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The One Where I Tell You About Me (Sorta)

Recently, a friend of mine asked for volunteers to read something she wrote and give their opinion on it. I volunteered, but she politely refused my help, stating I was “too nice”. The “too nice” statement didn’t actually upset me at all, but it did nag at my brain a bit. How can being too nice be grounds for exclusion? I became sort of fascinated with that line of thinking. I mean, just because I’m nice doesn’t mean I won’t be honest in my opinions. I’m sure she was probably just thinking that because I’m so damn nice, my opinion for her would be something similar to “you are a big meanie”. But see, I don’t think that would have held true. I would have given her an opinion on her writing, not her content. Her content is her choice. Whether it was easy to follow, flowed good, was coherent, etc. – that I could have given an opinion on. I pondered over this for a few minutes and decided I didn’t like being too nice for her needs. She was my friend and I wanted to be able to help her out when she asked for it. I noticed she was available on gtalk so I spent the next several minutes half-heartedly trying to convince her I was actually an asshole. I’m pretty sure she didn’t buy it because I never did get to read her writing thingy before it was published. But the whole little innocent incident started my brain to thinking about how I’m apparently getting soft in my old age.

The next morning after work (I, unfortunately, work the graveyard shift), as I lay down to go to sleep and snuggled up all warm and cuddly in my bed, I became aware of something I had never really noticed before. My eyes were closed, I felt content and I was smiling like I had just won a million dollars. Smiling. In bed. Fucking happy as a clam in a… how does this saying go?… bucket of … clams?… that are not about to be eaten, that would be bad… a bucket of clams that just fell overboard… no… happy as a clam in a blanket? I was pretty damn happy and clams would have been jealous, let’s just leave it at that. In fact, I have noticed every morning since then that as soon as I get snuggled in and cozy in bed, I have a huge smile spread across my goofy face. So I began paying attention over the next several days and I’ll be damn if I wasn’t happy through 99.9% of everything. When did this sneak up on me? I mean, there are still people I simply don’t care for. There are still things that piss me off. I do still get upset. But I’ve noticed that I always end up laughing (usually at myself, I am my own biggest fan) in just a matter of minutes and that when I speak it comes out all soothing and gentle. It seems I have, indeed, gone soft.

Need more evidence? This weekend I rolled a new toon and I am ridiculously giddy about it. She’s a Dwarf Paladin. Lololol. How hawt is that? Turns out, not very hot at all because Dwarfs just aren’t made to be hot. But she is as cute as a freaking bug and I giggled through 10 levels with her yesterday. In fact, I’ve giggled about her at work all night too. Years ago I swore I’d never roll a Dwarf and now I have one and I’m in love with her.

So, why am I puking sunshine and rainbows all over the interwebz? Because there’s been some debating going on around the blogosphere and it’s led to a bit of drama and some not-so-happy exchanges of comments. And I have read all of it most of it and while I can see where I think some people are more right and some people are more wrong… I just want to say I love you all and I’m glad we live in a time and place where we have the freedoms to express ourselves and exchange ideas and opinions with others. Try not to get too personal with it, keep your self-respect and your respect for each other. And don’t ever stop debating; for that would mean you stopped caring.

Screenshot Saturday

Well here is a great example of what your screen SHOULD NOT look like during a raid. Look at this mess. This screenshot is from June, 2010 and was taken in Ulduar. I cannot believe I didn’t realize how badly my screen looked. I remember it looking this way for a long time before this shot was taken, and for quite a while afterwards. When I became a more serious player towards the end of last year, one of the first things I did was clean this mess up. And I am so glad I did. I don’t happen to have any action shots of my new setup to post right now, but I’ll work on getting one so I can show you guys the difference.

I’ve Been Sick, It’s Made Me Delirious

I have been sick with a sinus infection since late Sunday night and the fever, constant pressure in my head and the buckets of snot that streamed out of my nose (tee hee, sorry for that) kept me from wanting to sit up straight and login to the game. I did not go to the doctor, choosing instead to self-medicate with a cocktail blend of random medicines. I get these types of infections every February/March and October/November. After spending 3 days rotating between 2 different cough syrups and some 12 hour psuedoephedrine pills, I finally got the pressure in my head to clear up and I began feeling a bit better. Which meant that last night I felt like logging in.

However, I’m now wondering if that was a mistake. I spent about 3 hours in-game and I don’t remember much. I do recall doing the Son of Glop quest in Deepholm and flying into walls and objects every time I turned around. I did a bit of AH work and some transmutes. I’m pretty sure I remember picking up apples for the cooking daily. But most of it’s a blur. All I know for sure is I must have been pretty delirious because I apparently tabbed out for several minutes and typed up what I am about to share with you. I really don’t know what part of my medicated brain it came from, but I’m guessing it’s the part of my brain that developed in the 80’s and liked Madonna. I apologize in advance.

