I LOVE the fact that Blizzard incorporates holidays into Azeroth. Back when I was just a low-level noob instead of a high-level noob, each new holiday I encountered was absolutely jaw-dropping. I love the fact that every building, every city, and every little insignificant nook & cranny of the world gets decorated for each event. There are fireworks, holiday foods, special bosses and festive buffs. It got even better right before Wrath was released when patch 3.0.2 introduced the Achievement system to the game. I spent the next 2 years worth of holidays finishing up the event achievements and earning my Violet Proto-Drake. Of course, I just love all achievements regardless of whether they’re attached to holidays or not.

Some holidays are just for fun and only last 1 day. Pirate Day and New Year are two examples of these. The bigger events, such as Hallow’s End and Brewfest, have you fighting bosses for a chance to win a special mount or gear. Then there are holidays like Noblegarden and Feast of Winter Veil which rely heavily on having you gather items or track down specific races and classes in order to earn some achievements. All of these, and the ones I haven’t specifically mentioned, are fun as hell. But now that I’m in my fourth Lunar Festival, I’m starting to realize how underwhelming this particular event is.

I feel bad saying the Lunar Festival is underwhelming. I really don’t want to be a complainer. I’m certainly not saying I don’t enjoy the festival, it’s just that… well… okay, I guess I am saying I don’t enjoy the festival any more. It was great the first time Elfindale got to participate in it. Thanks to the Lunar Festival Invitation, Elfi got to travel to the Eastern Kingdoms for the first time ever. This opened up my world so much, I had been stuck between Darnassus and Ashenvale before the festival. Thanks to druids having the ability to teleport to Moonglade, I was able to take advantage of the free teleport to Stormwind and set my hearth there. Boom! I now had access to either continent fairly easily. Except for the fact that during the time I’m referring to, our hearthstones had a 1 hour cooldown. We had to be creative back then and ghetto hearthing was all the rage. Ah, the good old days.

Anyway, enough reminiscing and back to the discussion at hand. The next time the Lunar Festival rolled around I had Elfi up to top level and I was finally able to complete all the Lunar Festival achievements and collect Coins of Ancestry from the remaining Elders. I bought myself a Festive Purple Dress and a Festive Black Pant Suit (because sometimes dresses can be rather drafty) and immediately threw them both in the bank where they have remained ever since. Because really, I hate to spare the room in my bag at the expense of all the other worthless junk I already carry around, and I’m never in any type of RP’ing situation. So, they’re pretty and all, but I’m not getting much use out of them.

I also have an Elune’s Candle in the bank that still has like 60 some odd charges left on it. Not really something I carry around and use, although I’m more likely to use this than to wear the clothes. From all the red envelopes I received in the mail I threw away tons of Elder’s Moonstones and Lucky Rocket Clusters. Please don’t mouth me, I’m actually a WoW packrat and have to force myself to throw things away. Of course, when I first started playing the game we had to carry pets and mounts in our bags and store extras in our banks so that may be why I was throwing stuff like this away.

So now it’s another year at the Lunar Festival and here’s what I’m discovering – I have no reason to celebrate this holiday anymore. I’ve gotten every achievement out of it. I’ve killed Omen every year and keep an Elune’s Lantern in my bank (because I think they look cool). Unless I simply buy festive dresses and pant suits in different colors, I’ve already purchased everything from Valadar Starsong. And since I’m not an Engineer or a Tailor, I can’t purchase any of the patterns or schematics from Fariel Starsong. The Coins of Ancestry are soulbound so I can’t send them to my alt who does have tailoring. And the patterns are bind on pickup so I can’t send those to Ayrindale either. Hmmm…. What now? I have 75 coins stashed in my bank. My Coins of Ancestry are worthless.

I think this issue with the Lunar Festival could be fixed fairly easily. For one thing, the other holidays that have their own unique currency for special items require way more than 5 per item. Noblegarden requires 50 noblegarden chocolates for the Elegant Dress and 25 each for the Black Tuxedo Pants and White Tuxedo Shirt. There is also a Noblegarden pet available for purchase for 100 chocolates. And the item Spring Flowers is required for an achievement and costs 50 chocolates itself. This means a player is probably not going to blow through all achievements and buy every item in 1 run. The Midsummer Fire Festival works the same way. It’s another one that I did not complete in 1 year.

So how can the Lunar Festival become more appealing at this stage? Well, obviously a pet available for purchase would be cool with me. Adding an achievement to sprinkle lunar dust on 10 separate female Dwarfs (minimum level 60) would be quite challenging. Lol. Also the lunar dust should cost 1 coin per handful. I don’t actually want an overhaul of the holiday and really don’t even need it to have any more achievements. I just want something to spend my coins on. Maybe some alchemy recipes or cooking recipes, or a non-combat pet like I mentioned earlier. Even some new dresses that cost more than 5 coins would be a welcome change. I just hate to think I never have a reason to do any Lunar Festival events or that I should just throw my Coins of Ancestry away.

Of course, maybe my problem is I should be actually leveling alts and experiencing the Lunar Festival through their fresh set of eyes.


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