervate were situated in a prominent position on very large, easy to see buttons and that totally paid off because I got asked to pop both tranquility and my battlerez and I was able to do so instantly. Which is very unlike the past 5 years when I was always worried more about my UI being pretty and symmetrical. Also, even though it really didn’t help much, I had dropped all my money in the AH last Friday on a 30k trinket upgrade and finally buying gems and enchants for my shitty gear that needs to be replaced.

So when it was all said and done, I was starving and dying of thirst due to not knowing I was going to be raiding and getting stuck in my chair without a chance to grab any food or water. My keyboard and my shirt were covered in puke :P and I had missed every minute of the show I had been anxiously waiting to see for over a week. Thankfully it’s on Hulu+ so that’s no big deal. But even with all that misery and my being seriously (completely seriously) upset that my dps was so fucking ridiculous, I came away from the whole experience happy as fuck. Clearly I will be working on improving my dps, but I am no longer afraid of dipping my toes in LFR (yes, I know they will laugh at me and kick me from group if I try it before the dps improves). I’m just totally stoked about how I’m finally getting all of my other shit together and once I get my numbers up I will rule this kingdom and slay all the dragons.


Can’t We Do IntPiPoMo Every Month?

How did I manage to go from a post a day for a solid month to no post at all for almost 2 weeks? Well, part of the reason is because last week I had the plague and was too sick to get out of my recliner. The rest of the reason? I don’t really have one. Just haven’t gotten back in the swing of things after the week of sleeping. I have been logging in, but instead of diving right back into the serious business of grinding and gearing my main I have been hanging out on the Horde side with a couple of friends going through all the old content we can for pets and mounts. Derping around can be fun. Especially when you’re raking in pets and mounts while logged into Vent making fun of Canadians and the way they say all their words wrong.

Aside from that, I’ve been not doing much. Sadly, I recently told my SWTOR guild that I was leaving the game because I’ve lost interest in the Galaxy and wasn’t doing any extra work to keep my gear upgraded. I had also grown tired of both weekend nights being filled with raiding. I had been missing raids due to illness and obligations and with the holidays here now, I knew I’d be missing a lot more. I finally had to quit stringing them and myself along and just end it. It sucked. I have good friends there and I have an amazing time when I’m raiding with them. I had actually posted on the guild forums that I was unsubbing, but have since decided not to for now because when I am logged in I have a lot of fun. So we’ll see what happens there. I have a feeling that now that I’ve officially quit, I’ll want to play more than usual. Because that’s what kind of special crackhead I am.

I will resume regular posting here again soon, though. And since I’ve been running a lot of old content, it’s highly likely you’ll see more of the old school screenshots like I have recently posted. Until then, I’m just going to sit here and cuddle with Jasper (who COMPLETELY enjoyed me being in the recliner for a week).


The One Where I’m Overwhelmed And Sorta Loving It

My entire WoW career, I’ve been behind. I started playing during Burning Crusades and since I was a complete noob and leveled as a resto druid (I didn’t know any better), I only reached level 70 about a week or two before Wrath dropped. I was lucky enough to get completely carried through Karazhan by the guild I was in at the time because they had the place on farm status. So I did get to see Kara when it was mostly current and I did get the Vampiric Batling pet that dropped from Prince Tenris during the Scourge event. But I don’t consider that as meaning I raided Kara. Far from it. I also didn’t run many dungeons as there was no LFD tool and I was too shy and polite to bother my raiding guildies by asking for help and/or dungeon runs. Since I’m not a big alt’er, I am still very unfamiliar with most low-level dungeons. I don’t have any of them memorized, layout wise or boss wise. I would estimate I haven’t been through any one of them more than 10 times total, not counting The Stockades which I run above level as a way of farming wool when necessary. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if there are still some out there I have never even ran yet.

I don’t remember exactly when I finally reached level 80 in Wrath, but I can assure you it was not super fast. The guild pretty much had Naxx on farm mode before I started dipping my toes into the place and even though I did get to run it enough with them that I mostly had it memorized, I certainly didn’t feel as though I was helping with progression at all. I was just someone who was available to go sometimes. I only saw the first 3 bosses of Ulduar (until during Cata when myself and 6 others revisited and completed the place) and the first 3 of Icecrown Citadel (never have finished this place) and I know for a fact there are some dungeons I’ve never completed in Northrend.

