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I read dozens of WoW-centric blog posts a day ranging in content from news about recently gained pets to detailed “how to” guides. I enjoy them all. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t read them. Yet when it comes to my own blog I find myself not writing posts because I feel the silly, unimportant subject matter could not possibly be exciting to anyone. This frustrates me. I enjoy blogging. I KNOW blogging is supposed to be for me and no one else. I certainly don’t pop in here simply because I need attention or desire to grow a massive audience. But as a child, I didn’t dream of becoming an astronaut or a princess or a superhero – I dreamed of being a photojournalist for National Geographic. From as early as I can remember I collected those magazines from every garage sale or old person that had them. My room had hundreds and hundreds of bright yellow-bound magazines stacked in it. In my teen years, I added novelist to the list. I read my first Stephen King book at age 11 and after reading 5 or 6 more (along with what I swear must have been every book my tiny school library had to offer) I was convinced writing was in my future.

Hey, guess what? Nope. Turns out I was too shy to complete the journalism classes I tried to take in college. Too lazy to do much writing of any other kind, apparently. I also don’t have much of an imagination anymore. I don’t know where I lost it. In my 20′s I wrote some poetry. Not epic poetry, or romantic poetry. Mostly what I’d consider dark poetry, I suppose, for lack of better categorization options. Maybe no one else would agree. /shrug. All I know is poems would randomly just start forming in my mind and lay themselves down line by line, piling up until my head felt like it was going to burst open if I didn’t stop and write it down. Most of my poetry was first written on random scraps of paper and napkins that happened to be near me when this happened. They always seemed to spew forth without needing to be edited or cleaned up. I miss that feeling. Even if no one else ever thought they were good poems, I liked them. Why can’t that feeling come back to me?

In case you haven’t noticed, this is just a mind dump. I sat here with the new blog post window open and couldn’t decide which insignificant detail of my gaming life to share so this started pouring out instead. My apologies. I used to have no trouble writing blog posts. Hey, while we’re on that subject, December 7 marked my 3rd yr anniversary at World of Elfi. It all began with an open letter to Blizzard. Ah, I used to be so entertaining. To myself, if no one else. I was fine with entertaining myself for so long. How did that stop? I didn’t mean to intentionally ignore my anniversary. Just accidentally overlooked it.

I still enjoy the hell out of the game. Sometimes my interest drops a bit if other side projects have my attention, but currently I’m in a big WoW upswing. It started ramping up as Blizzcon approached and it’s still going. Obviously my writing issues aren’t related to that.

Yes, it does strike me as funny that I’ve just used all these words to form lines and paragraphs of useless rambling about how I don’t write as much as I used to because I’m afraid it’s all useless rambling. Heh. I think that’s a clear indication I should sign off for today.

Here’s hoping sometime soon I’ll post about my latest boring pet, achievement, gear, etc.

My Blizzcon Experience: Part 2 – The People

While I didn’t get to meet everyone who was there who I follow on Twitter or through blogs, websites, etc., I got to meet so many amazing people. I only wish there had been more time to spend with each of them because what you need to understand about me is I’m sappy. Like, really sappy. I really LOVE my friends and I get the warm fuzzies when interacting with them. I’m kind of like a gushing 13 year old girl in that way. When I really like someone, I get all crazy excited for any opportunity I have to chat with them. I think sometimes I wear people out because I’m pretty much always excited to talk to them when there are times maybe they don’t feel like talking. But I also have a self esteem issue (again, 13 year old girl) that leaves a bit of doubt in my mind when meeting people in real life if they truly enjoy me or if they are just being polite when we chat online and are secretly rolling their eyes during our conversations. So meeting people was my highest priority for Blizzcon and was also the thing I dreaded the most. Seriously, why are we all such ridiculous basket cases? Humans. Ugh.

Obviously the most exciting ones I would meet would be my guildies. I joined Business Time in January of this year and very quickly felt comfortable and at home there. So seeing some of the people I had been talking to on such a regular basis in game was the most important to me. But as I mentioned above, I was a bit nervous that I wanted to meet them more than they wanted to meet me. That’s not a reflection of them at all, that’s totally my issue. I am a product of my raising. When you spend your childhood hearing you’re worthless and no one ever really wants to be around you it becomes entrenched in your brain, no matter how old you are now or how incorrect you know it is. It created an inner voice that won’t go away. But I am a happy person so I do my best to ignore it and power through my fears. I can usually tell within a few minutes of meeting someone face to face whether they actually think of me as a friend or if they are just someone who’s polite. Reading body language and seeing eye contact is a good indicator. Once I’ve established things are good, I relax and get over my doubts. Of course, I still have the “okay, they like me but am I spending too much time in their space” thing but that’s a whole new can of worms.

