Okay, so this is how this post was supposed to start out originally….

This node of Twilight Jasmine pisses me off. Not just because it’s obviously bugged and is eternally suspended in mid-air, but because I still can’t resist trying to pick it. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me, but every time I’m in Twilight Highlands I follow the little yellow blip on my mini-map to this flower. Then I spend the next 5 minutes trying to sneak up on the damn thing and take it by surprise. Every. Time. And guess what? It never works. The stupid flower just hangs there, laughing at me.

Picture me hunched over my laptop working feverishly on the brilliant paragraph you see above. Know what I did next? I logged into the game and flew to Twilight Highlands so I could take a screenshot of me trying to pick this node. But the screenshot turned out crappy, like all of my screenshots do, so I decided to take a few minutes and download FRAPS in hopes of improving the quality of future screenshots. Once I got it installed and setup, I tabbed back into the game to take another, prettier screenshot. Except the damn flower is gone! GONE. I’m still here in the same position and there’s no Twilight Jasmine hanging in mid-air. How is that even possible? Do nodes randomly disappear if no one collects them? Did someone manage to get this stupid flower somehow?

I have no choice but to post my crappy screenshot I took originally, followed by my slightly better screenshot of no flower. Exciting, right? Now I gotta come up with a more substantial post to quickly overshadow this one.

Comments on: "Seriously? What. The. Crap." (4)

  1. I hate that fucking flower!

  2. Entire Twilight Highlands must be designed to mock herbalists. First you get annoyed at all the phasing herbs. Then you encounter the floating herb and realize there is no end to Blizzards deviousness.

  3. Hollybrynn said:

    I thought Druids could pick that flower. I remember saying something in guild … well that’s certainly made that flower A LOT more annoying!

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