I read somewhere recently that “can I have a job” is one of the most common questions Blizzard gets asked during any type of fan interaction. How completely unoriginal. And what a waste of an opportunity. It got me to thinking, if I ever had a chance to ask Blizzard a question or make a suggestion what would it be? In just a matter of minutes, I came up with the following list.

1. Since Blizzard now sells stuffed animals that come with in-game non-combat pets built in their likeness, I think it would be really cute if we could buy stuffed animals that come with in-game mounts. Obviously they would have to be a bit more than $10, but imagine how cute it would be to actually have a custom colored Saber cat to cuddle up with at night? Or colorful Kodo guarding your computer?

2. I would like to see them relocate Blizzcon to a location more central to the entire country. Or maybe at least have several satellite conventions in various locations while Blizzcon is going on. I am willing to pay for the convention tickets and I would be able to get off work, but surely I’m not the only one who doesn’t have the extra time and money to head to California. But driving to Chicago, or Kansas City, or Dallas… that I could do.

3. I think it would be cool if we could incorporate a few “choose your own adventure” type of quests. Maybe an NPC says something like “The Cenarion Circle is in need of your help. You can offer your assistance by collecting 10 blurry buttholes from singing swamp creatures, or you may travel to 5 locations across Kalimdor to deliver cans of peaches to the hungry”. That way when you’re leveling alts it will break up the monotony a bit.

4. Can we get some better loot in the Bag of Shiny Things reward from the Stormwind daily fishing quest? I’m not asking for much, but shiny baubles, a hangman’s noose, a broken whale statue and level 12 healing potion is just not enough. I don’t think anything I’ve ever gotten sells for more than 10s. The Dalaran fishing daily from Wrath would at least drop trash that would sell for a few gold every once in a while. Sure the +1 fishing skill was handy at first… then I maxed out fishing and no longer need those. So what’s my motivation for doing the daily?

Okay, so there’s a quick list of some things I came up with that would be more productive than asking for a job. If you had Blizzard’s ear what would you ask/suggest?


Comments on: "If Blizzard Were Your Bitch" (6)

  1. Do they even have Blizzcon in Europe? I’d totally love that. But on the other hand I’d never afford going all the way to France where they probably would have it <.<

    • I don’t think so, but I can’t say for sure. Either way having satellite locations with feeds from the main even could benefit you too because they could be held in several locations throughout Europe.

  2. Scott said:

    I thought Blizzcon was in Texas?

  3. Nope, it’s in Anaheim, California. If it were in Texas I would have gone last year.

  4. I think there should be a fishing daily that is for the level 10 as the new one is, and one that is for the level 85 in the new zones. The only thing that keeps me going on those dailies now is the guild reputation. The ONE thing that I would request though is portals to the new Cataclysm zones in more than one capitol city, I don’t care which, but maybe Darnassus and Undercity? That way you could get there from either continent and more importantly you wouldn’t feel obligated to set your hearth to just one city. Stormwind is WAY too crowded now, I’d definitely set some of my alts hearths to Darnassus.

  5. I know what you mean about the fishing dailies, you don’t really get anything useful out of them once you reach the higher levels.

    Also, good idea about the Earthen Ring portals being on each continent. Stormwind is a bit crazy these days. And as a night elf, I actually miss Darnassus. It’s my homeland and there’s never any reason for me to go there. I do wish it could be used more.

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