It was bound to happen; since my interest and excitement and time invested in the game has increased so much… I’m starting to get greedy. I have a yearning to make gold. But I decided to study it a bit and do some proper research as to what is the most efficient way of making gold. Don’t tell the people who sign my paycheck, but I’ve spent the last several nights at work reading blogs and forums and listening to podcasts to compare everyone’s opinions on the subject. I haven’t quite made up my mind yet which method I am going to employ. I will probably try several different things out before settling on something permanent. And even when I do settle on something I probably won’t be sharing it here because it’s just such an individualized endeavor and most likely rather boring to read about.

Speaking of rather boring to read about, let’s get to the point of this post. You see, while I was busy burying myself elbow deep in information about making gold I accidentally learned some things about the Remote Auction House. I knew it existed and I knew it was available for use on my Droid, but I had also heard there was a monthly subscription cost so I never bothered to ever look it up. Now that I’ve learned more about it, I’m even more confused than I was when I knew nothing about it. And that’s because it’s like a paradox of stupidity and usefulness all rolled up into one.

Let me see if I can explain what I mean. The mobile app for my phone is free so it won’t hurt me to download it. That is intriguing. But unless I purchase the monthly subscription, all I can do is look at stuff in the AH. Personally, I don’t understand why anyone would be content merely viewing the AH. I suppose some people may track trends and need to know what the hottest selling item is from day to day. But if you saw something trending up very quickly and you knew you had some in your bags you could sell, you wouldn’t be able to sell them using the Remote Auction House app without the monthly subscription. That is unimpressive, to say the least. On the other hand, if playing the Auction House is the gold-making method I choose then a mere $2.99 a month subscription fee is not as terrible as it could be. Except for two reasons – I already pay a monthly subscription fee to Blizzard AND there are limitations to what you can do on the Remote Auction House even after you pay them to let you use it.

Limitations such as these:
– The billing cycle for the RAH is not the same as the billing cycle for the monthly game subscription. You would need to remember to subtract these payments at two different times during each month.
– A WoW prepaid game card cannot be used to pay for the RAH service. WTF? Isn’t money money?
– You cannot make more than 200 transitions daily. That number includes creating auctions, bidding on items and buying out auctions. Not 200 for each of these things, 200 total. Sure that’s a generous number. I can’t imagine I would ever need more than that in a day. Yet I can’t help but think that if we’re paying $3 a month for this, it ought to be unlimited.
Now keep in mind, I do understand the necessity of Blizzard regulating the economy and making sure services such as these do not get abused. I do think the transactions should be limited. I just don’t think you should pay for it to be limited. Why not let it be a free service and drop the limit to 50 transactions a day? Wouldn’t that also help keep the economy regulated while at the same time allowing more players the ability to take advantage of this service? I dare say it may even improve the economy. And as far as the billing cycle and the prepaid cards… can’t we all just get along, Blizz? Why do simple things like this have to be so difficult? Stop thinking outside the box and just put everything in the damn box so we can carry it easier.

Congratulations! You have made it to the end of the post. I would like to apologize for going off on a bit of a tangent there. Just for the record, if I do decide to play the AH then I most certainly will pay for a 1 month subscription to the Remote Auction House to see if it helps me at all. Just because I think it could be improved on doesn’t mean I’m calling for a boycott of the service. If I want to use it, I’ll use it. And you should too. I would also like to apologize for the fact that I am just now posting about something which was introduced like 7 months ago. But now we’re all a little more informed, and probably a lot more sleepy. Yes, I do happen to be aware that “a lot more sleepy” isn’t proper and I should have just said “a lot sleepier”, but it made the sentence flow better. It also made Microsoft Word very angry, but that’s beside the point. Now remind me, why am I still talking?


Comments on: "WoW’s Remote Auction House" (1)

  1. One great use for the Mobile AH is to combine it with the Undermine Journal

    Set up a list of rare items and when then appear on the AH use your phone to quickly buy the item then resell for profit


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