Like a Worgen

I made it through Gilneas
Somehow I made it through
But not before the beasts got to me
Now I’m a Worgen too

I have fleas, and huge teeth
You would think this would make me blue
But my fancy top hat
Yeah, my fancy top hat
Is shiny and new

Like a Worgen
Running wild for the very first time
Like a Worgen
I will sniff you, while we’re standing in line…

The One Where Winter Squid Go Bye Bye

Public Service Announcement:

The Oceanographer is a fishing profession achievement introduced with Cataclysm that requires you to catch 33 different saltwater fish. One of those required fish is the Winter Squid. In case you were not aware, the Winter Squid is actually a seasonal fish. It can only be caught during the winter. Once Azeroth’s winter season ends, the Winter Squid will be replaced by Raw Summer Bass. I’m sure you’ll be shocked to learn that Raw Summer Bass is also required for the achievement and can only be caught during the summer.

I am writing this post to alert you: The seasons will change from winter to summer around the March equinox. There is no garauntee it will match our calendar equinox exactly. This leaves you a limited amount of  time to catch a Winter Squid. And it will take some time. The best place to fish for one is Azshara, but there are 4 other zones where the squid might be found. There is also (apparently) certain times of the day where your chances of catching one are increased. For more information about the Winter Squid, check out this El’s Extreme Anglin’ page. Then grab your fishing pole and head to the open waters for some hardcore fishing.

The One Where I QQ About Tree Of Life Form

Yeah, I know. I’m 6 months behind the rest of the world once again. That seems to happen quite frequently around here. It’s not that I’m just now discovering things that everyone else discovered last year, it’s just that this blog is fairly new and tonight is the night I decided to write about it.

Before I begin the crying, I will say that I do understand there are some advantages to being able to heal without shifting into tree form. One of them is that when I’m healing an easy fight, I can throw a damage spell or two in there on the mobs without being shifted out of form and having to shift back into form. Another is that when we pop the ToL cooldown now, regrowth becomes instant cast and wild growth hits more targets, making druids invaluable at healing while running from adds or circles of death on the floor. Also, as a druid I rarely see myself as a night elf. I’m either in laser chicken form doing dps, or swift flight form farming herbs. So now when I heal, I can actually see what I really look like. Unfortunately, this is the exact place where my QQ’ing begins.

I don’t want to see me as a night elf while I’m healing. Why? Because I look like every other freaking toon standing there beside me. Not exactly, of course; different races have different heights and builds, there are different hair styles and colors. Rarely are any of us wearing the exact same armor in every slot. Etc, etc. But as a healer, I don’t actually stare at myself (or the rest of the group) during the action. Instead I have to watch Vuh-do (or Healbot or whatever) and concentrate on clicking there correctly while staring at the health bars of the other players. It is true that I, as the human behind the keyboard, have this thing called peripheral vision and I am able to use that to make sure I move away from adds and don’t stand in black circles on the floor. But I gotta tell ya, that peripheral vision was so much easier to use when all I had to look for out of the side of my eyes was a freaking tree that towered over everyone and had a leafy afro. Now that my peripheral vision has to track me as a night elf… I lose myself sometimes. Maybe I should be ashamed to admit that, but it is what it is. I need to be a tree so I can see me. Hey, that was a nice little rhyming sentence that could easily be chanted. I need to be a tree so I can see me. I need to be a tree so I can see me. If only this were 6 months ago when the rest of the community was voicing their opinion on this subject. I could lead a helluva protest with a chant like that. But I digress. Point is – it made it easier for me to see me. I’m not saying I now have to stop and read the name above my head to find me, I’m just saying it takes more of a quick, direct glance to check my position than it used to. And every little half-second I turn away from Vuh-do, could result in something bad happening.

This is how easy it used to be:

The other major reason I miss the full-time tree form relates to action bars. I used to be able to wander through Azeroth in my night elf form without ever leaving my healing spec. Sure, it wasn’t the most efficient way to do quests… when you have to stop and heal yourself 3 times before you finally kill your target, you’re wasting time and mana. But it could be done. I could do my questing and live my life without ever having to remember to switch to dps spec and then remember to switch back to healing spec when I queued with a group. In my night elf form I could arrange spells on my action bars so that I had both damage and healing spells available to me and I would slowly work my way through fights. Then, when I did enter a dungeon or raid, I could just shift into ToL form and my action bar would change to all of the healing spells and cooldown related things I needed to use for the job. Now that I can’t do that permanent shift, I don’t get that action bar rolling up with the certain spells on it. Now I just keep the same damn action bar I had before I stepped through the swirly portal. Which means either I heal an instance with moonfire and wrath, or I do my questing and kill crocolisks with rejuvenation and nourish. Yes, I do realize there is a way to configure my bars differently and use my mouse wheel to scroll down to one that is hidden until I need it. But I tried doing it that way at first and I rarely remembered to change the bar myself. And I really did try to kill crocolisks with rejuv and nourish. I have my UI setup exactly the way I want it. It’s something I’ve put a lot of work into because it seems that my mind can sometimes work in unconventional ways and a normal setup just doesn’t cut it. So, it was much easier when a shapeshift changed my bars and an un-shapeshift (new word I just invented, run with it) changed them back. Now I actually switch back and forth between dps spec and healing spec a bazillion times a day. Or at least once. Whichever. And no, it doesn’t cost me anything to make that switch… unless you count the number of years my life is being shortened due to the sheer rage I feel that I can’t just shift into tree and get my damn action bar. I used to brag about doing everything in my resto spec (though I only ever bragged to myself because everyone else had a habit of telling me it was not something to brag about, but was actually something I was doing wrong). I never used Boomkin form until sometime in the past year (personally I think the stupid owl/chicken/moose form is way uglier than the tree form was). Now I’m stuck living most of my life in my balance spec (somehow I think this is directly related to the fact that I now use way too many parenthesis in my sentences).

