Tired of all the diplomacy and the touchy/feely/girlie emotion stuff? Me too. Let’s talk about Deepholm. I hate it. Seriously hate it. Before I got there I heard so many people talk about how beautiful and awesome it was and I got so stoked to get in there and experience it. But it honestly bores me. I don’t necessarily think it’s ugly, but I also don’t think it’s beautiful. Everything is shades of blue and gray, yawn. There are chunks of sparkling rocks floating everywhere, yawn. And even though I’m not claustrophobic at all, the place feels like it’s closing in on me. The whole place is depressing and makes me sad.

I even hate the Temple of the Earth (except for the handy port to SW, of course) because I seem to always have to fly around it 6 times before I find the entrance. Then when I do get in, I never can remember which set of stairs leads to the portal so I run around the circle in the middle 4 or 5 times cursing loudly. Does that sound like fun? It’s not.

I do enjoy gathering cinderbloom and heartblossom, but there doesn’t seem to be a huge abundance of it either. Basically I zone in, pick flowers for several minutes, do two or three quests, pick moar flowers and then get the hell out of there for the day.

Sigh. It’s gonna take forever to finish the quests in here.

Comments on: "Deepholm? More Like Deepressing!" (2)

  1. Love, love, love the narrated screens. You should run with that.

  2. Oh God, I'm right with you. That zone is incredibly depressing – I guess I'm just shallow but I like my zones to be purty. I think I'm also prejudiced because it contains the 5-man I like least and thrice demaned Sons of Hodir analogue rep grind. At least there is Pebble in there though, who lights up the darkness with his shame-inducing cuteness.

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