When Cata launched I was determined to be better at keeping up. It didn’t happen. Between Cata heroics starting out so damn difficult that I lost my will to heal and the fallout of a major guild breakup and my unhappiness with the situation, I didn’t do jack shit in Cata. I eventually switched guilds after debating it for months but the new guild was in the process of becoming divided so I sorta let myself just fade into the background there. I definitely haven’t been in every dungeon from this expansion and I only got to see the first 2 Firelands bosses once.

Cut to playing Star Wars: The Old Republic since pre-launch in a full-time raiding guild. My first ever experience as a weekly, serious raider. Guess what? I love raiding. I’m still raiding in SWTOR with the same guild I started the game with, though I suck at committing to weekend raiding consistently through summer.

During my time in SWTOR, I never left WoW completely. I chose to delete all my real ID friends (all 4 of them) and roll a horde toon on a random server just as an escape because even though I don’t have any personal issues with anyone I’ve been involved with in-game, I also wasn’t in a great place. Does that make sense? I didn’t play much at all for a good 6 month period, but I couldn’t give it up completely. Over the past few months my addiction to WoW finally started to increase once again and just a few weeks before Mists was released I started playing my old Alliance toons and joining new guilds and getting excited about the game like I used to be. This time, this expansion, I am going to get it right. I’m going to do all the content, see all the sights, and thanks to Battletag grouping and LFR, I hope to even see the raids while they’re current.

I power-leveled Elfindale to 90 in 5 days. That was huge for me. Then I took a few days off because my ass and legs were very pissed at me for forcing them to stay in an office chair for so long. Once I logged back in to begin my dailies and start concentrating on endgame, I got lost in a sea of Farmville, Pokemon, and unlimited dailies in numerous zones. I am completely overwhelmed. I know that the Golden Lotus dailies are important for gearing up for raiding but I’m not actually a part of a raiding team, so do I need to rush into that? The Cloud Serpent dailies will get me a cool mount. Fishing dailies would be something I would enjoy and fishing can make me money. Leveling up cooking and growing food seems like fun and a good money maker and important to raiding so maybe I should start there? I am so unsure of where to begin. There are just too many things. I am actually way more interested in pet battles than I ever thought I’d be, so I want to spend some time in that area too.

So here I am, starting an expansion with dreams of being a “real” WoW player for once and already I’m just flitting around aimlessly and not making good use of my time. I have got to figure out how to change that part of me. Transferring servers, playing SWTOR as my main game for a long time, surrounding myself with some different people in WoW and the fact that the expansion seems to be a really great one have all combined to make me a very happy player. But if I can’t find a direction for myself I’m really afraid I’ll end up back in the same routine and I really don’t want to do that. I want to enjoy Mists and all that it has to offer. I want this to be my time to shine.

Are any of you feeling overwhelmed with all there is to do? How are you deciding what to prioritize?

The One Where I Act Like Brett Favre

For those of you who may not know, Brett Favre is one of the recent great quarterbacks in the NFL (Green Bay Packers for most of his career) who, starting back around 2007, began retiring at the end of the season and then coming out of retirement just in time to play the next season. This went on for 4 years or so. By the time he finally really did retire, the whole thing had become quite absurd and no one really even cared any more. Hopefully, that won’t happen to me.

Yep, I am announcing my retirement from this blog BUT WAIT… I have talked about Brett Favre for a reason here (other than the fact that I am a huge NFL fan (Go Chiefs!)(everyone shut up, I know they suck but they are my team)). See, much like the first time Brett retired from the game, I would love nothing more than to continue on here. But sometimes the desire to play football write blog posts just isn’t worth the time and effort required to do it. However, I am smart enough to know that my love for Elfi and this little world I’ve created here may draw me back. I might decide after being retired for a few months that I’ve got one more season in me.

