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IntPiPoMo 2012: Day 21 – Bad Sign

You never want to see this when plowing your fields.

IntPiPoMo: Wrapping It Up In A Pretty Package

I haven’t counted my total number of screenshots I have officially posted during this fun IntPiPoMo event, but I’m quite sure I made it past the required 50. So since it’s near the end of the month, I thought I’d go ahead and wrap this little project up with some pretty scenery. I like to play around with the coloring on some of my shots to make them look a little more artsy. Hopefully you guys will like some of the following scenes.

Screenshot Saturday: IntPiPoMo Edition

Here’s a recent quest I did in Azshara as an Undead.

IntPiPoMo: The Water Edition

Sorry, no cut scenes today. :(

Screenshot Saturday: IntPiPoMo Edition – Fun In Uldum

It’s been almost a year since I first entered Uldum and witnessed all the amazing cut scenes and fun quests there. It seems like there must have been more to this one than just the 2 shots I grabbed, but I can’t remember for sure. I finally have an alt that’s getting real close to visiting the Cata zones so the plan is to do a better job capturing this stuff my next time around. And hopefully the print screen action won’t break the cut scene and show my UI over it like what happened with my old pc and old graphic card.

Oops, I’m rambling. On to the goodies.

IntPiPoMo: A Wedding in Twilight Highlands

I’ve always heard the saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” so I’ve decided to continue with the cut scene screenshot theme for my IntPiPoMo post today. I apologize for the fact that these shots don’t look as good as they could. They were actually taken on my old graphics card at less resolution.

IntPiPoMo: Assault On Dreadmaul Rock

Yep, I’m back with more cut scene memories as my 2nd contribution to IntPiPoMo. Enjoy!

Screenshot Saturday: Extended IntPiPoMo Edition

When I first read Angelya’s post about IntPiPoMo, I knew it was a brilliant idea. I hoped it would catch on and other people would participate. I wished I could participate, since I am such a screenshot addict, but I was several days late reading her post and I misunderstood it to be a daily screenshot post every day in November. I knew I was already behind and I knew there were other things going on in my life that would likely cause me to be unable to publish daily posts, so I knew I couldn’t participate. Luckily, this week some Twitter conversations kindly informed me I was silly and I had read the IntPiPoMo rules completely wrong. It is simply 50 screenshots posted during November. It does not require a daily post. I still have plenty of time to participate.

The premise is, a picture is worth a thousand words so 50 screenshots would equal 50,000 words – the same as the amount of words required for NaNoWriMo. While posting 50 screenshots isn’t anywhere near as difficult as writing 50k words, it doesn’t mean I’m taking it any less serious. Today I begin my IntPiPoMo journey by chronicling a story told in-game by Lady Sylvanas. I hope you enjoy.


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