I spent the weekend away from my computer. For the second weekend in a row. Ugh. And I forgot to create my Screenshot Saturday post and queue it up before I left home. Even more ugh. I had only been gone about an hour on Friday before I realized it, but I had no options. It caused me great stress. I’m quite sure it’s going to lead me to writing a post about all the different directions I get torn in. But for now, I’m just gonna toss up my Screenshot Saturday post a day late and hope it’s a one-time occurrence.

Halls Of Origination:

Comments on: "Screenshot Saturday… on a Sunday" (2)

  1. This is one of the reasons I decided not to have re-occurring things on my blog. If I make no promises there is nothing to break. I’d only forget about it or not be able to attend it at some point, and that would totally stress me out! You are brave to do this 😉

    • Well I had thought that making it a simple screenshot post would mean it would be easy for me to get ahead on and would help me avoid going 4 days or so without a post when I was too busy to actually write. Silly me, I forgot that procrastinators still procrastinate.

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