Crabs. We all want them on occasion.
Anyone who does the daily cooking quests in Stormwind is familiar with the crabs I’m talking about. Specifically, they are Canal Crabs. If you are interested in learning more about crabs but neither of those two sentences make sense to you… you’re probably in the wrong place here and I suggest you see a physician. Okay. As I was saying, I successfully catch crabs much quicker than others I see and I have decided to share my secrets in hopes that I can help others catch crabs as easily as I do. Now you may be thinking “Uh… why is this idiot writing a guide on something so simple?” and to that I say “Shhh, please. I’m trying to pretend like I know stuff here.”

Step 1: Pick up quest
Hahaha, just kidding. I’m not actually gonna do a step-by-step thing here. I mean, seriously, there’s nothing that really needs to be taught. I have just discovered two things that have made the Canal Crab quest easier for me and I thought I’d tell you about them. You may already use these 2 techniques, so I may just be wasting my time here. But at least I’ve got a couple of pretty screenshots for you. I’m gonna throw the first one up right now. Then I’ll follow it with the second one. And then I’ll be done.

Technique Number 1: while swimming through the canal, constantly hit the “tab” button on your keyboard as this will auto-target the closest crab and the bright yellow name and circle will make them easier to see as they scurry amongst the seaweed and piles of trash and debris that unfortunately have been dumped in the waters of our great city.

Technique Number 2: while swimming, zoom the camera all the way in so that you are not looking at yourself from the back but you’re actually looking through your character’s eyes. Then when you do get a crab targeted and you’re trying to click on him, your own body isn’t in the way and you can snatch him up really quickly.

Okay, that’s it. The guide has been completed. I know it was silly, but it really will shave a few minutes off the search for crabs and as long as I have saved one person helped someone out, I will sleep better tonight. And dream of crabs.

Comments on: "Check It Out, I Wrote A Guide" (9)

  1. Hey those are both good tips. I *hate* that daily passionately, partly because it’s hard to see the crabs and partly because by the time I see one someone else grabs it faster than me. I think I’ll use your method next time.

  2. “I really want to catch crabs more quickly” — not a phrase most people expect to say!

    If you don’t already, try doing this quest with nameplates turned on. It makes far-off crabs much easier to spot (and makes it much easier to see that crab that respawned behind you with a quick mouseflick) PLUS you can click on the nameplate rather than trying to crab-click, which can be a pain in the trouser area.

  3. I cheat even more. I fly around over the canals until I see a crab that doesn’t have that V of water nearby that indicates someone else is swimming for it. When I spy such a crab, I dismount, snatch, remount and fly some more. This works particularly well on my rocket since it doesn’t give a damn whether or not it is above water. With other mounts, you’ll have to break the surface yourself to remount, but it’s a lot less swimming overall!

    • Oh nice, I will have to try that. Since I have flight form it should be easy to break the surface and fly away.

      P.S. I am totally jealous of the rocket. I am constantly trying to refer a friend, but the ones that aren’t already playing are lame. 🙂

  4. Kotakh said:

    Even better is to simply make a keybind for “Interact with target”.

    THen all you have to do is Tab to target the Crab then simply press your keybind when you get near it. You dont even have to stop swimming lol.

  5. To cheat even more: don’t click on the crabs at all.

    Bind a key in your interface to “Interact with Target.” One you have the crab in range, hit the key that you have bound and it will act like a click. For me I fly along going Tab-F5 and get this done in no time flat.

    (Thanks to Auctioneer Jaxon for teaching me this trick; it’s how we used to talk through the AH walls.)

  6. Yngwe said:

    This is the best way: stay a little to the east of the bridge that connects the Trade District to the Mage Quarter (or whatever they are called), facing the end of the canal. Crabs spawn at that end of the canal and run straight to you.

    I like the idea of zooming in though.

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