Okay, I apparently had some pent up rage about Tree of Life form that I needed to release. I’m glad I finally got that off my chest.

Screenshot Saturday… on a Sunday

I spent the weekend away from my computer. For the second weekend in a row. Ugh. And I forgot to create my Screenshot Saturday post and queue it up before I left home. Even more ugh. I had only been gone about an hour on Friday before I realized it, but I had no options. It caused me great stress. I’m quite sure it’s going to lead me to writing a post about all the different directions I get torn in. But for now, I’m just gonna toss up my Screenshot Saturday post a day late and hope it’s a one-time occurrence.

Halls Of Origination:

The One Without A Point

I haven’t had a whole lot of time in-game this week. I went out of town over the weekend and I got my 3rd shift schedule all jacked up by doing so. I’ve been trying to spend more time at the gym also and that seems to wear me out a bit. Hopefully I’ll get in better shape soon and won’t be as tired after working out. Then last night I suffered with a horrible headache and didn’t log in at all. Why am I telling you guys all of these boring details? Because I’m using them as an excuse about why I don’t have a real post prepared. Instead, I’m just gonna ramble about a few things and then login and try to get back on track.

I have spent a lot of time farming herbs over the past 2 weeks and since my guild is nowhere near being able to raid, I am able to postpone making flasks for the guild bank. So, after making enough for myself I have been free to sell the herbs and flasks and potions on the AH and make some money. Back in our Wrath days, I kept an average of 3k gold on Elfindale and was excited that I had made it up to 10k right before Cata launched. Now I keep an average of 25k gold on Elfi and I am enjoying figuring out how to increase it. I have become addicted to gold.

Of course, while farming I have had trouble with ninjas. Alas posted On Gathering and Ninjas, A Rant earlier today and I understand completely where she’s coming from. I see people complaining about it in general chat. I see complaints on forums and in blog posts. If everyone hates it, why is it still happening? I have made an effort over the past week or so to stop and help people who are killing mobs near flowers and I make sure I stand way back away from the flower and if they don’t make a move for it after the creature is dead, then I ask them “are you grabbing that flower?”. If they aren’t fighting anything and we both kind of swoop down at the same time, I have a little micro made that has me saying “it’s all yours, friend”. I know it will never really end. People will always ninja. But maybe if we try a little harder to spread the love we can reduce it a bit. Because while some of the ninjas are just people who are assholes, some of them are people who are doing it because it’s been done to them. Let’s smother them with kindness and bring em back around.

Let’s see, what else? Oh, twice this week my NPC scan has gone off alerting me of a rare in the area that I never did find. One was Jadefang in Deepholm. He’s apparently in the cave where you rescue Pebbles, but I couldn’t find him at all. The second time was in Kelp’Thar Forest when I came across Lady LaLa. Never found that one either. I really suck. I did however manage to find the pirate Captain above the surface that was on the Horde ship. I can’t remember his name and the past 5 minutes on google didn’t enlighten me any. But after killing him I got like 80 silver and some gray trash item. Yawn.

I’ve been enjoying the Crown Chemical Co. Battle for the Love Is In The Air holiday. Quick and easy way to make some Justice Points. Which helps since I haven’t ran a dungeon in over a week. Our guild is so small right now and I seem to log in an hour or so too late to get a guild run going. And as you can tell from some of my earlier posts concerning 5-mans, I am hesitant to do a pug for heroics. I guess I should at least be pugging normals. I am more confident with those. Okay, I’ve convinced myself that I’m an idiot and have been missing out on JP’s and experience. I am sorry you guys had to witness that.

Oh, here’s something kind of exciting. I now have the Heartbound Tome (note to self: take the time to figure out how to use WoWhead links in posts). It’s the best in slot for me and I found it on the AH for 14k. After a bit of debating and using Twitter to ask an expert opinion (thank you Keeva) I decided to buy it. I’m so excited.

Well I guess that’s it for now. Time to go do some farming before Grey’s Anatomy comes on. Oh and work on coming up with a real topic for my next post, of course.