Okay, this post wasn’t supposed to be headed this way. Let’s get back on track.

So everyone knows Vidyala and Vosskah are awesome right? Because they totally are. I had gotten all sappy about them a long time ago because they’re just fantastic people. They are also the people who completely eased my worries about meeting them before I actually ever did because this happened:

vid message

In ALL CAPS even, which makes it mean even more.

They want to meet me? What? Without me initiating it? What? People don’t do that if they don’t actually want to meet you. Okay, it’s Thursday, I haven’t even made it to the hotel yet and I already know I’m going to be fine. Seriously, that was HUGE. These two… the best. I needed that, I appreciated that and I now totally <3 them even more than I already did. Kim and I checked into our hotel, Vid and Voss walked over to meet us and we walked somewhere and ate something. BUT MOSTLY I GOT TO HANG OUT WITH VID AND VOSS. Yay!

But of course the day got better because later on we met up in the lobby of the Hilton and were joined by guildies Rhidach and Antigen. We grabbed a table and sat down for some drinks and conversation. Our other guildie who had tickets, Tass (@beartank), didn't arrive until later in the evening but we all got a chance to chill out in Vid's room after the WoW Insider party and the line to pick up our badges. It was awesome. Over the course of the next few days we got to spend more time together as a group, including a small, cozy sushi dinner on Saturday night that was just so fantastic and relaxing.

Because it was all happening so fast and there were so many people and so much stuff going on, I am not even going to try and write down any when and where details for most of the others I met. I likely wouldn't get it right if I tried. But I do have a mostly complete list (I believe) of peeps I got to meet from hanging out in the Hilton and attending the WoW Insider party. I'll use their twitter names to make it easier: @KelistiMMO, @Jasyla, @hestiahdruid, @AppleCiderMage, @Tikari, @orkchop, @MarconinWoW, @Kristin @Jedsblog (meeting him involved much Twitter coordination – yay for Twitter), @beruheals and hubby Brade. I had @AngryOrc and @Sha of Happiness pointed out to me, but they were both swarmed with people and don't know me, so I didn't go over to officially meet them. Though I should have. Just like I should have said hello to Ghostcrawler and Chris Metzen on those occasions when I found myself 2 feet from them. Sigh.

I also had two very exciting meetups on the convention floor; one by accident and one that was a determined wild goose chase. Lol. I came across @Draynee while she was in her amazing costume and I didn't even know it was her. I had stopped to take a picture of her and she totally noticed my custom art badge I had commissioned from Vidyala. She pointed at me and was like "hey, I follow you on twitter". I totally stared at her blankly and said "and you are?". Yep, I'm quite the charmer. But as soon as she told me who she was I was so glad she had recognized my name because I got to say hi and gently steal a hug from her while trying not to mess up the costume in any way. Yay for chance encounters. The wild goose chase involved the wildly popular Navimie. I was determined to meet her before leaving Anaheim so I started tweeting her to try and coordinate locations. We missed each other several times by several minutes each time because so many people wanted to be Navispammed she just didn't stay in one spot very long. But it all worked out and we finally found each other and spent a few minutes gushing at each other. I even got her to pose for a picture which I immediately tweeted out to prove I had been #navispammed irl. Meeting these two was awesome.


Sunday involved a trip to DisneyLand with Kim, Vidyala, BeruHeals and a few others. I’m not actually trying to be secretive in any way about who was there, but I totally never asked them if it was okay for me to blog about it, so I will be cautious and not mention them. There was a group of 8 of us though and it was a really fun day. We rode rides, we watched shows, we ate at The Blue Bayou inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Just a fantastic time. I’m glad it worked out that we could all go together. All of us girls bought ears to wear. I’m such a nerd, I bought R2D2 mouse ears. I love ‘em.


