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Welcome guys, come on in. Grab a cookie and make yourself at home. Get it? Home? Because they’re hearthstone cookies. Yep, that was a lame attempt at humor. Brace yourself, there will be more of those incoming. In the meantime, allow myself to introduce myself.

I began playing WoW 3 years ago this very month. It was my first ever mmo and it’s still the only mmo I’ve ever played. Don’t I sound adventerous? Honestly, it’s my only one because I love it. I’m not tired of it yet, so why put it aside to try something new? My main character is Elfindale, a Night Elf druid with Resto healing as her main spec and the ability to go Boomkin as a secondary. Elfi is the first character I ever created and I absolutely adore her. Which is exactly why she is my main and always will be. Well, the fact that she’s my only toon over level 65 probably has something to do with it also. If I hadn’t rolled a death knight when WotLK launched, Elfi would be the only one over level 30. Obviously, I’m not an altoholic. Yet. But I have managed to get a Worgen up to level 22 since last month, so that’s a good start.

You would think that having 3 years of game time with basically 1 character would mean that Elfindale is geared to the max, has every reputation exalted, has accomplished every achievement, etc. That is so not true. For the longest time I only averaged probably 4 hours a week and since that put me behind most of my friends and guildmates on gear and knowledge, I spent a lot of those 4 or so hours a week fishing, cooking, and herbing so I could make some money on the auction house. This is not because my guild would not let me tag along, but because my true personality normally carries over in-game and I would have felt bad just being dragged along. I knew how to better my character and my gear, I just didn’t have time for it. But I wasn’t about to let that be a burden on anyone else. Besides, I was happy just chatting with friends and taking screenshots of myself in various predicaments. And I did do randoms and heroics and some raiding when I got the chance. I’m a pretty decent healer considering I’ve been so casual. Actually, I regret spending so much time being so casual. While I still don’t consider myself hardcore, over the past 5 months or so both my addiction and my dedication to the game have increased exponentially. I started working on Loremaster (and trust me I was way behind) and started grinding reps. I had rarely done dailies before so I made myself do a few every time I logged in. I began reading dozens of WoW blogs on a daily basis and actually studying class guides and gear lists. It’s amazing the progress I’ve made. I am a much happier WoW nerd now. And yes, I finally have the Loremaster title.

As a result of this increasing immersion into the game and the blogosphere, I began writing a few random guest posts for my dear friend Alas on her blog Kiss My Alas. But my posts just didn’t compare to hers and I didn’t want to continue mucking up her wall with my drivel, so I started throwing a few posts up on an old, dusty personal blog of mine I had lying around. I quickly discovered I really enjoyed writing them, even if no one ever read them. Then I was amazed to see a few people actually did read them. So naturally, I’m hooked. As of right now, I feel like this is something I truly want to continue doing so I created this place. Simple as that. This is my very first post on this new website, which means the posts below have been moved here from my personal blog. If you notice any weird wording or obscure references, it would be because they are not from here originally.

In closing, I’d like to say that most of my posts won’t be this wordy and rambling. But that would totally be a lie. This is just the way I write. Even when I post on forums I write 3x as many sentences as everyone else. I can’t help it. I would also like to clarify that you may not ever actually learn anything here. When I need to know about talent trees and loot drops, I rely on the already established bloggers out there who have written guides. I don’t expect to ever write my own. But I will share some screenshots and funny stories and just general observations. I’m a pretty carefree person and I go for the laugh probably more often than I should. That is true of me in life and it’s true of me in-game. So I’m just planning on having fun around here with an occasional “this is how I feel” post if something comes up that is troubling me. And that’s the story of here.

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Comments on: "Welcome To Elfi’s World" (3)

  1. I really wanted to read this but I blacked out after the third use of the word “toon”.

  2. Lol. I know why you were pointing that out, but it was also a valid point. What a repetitive paragraph that was. I have got to learn to rough draft instead of just insta-posting. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    While I have not removed every use of the word toon (seriously, that’s what everyone calls them – you’re just going to have to give in), I did greatly reduce it.

  3. I will not give in! Toons are for Saturday morning just like motorcycles are for the highway!!!


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