I haven’t had a whole lot of time in-game this week. I went out of town over the weekend and I got my 3rd shift schedule all jacked up by doing so. I’ve been trying to spend more time at the gym also and that seems to wear me out a bit. Hopefully I’ll get in better shape soon and won’t be as tired after working out. Then last night I suffered with a horrible headache and didn’t log in at all. Why am I telling you guys all of these boring details? Because I’m using them as an excuse about why I don’t have a real post prepared. Instead, I’m just gonna ramble about a few things and then login and try to get back on track.

I have spent a lot of time farming herbs over the past 2 weeks and since my guild is nowhere near being able to raid, I am able to postpone making flasks for the guild bank. So, after making enough for myself I have been free to sell the herbs and flasks and potions on the AH and make some money. Back in our Wrath days, I kept an average of 3k gold on Elfindale and was excited that I had made it up to 10k right before Cata launched. Now I keep an average of 25k gold on Elfi and I am enjoying figuring out how to increase it. I have become addicted to gold.

Of course, while farming I have had trouble with ninjas. Alas posted On Gathering and Ninjas, A Rant earlier today and I understand completely where she’s coming from. I see people complaining about it in general chat. I see complaints on forums and in blog posts. If everyone hates it, why is it still happening? I have made an effort over the past week or so to stop and help people who are killing mobs near flowers and I make sure I stand way back away from the flower and if they don’t make a move for it after the creature is dead, then I ask them “are you grabbing that flower?”. If they aren’t fighting anything and we both kind of swoop down at the same time, I have a little micro made that has me saying “it’s all yours, friend”. I know it will never really end. People will always ninja. But maybe if we try a little harder to spread the love we can reduce it a bit. Because while some of the ninjas are just people who are assholes, some of them are people who are doing it because it’s been done to them. Let’s smother them with kindness and bring em back around.

Let’s see, what else? Oh, twice this week my NPC scan has gone off alerting me of a rare in the area that I never did find. One was Jadefang in Deepholm. He’s apparently in the cave where you rescue Pebbles, but I couldn’t find him at all. The second time was in Kelp’Thar Forest when I came across Lady LaLa. Never found that one either. I really suck. I did however manage to find the pirate Captain above the surface that was on the Horde ship. I can’t remember his name and the past 5 minutes on google didn’t enlighten me any. But after killing him I got like 80 silver and some gray trash item. Yawn.

I’ve been enjoying the Crown Chemical Co. Battle for the Love Is In The Air holiday. Quick and easy way to make some Justice Points. Which helps since I haven’t ran a dungeon in over a week. Our guild is so small right now and I seem to log in an hour or so too late to get a guild run going. And as you can tell from some of my earlier posts concerning 5-mans, I am hesitant to do a pug for heroics. I guess I should at least be pugging normals. I am more confident with those. Okay, I’ve convinced myself that I’m an idiot and have been missing out on JP’s and experience. I am sorry you guys had to witness that.

Oh, here’s something kind of exciting. I now have the Heartbound Tome (note to self: take the time to figure out how to use WoWhead links in posts). It’s the best in slot for me and I found it on the AH for 14k. After a bit of debating and using Twitter to ask an expert opinion (thank you Keeva) I decided to buy it. I’m so excited.

Well I guess that’s it for now. Time to go do some farming before Grey’s Anatomy comes on. Oh and work on coming up with a real topic for my next post, of course.

Comments on: "The One Without A Point" (4)

  1. Grats on your Heartbound Tome. It is indeed a nice buy.

    Jadefang is on a ledge that you can’t reach unless you also have the daily quest to bomb the different colored crystals for shards (do you know the one I mean? The one given by a goblin in the cave entrance). You use the bomb to launch yourself from the ledge where Pebble waits up into a cave sort of up and to the right of it. She’s a cool rare, because she drops a miniversion of herself, the tiny shale spider pet! 😀

    • I do know the quest you mean and I’m pretty sure I had that quest that day. Man, I wish I had known beforehand. Thanks for the info, I would love to have a little shale spider pet.

  2. I thought I was a pretty nice person when it came to playing fair when farming. But you take it like a dozen steps further. I hope those people you help appreciate it!

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