I’m sure I’m missing someone or some detail, but suffice it to say the whole people thing was amazing. If I get a chance to go again, I’ll totally go in a bit braver and will be determined to be less shy so that I can add even more people to my list. Of course, I can’t end my Blizzcon posting without saying a big thank you to my friend Kim, who attended with me and was my roomie for the weekend. Kim and I have been friends for almost 8 years now (and co-workers that entire time as well) and I take total credit for getting her started playing WoW. She isn’t in my guild, doesn’t have a Twitter account or follow any blogs too closely, so she didn’t have the same sort of agenda I had yet she patiently (mostly :P) followed me around so that I could meet all these people. I did mouth her about the fact that she didn’t adjust away from her normal sleeping hours so she crashed out hours before I did every night (srsly, like 7 – 8 pm LOL) and got up hours before me (2 – 3am) but that’s because of her work schedule so it’s just a total habit for her. She’d go to bed and I’d wander over to the Hilton. It worked out fine. I was just glad she was there as my security blanket – someone I knew well and could be comfortable around at a time and in a place where I was nervous about everything. I may even allow her to go again if I get tickets next time. Maybe. :P

My Blizzcon Experience: Part 1.5

Blizzcon is quickly becoming old news and I still haven’t written my post about all the wonderful people I met, so I apologize in advance for the delay. I hope to have that one published no later than Tuesday so I can move on to talking about other things. Speaking of talking, this post requires very little talking. This is simply where I’m tossing up my cell phone photos that I had taken to update my Facebook page and a few that went out on Twitter. Some of these you’ve not seen before, some of them are almost exact dupes of pics I took with my Nikon.




Inside Hilton lobby on Thursday night

















Accidentally meeting Draynee while checking out her awesome costume

Navispammed irl







Darkmoon Rabbit cosplay


Deluxe fries from food truck




Inside Hilton lobby on Saturday night


My Blizzcon Experience: Part 1

This is lengthy and image heavy. You have been warned.

I get super excited for upcoming events, so of course I had been anxiously anticipating Blizzcon for quite a while before it finally arrived. The closer the dates, the more intense my excitement. However, I’m very annoying in the fact that once said event has actually arrived I feel very natural about being there. I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone or not, but basically there is nothing to anticipate anymore… it is here now and I am in it. This results in me not being the greatest at coming home with amazing stories to tell. People everywhere are asking me “How was Blizzcon” and my response is basically “it was very cool”. I know it annoys people and makes them think maybe I didn’t really enjoy myself, but that’s not the case. I enjoyed myself tremendously. I experienced so many fantastic sights and sounds AND PEOPLE! I don’t like people to have to look at me / be seen with me because I have terrible self esteem but aside from that I am a very social person and I LOVE PEOPLE SO MUCH. So yes, Blizzcon was one of the best things I’ve ever done (and I’ve done a lot of things) and I’m going to try and force myself to tell stories about it here before the memories fade. This post, Part 1, will be more about the trip and the experiences from the convention while my next post will be more about my experiences with guildies, twitter friends, etc.

Might as well start with travel, since that’s obviously the first thing I did. Travel went very well. A friend of mine (Kim), who happens to also be a co-worker, went with me and we flew out early Thursday morning and there were absolutely no delays on any of our flights and no issues whatsoever. We didn’t have to wait on baggage or wait on the shuttle to the hotel or anything. It’s kind of scary how smooth everything went. We even got to check into our room at the Clarion as soon as we arrived, despite the fact we were there 3 hours before official check-in time. The California weather was beautiful, especially when you consider it was 31° F when we left Missouri and our plane had to be de-iced on the runway.

Cali weather

After checking into the hotel we grabbed a quick lunch and then did a little bit of looking around the area. I immediately noticed the flowers resembled birds, but Kim was the one who knew they were actually called Birds of Paradise. I had always heard of them, but had never seen one. They’re very pretty.


After hanging out with my guildies and meeting some Twitter folks in the Hilton lobby, we walked around the block to The Annabella to attend the WoW Insider party. It was a beautiful hotel and the outside area where the party took place was equally as pretty. However, the space was very limiting due to the pool being right smack dab in the middle of everything. I kept waiting for someone to step off into the water accidentally, but I never saw it happen. They also had propane heat lamps every 10 feet on a night where it was in the middle 60′s and people were packed together like sardines. This meant no one could stand to be near the heat lamps so we were all huddled up in little pockets between them, further limiting freedom to move around. But I’m not trying to complain. I’m glad I went.