I love being Elfi. Elfi has been a huge part of my identity since I began playing WoW in January 2008. But I am only Elfi online, in WoW. My coworkers don’t know me as Elfi, my family doesn’t know me as Elfi. And now that I’ve made SWTOR my main game and I am not named Elfi there, I’m only Elfi a few hours a week. Mostly here when I blog. And there’s where the problem begins because of a combination of the following things:

  • I don’t have as much time to write posts as I used to – I began blogging in general (personal blogs, photo blogs) around 2006 when I worked 3rd shift all alone in the basement of a hospital where my only job was to answer the phone if it rang and solve whatever pc problem was on the other end. In an 8 hour shift, I’d get 3 or 4 calls and they were 90% password resets. When the phone wasn’t ringing, I was allowed to do anything else I wanted so the job was great for reading, putting together jigsaw puzzles, watching DVDs, surfing the net, blogging, etc. But in case you’re wondering, it wasn’t worth the solitude. Especially considering I worked every Friday & Saturday night and my 10 hour shifts began at 9pm. Talk about not being able to have a social life. Ugh. Actually, forget the social life, when you live alone and work that kind of schedule you rarely get any human contact with anyone. Ugh. But I digress. I began blogging because I had nothing but time and since I worked there for 5 years blogging very much became “something I do at work”. I am now working 3rd shift at a different job where I only get 1 phone call a night. Unfortunately for me (relevant to what we’re discussing here), answering the phone is like 1% of my job. I work my ass off here. There’s no more time for blogging.
  • Back in December, I switched my main game to SWTOR. I love it there because it’s a great game and my dearest friends are there. This means sometimes I login to WoW for 2 – 4 hours a week, sometimes I don’t login to WoW for a week or more. Despite the fact there seems to always be some new achievement I’ve … achieved…(how redundant) or some new pet I’ve acquired, or some fail PUG to make fun of, the quality of posts here has been slipping. Spending so much time away from the game means I’m forcing myself to invent things to write about. Even though I still enjoy the writing part of it, it’s just not as inspired by my love of the game as it used to be. I still love the game, but we’re long-distance lovers these days and the flirty, breathless excitement between us has been replaced with “let’s schedule a quickie twice month if it works out”.
  • I seriously need to figure out how to get off my ass more. Did I say seriously? Because I seriously do. Seriously, I’m killing myself here. I’m drowning in obesity and diabetes with some almost-old-age mixed in. When it comes to figuring out where I’m going to get the extra time to hit the gym I’d rather take it away from blogging than from getting to play the game. Don’t give me that look… I’m taking it away from other things too. The Nook makes it easy to read while I’m on the treadmill so now I’m not sitting on my ass reading as much.
  • Twitter. It’s… what’s the word… it’s constant. I enjoy it, but I can’t keep up. Especially since I keep following more and more people. I love the way it’s such an intimate little community where I really do get the feeling all of you guys are actually friends. Twitter helps me stay on top of the WoW news and happenings while I’m playing SWTOR and of course let’s me know when my favorite people publish new blog posts. It is also a platform I use to let people know I have published a new post. It’s very much connected to blogging for me. Especially because I follow most of my favorite WoW bloggers. And so, it must go. No more spending 6 minutes out of every 20, all day long, bent over my Droid 3 reading Tweetdeck. It’s done. A week ago I tweeted that I was breaking up with Twitter and I haven’t tweeted a single thing in 7 days. No one commented. No one has noticed. So I guess quitting Twitter will be the easy part. I will keep my SWTOR twitter account active to keep up with my guildies tweeting action. But @_elfindale is retiring.
So the struggle is I want to continue being Elfi but all the other crap is true too.

There’s more. I’ve been really emo for a couple of weeks now and I could really begin rambling about some shit right here. But ultimately, it doesn’t matter. What matters is I feel like I’m doing this space and my readers a disservice by forcing content once or twice a week just for the sake of keeping an audience because I like having one. So I’m going to stop. At least for now. Hopefully I will get rid of the emo, get myself into a better routine of fitting things in that should be priorities (seriously someone figure out how to make me exercise), and get a better handle on my time management so that I can Brett Favre it up and announce that I’m back. See, I want to believe I will one day be back. So I want you guys to realize you don’t have to keep coming here to read whatever crap I’ve thrown together in a rush (lately) because I’m stopping. But if you have ever enjoyed Elfi’s World you should not throw away the link and forget it exists.

And in closing, I’d just like to say to Psynister … uh, sorry dude but I guess I will NOT be updating my “About” page for now. :)


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