After hanging out at the party for a while, Kim and I walked over to join the line to pick up our badges. Apparently earlier in the evening the line was ridiculous, but by the time we got over there at approximately 9:00pm, things were moving pretty quick. The line looked long, but we didn’t stand still much and we were done in about 40 minutes. Not too bad considering a lot of people waited for hours. After we got done there, Kim crashed out and I went back to the Hilton to hang out.


Friday morning we got up early, had some hot breakfast at the hotel and walked down to get in line. We actually timed it just right that we didn’t go extremely early, but just early enough to beat most people. We began our wait at the fountain which was pretty close to the front. There ended up being a pretty long line behind us but while waiting we got to see some of the cool costumes come by.

line behind

Eventually the doors opened and the mad rush was on. This being my first Blizzcon I didn’t do a very good job of mapping out where I wanted to be at what times and to make matters worse I had decided to forgo seeing the Opening Ceremonies live so that I could instead rush right over to where the “What’s Next” panel was going to be because I wanted to hear all about the expansion. Unfortunately, I had misread the panel location. I went straight to Hall A and grabbed a seat in front of that stage thinking I was in the right place. The opening ceremonies were fed to all the tv’s, so I got to see it from where I was but then when it was over, the tv I was sitting in front of announced a Diablo panel was coming up next. Turns out the What’s Next panel was in the main hall where the opening ceremonies were and I had gone to the complete opposite end of the building. Fail. I missed it completely.

But that’s okay, we all got a virtual ticket in our goodie bags so I decided to pretty much screw all the panels and enjoy the stuff on the con floor. I took a lot of pictures of the various booths, the banks of computers, the costumes I ran across, the amazing statues there, etc. There’s no way to post them all here and no way to choose which ones you may want to see, so this is where I tell you all of my Blizzcon photos (except for the ones from my cell phone which I will post in a separate blog post here soon) are available for viewing and downloading at Blizzcon 2013 on Flickr. Please feel free to share the link with anyone who may want to see them. Please feel free to leave a comment on any picture to tell me you are in it. You are also free to use these pictures in blog posts or on Twitter as long as you credit me in your post / tweet. Please do not use these pictures for any commercial / advertising use without contacting me and getting my permission. Otherwise, have at ‘em.

Day 2 was much the same as Day 1. We simply wandered around and enjoyed the crowds and the atmosphere, trying to make sure we got to see it all. I wrote my name on the Make your Mark board, I got a free tshirt and hat from the Community Corner booth by checking in on Facebook and using the appropriate tag on Twitter. I forgot to mention on Day 1, while we watched some of the Arena Championships, we got to see Conan O’Brien. He was there to help call a few arena matches and he was hilarious, as expected. But for me, my celebrity sighting from Day 2 was one of the highlights of the con. I had gotten up that morning and checked Twitter and happened to notice Felicia Day had tweeted she would be at Blizzcon at the Jinx booth between 2 and 4pm. WHAT???? Woo Hooooo. I put that into my schedule immediately. I knew I wanted to line up early, so I started watching the Jinx booth at around 12:30 to keep an eye on any line that may be forming. Around 1pm, a few people began lining up so I rushed right over and was 6th in line. Less than an hour later, I got to shake her hand and have a quick chat while she signed a copy of The Guild Megaset DVD collection I bought for the purpose. I’ve always been a fan of Felicia’s because she’s just a normal, dorky geek and she cracks me up. I think she’s helped prove that smart, funny, cute girls do geek out and play video games. To me, her presence in the industry is a good thing.


It’s hard to describe what an amazing experience being at an event like this really is. As much as I already loved the game and the community, going to Blizzcon just made me even more excited to be a part of it all. I came home actually wanting to try Starcraft and Hearthstone. Heroes of the Storm looks interesting even though I’ve never played a MOBA type game before and will likely suck at it. I also came home determined to put more time into Diablo III. I had played it for a tiny bit after it launched but never made it past level 13 or so. Not because I didn’t enjoy the game, I just had other games I was more concerned with. But I think I’m finally through dabbling with LotRO, SWTOR, GW2 and TSW. Also, I played some of the Reaper of Souls demo and it reminded me that D3 is quite fun.

I skipped the Closing Ceremony and concert Saturday night and went to a nice, quiet guild dinner which was an excellent choice. Then on Sunday, Kim and I joined some of my friends for a day at Disneyland, also an excellent choice. More about that in the next post as well. We stayed in Anaheim Sunday night and got up early to travel home on Monday. I’m glad I took that extra day and if I get the chance to attend next year (oh man, I hope I do), I will add an extra day onto the front of my trip too. Again we had no delays or issues of any kind with any of our flights. It was a great trip and I’m very fortunate I got to spend time with the people I got to spend time with. My only complaint would be that I didn’t seek out more people or spend more quality time with my guildies and Twitter friends.

Stay tuned for Part 2.

The One Where I Return From Going Nowhere

When you get 4 weeks of vacation time at your job, sometimes you just take a week off to go nowhere. Which is what I did this past week. I only had two plans for my little staycation: reorganize, rearrange, redecorate & deep clean every room in my place and play a lot of WoW. Unfortunately, only one of these two things happened. The house looks awesome and I’m so glad I made the changes I made. Although I will say it cost more than I expected to thin out my clutter and organize things more efficiently. I had to buy storage bins, custom size frames for years worth of art I collected that had never been hung, new rugs that matched the decor, etc. etc. But I am so pleased with the results, it was all totally worth it.

Because I’m me, I didn’t start with one room and work at it until completed. I did little things randomly all over the house at once. I’d work on the bedroom closet for 15 minutes and then stop to use the restroom and decide to work under the bathroom sink for 10 minutes. Then I’d head into the kitchen for a drink and pull everything out of the pantry before deciding I should really get back to that closet and stopping along the way to rearrange the dvds on my new shelf. Yep, this is how I roll. So the entire house was in disarray all at once and everywhere I turned things were unfinished. It was sort of overwhelming so when I wasn’t actively working on the house, I found myself in the recliner watching Netflix. I just didn’t have the energy to sit at the desk and play WoW, as silly as that sounds. So I don’t have any LFR stories for you as I had anticipated.

What I do have are some random pictures of how things look now. Not that you have any idea of how things looked before, but that’s okay; I’m going to show you anyway. The only really huge thing you need to know is that my computer desk and my treadmill desk used to be in my living room which meant the living room chair was stuck in the darkness of my bedroom. Because I work 3rd shift, I had blackout curtains up in my bedroom and it was pitch black 24 hours a day and only used for sleeping. I have now taken down the blackout curtains and moved the computer desk into the bedroom and the living room chair back into the living room. The treadmill has gone into the spare bedroom with the laptop setup on it so I can watch Netflix or type blog posts or whatever while I’m walking. I have actually hung things up on the wall and decluttered the tops of dressers, end tables, etc. to put things away in newly organized closets. Doesn’t that sound exciting? Trust me, it really is.


living room

china cabinet

hallway table

kitchen area

master bedroomend table

The One Where All I Do Is Mining and Herbing

Now that I finally have my second level 90 in the same faction and on the same server as my main, I’m starting to realize how useful it is to have more than 2 maxxed professions. Not only does Morrissa now supply Elfi with ghost iron bars to be transmuted into Living Steel, but she gathers extra ghost iron ore and kyparite to sell on the AH. I am starting to get addicted to this making money thing. So about all I’ve been doing for the past week when I’ve been in game is gathering and selling herbs and ores.

I was actually offline all of Friday & Saturday and most of Sunday because I was camping with my brother and his family. As children we put in plenty of time doing the whole primitive camping thing, so now we enjoy a camping trailer with a slide out for the living room, a full size bathroom and shower, mobile satellite tv and most importantly, air conditioning. Yes, we spend more time outside than inside and we still light campfires and cook outdoors, etc. But it’s nice to have the best of both worlds. It’s also nice to know you can sleep inside comfortably and not outside where you find things like scorpions.


That’s actually the first ever scorpion I’ve seen out in the wilds, so it’s not something to really be concerned about here while camping. Now copperheads? That’s another story. Lol. But actually at the campground we were in I was more concerned about what type of people frequented the place once I saw who some of the playground equipment was reserved for.

ho rod

Where I’ve Been and Where I’m Going

Where I’ve Been:
I have been out of game and basically offline completely for the past 28 days or so due to a family emergency. Except that’s not exactly as black and white as it seems. Most people have no idea what’s going on or why I’ve been absent, but even the people that do know the basics don’t really understand the family dynamics at work. So I thought I’d take a shot at trying to explain it real quickly.

Approximately 28 days ago, my 86 year old grandfather was crushed under a tree that was being cut down by my father, but fell early and unexpectedly. It also fell the opposite direction of where they planned it to go. This is a serious injury for old people. He was knocked unconscious immediately, 911 was called and he was airlifted 2 hours away to a trauma hospital in the city where I live. My entire family lives within miles of each other in a small, rural community. I’m the only one who escaped to civilization lives away from them.

Grandad was critically injured. His left scapula was broken in 2 places, his lungs were bruised and 8 ribs were broken, his lower back was broken, his pelvic bone was broken on the right side and his right femur was broke in 2 places. The next morning they did surgery on his femur to insert a steel rod, but he was not stable enough to have any other surgeries. The rest of his breaks are being left alone in the hopes they will heal fairly straightly on their own. It took him 4 days to wake up after being put under for his surgery, but he finally did and was downgraded to stable condition. After another week in ICU, he was moved to a private room. However, he is still in the hospital in the city where I live.

I am the responsible one in the family. Even if I didn’t want to be, I’m expected to be. But I generally take responsibility on willingly. Probably connected to my whole Virgo and servitude thing. The day of the accident my mom called me and asked me to rush right over to the hospital because it was going to take them 2 hours to get there. So I went over and met with the ER doctors, heard all the gory details, was taken to see him in all his bloody (lots of scratches from the tree and ground), broken misery. I started filling out his paperwork and making decisions that needed to be made urgently. I am someone who is calm in emergency situations, so when my parents did finally arrive, I was still in charge of the situation. And I have remained in charge of the situation ever since then. Whether I want to be or not.

We all stayed in the ICU waiting room for 3 or 4 days after it first happened because the doctors told us he’d be lucky to make it through each day. Once he finally woke up after surgery and was considered stable instead of critical, most of the family went back home. Except for my mother. My grandmother is in a nursing home immobile and suffering from dementia, so she is unable to visit him. Which means my mom is the main person who cares for Grandad. Since she is retired and lives 2 hours away, she’s been living with me ever since the accident so she can be at the hospital around 20 hours a day and not waste time and money driving back and forth.

Not only have I spent the past 4 weeks sleeping in chairs at the hospital and then on my own couch at home, I’m also not getting as much sleep as normal and when mom and I are home together in the evenings we watch her TV shows and I don’t “play” on my computer because video games are dumb. Yes, I realize I’m an adult and this is my house. But some battles just aren’t worth the fight and I’m trying to keep in mind that she’s stressed out and been away from her own home for weeks now.

The good news is, other than the issue with all of his broken bones still being broken, Grandad is recovering nicely (but very slowly) and they hope they can move him into a nursing home down local to his home in the next two weeks for several weeks of rehab and therapy. Then my life will be my own again… I don’t mean that to sound as selfish as it does but hopefully you understand what I do mean.

Where I’m Going:
I am freaking going to Blizzcon! I can hardly believe it. Like most of you, I have been anxiously waiting for tickets to go on sale. I warned my mom in advance yesterday that I would be spending some time on the computer at 9pm (central time) because I needed to buy tickets for an event. I didn’t bother telling her what the event was; she would not have approved. When the time came and the button lit up that tickets were for sell, I clicked the button. I was approx. #6500 in queue and I could tell by how much stock decreased compared to how much the queue was decreasing, I wasn’t going to make it.

I was right, I didn’t make it. I was still at around #2400 when they sold out. Boo. But wait! I had been reading Twitter while waiting for my chance to buy tickets and I had seen that Vidyala was lucky enough to be at the front of the queue and had indeed snagged tickets. Then she mentioned she snagged extra tickets and thanks to the awesomeness of guild membership and online friendship, she sold me 2 of them. Also she’s just a darn sweet person.

I am so excited to be going and so ecstatic at having a chance like this to snag the tickets. Especially since I am taking a much needed camping trip this weekend to escape my current life of sitting in a hospital room most of my day. I won’t be home on Saturday, so last night was my one chance. Even though I haven’t been around at all lately, I have a great guild. I can’t wait to meet a chunk of them at Blizzcon this year!

The One Where I Bought A Treadmill Desk

Yep, you read that right. Almost two weeks ago, I bought a treadmill desk. It was my Christmas / New Year’s gift to myself because this year I’m finally going to get serious about my health and weight. I am not so lazy that I can only exercise while being on the pc, but I am smart enough to realize that I don’t go to the gym every day or stay longer than an hour when I do go because I am more interested in being online with my friends. So with my new purchase I can add to what I do at the gym by also walking while I’m doing dailies and talking in vent. It takes away the whole “I really need to spend 2 hours at the gym, but _____ will be online in 30 minutes and I haven’t talked to them all day” dilemma. I know, it’s a dilemma that I shouldn’t have ever had, but seriously, I didn’t get to be such a huge fatass by making the correct choices in life. So the treadmill desk is a fantastic option.

I first heard about these types of desks a few years ago when a saw a news special about treadmill desks being an option (a very expensive option) in some workplaces. I was immediately interested but the professional type were just too costly and too big to be something I could actually consider buying. But as things tend to do, now that it’s a few years later prices have dropped and options have increased. I bought mine from Target.com and 2 weeks ago it was priced at $713 with free shipping and because I used my Target RedCard, I got an instant 5% discount so that I only ended up paying $706 after taxes to have it shipped to me. Currently, the same one I bought is listed at $663 but it doesn’t say Free Shipping so I can’t say for sure what the final price would be. Here’s the link. It’s just my luck it would go on sale after I bought it, but I am so happy to finally have one I really don’t even care.

As far as a review of this particular model – I am very satisfied with it. It’s much bigger than the picture online made it appear. In fact, the desk portion is so huge the cup holders that are on the front edge of the desk aren’t even usable because there’s no way you can reach them while you’re on the treadmill. It’s very thick and sturdy feeling, it doesn’t feel like a cheap version at all. In fact, it came with a sticker on the control panel stating it’s rated for people up to 400 pounds. I am nowhere near that weight, but it does make me feel like it’s probably going to remain sturdy for quite a while since it’s built to hold a weight much higher than mine. As far as how comfortable it is to use the pc while walking, I find it to be just fine. If you were using it to do a great deal of constant typing, you may want to add some sort of keyboard wrist support, but since I’m only typing to chat and mostly using my mouse with my right hand and my game-related keystrokes with my left hand, I’m perfectly comfortable resting my hands on the foam molded areas on the sides of the treadmill’s control panel. It’s when you are doing serious typing and have to move both arms off of the molded areas and basically hover over the control panel that it would likely get uncomfortable. However, like I mentioned, I imagine it would be pretty easy to just scoot the keyboard back a bit and use your own wrist support.

My only complaint (cup holder issue is not a legitimate complaint, I just set my cup elsewhere) is that the treadmill handles both have controls on them. The right one has buttons to increase / decrease speed and the left one to increase / decrease incline. You can adjust the speed and the incline both from the main control panel, so I have no idea why they are also included in the handles. I suppose they thought it was a convenience, but they are easy to accidentally bump. Obviously I don’t hang on to the handles because I’m mousing and typing. And when your using the desk, that part of the handles is behind you anyway. But if you’re using the treadmill simply as a treadmill, which I do for at least 30 minutes so that I am actually walking at an increased speed, then anytime you reach down to the handle for balance or whatever, the controls are easy to bump. Of course, I assembled the damn thing myself so I suppose I could have simply not connected the wiring to the handles.

Alright, this is getting boring. Let me wrap this up. Treadmill desks are awesome. The one I bought is awesome. If you have any interest in owning one and are able to spend the money, I highly recommend you do so. I am so fat and out of shape I’m not yet spending all my gaming time on the treadmill, but I’ve tried to average 2 hours a day so far. I walk at 1 mile an hour while gaming and I look forward to increasing both my time walking and the speed at which I’m walking. I have been really surprised at how easy it is to actually do questing while walking. I initially thought I would just do simple tasks like fishing. Nope, I’m leveling alts while burning calories. It’s awesome. I’m hoping as I build up stamina and my balance gets more used to the whole event, I can actually run dungeons this way. However, I would never try raiding because raiding is way too serious to risk making mistakes.

And now, PICTURES! Since I live alone, my pc and desk are in my living room. I have no desire to spend all my time sitting in a bedroom facing a wall. I sit in the living room and talk to the cat while watching Netflix. I decided to place my treadmill desk next to my regular desk so I could simply move my keyboard, mouse and monitor back and forth instead of using my inferior quality laptop or moving my entire system daily.

Here’s what you see as you enter my living room:
treadmill 1

Here’s the view from the other side:
treadmill 2

My view of the TV for regular walking at 3mph:
treadmill 3

And what it looks like while logged in:
treadmill 4


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