Yeah, I know. I’m 6 months behind the rest of the world once again. That seems to happen quite frequently around here. It’s not that I’m just now discovering things that everyone else discovered last year, it’s just that this blog is fairly new and tonight is the night I decided to write about it.

Before I begin the crying, I will say that I do understand there are some advantages to being able to heal without shifting into tree form. One of them is that when I’m healing an easy fight, I can throw a damage spell or two in there on the mobs without being shifted out of form and having to shift back into form. Another is that when we pop the ToL cooldown now, regrowth becomes instant cast and wild growth hits more targets, making druids invaluable at healing while running from adds or circles of death on the floor. Also, as a druid I rarely see myself as a night elf. I’m either in laser chicken form doing dps, or swift flight form farming herbs. So now when I heal, I can actually see what I really look like. Unfortunately, this is the exact place where my QQ’ing begins.

I don’t want to see me as a night elf while I’m healing. Why? Because I look like every other freaking toon standing there beside me. Not exactly, of course; different races have different heights and builds, there are different hair styles and colors. Rarely are any of us wearing the exact same armor in every slot. Etc, etc. But as a healer, I don’t actually stare at myself (or the rest of the group) during the action. Instead I have to watch Vuh-do (or Healbot or whatever) and concentrate on clicking there correctly while staring at the health bars of the other players. It is true that I, as the human behind the keyboard, have this thing called peripheral vision and I am able to use that to make sure I move away from adds and don’t stand in black circles on the floor. But I gotta tell ya, that peripheral vision was so much easier to use when all I had to look for out of the side of my eyes was a freaking tree that towered over everyone and had a leafy afro. Now that my peripheral vision has to track me as a night elf… I lose myself sometimes. Maybe I should be ashamed to admit that, but it is what it is. I need to be a tree so I can see me. Hey, that was a nice little rhyming sentence that could easily be chanted. I need to be a tree so I can see me. I need to be a tree so I can see me. If only this were 6 months ago when the rest of the community was voicing their opinion on this subject. I could lead a helluva protest with a chant like that. But I digress. Point is – it made it easier for me to see me. I’m not saying I now have to stop and read the name above my head to find me, I’m just saying it takes more of a quick, direct glance to check my position than it used to. And every little half-second I turn away from Vuh-do, could result in something bad happening.

This is how easy it used to be:

The other major reason I miss the full-time tree form relates to action bars. I used to be able to wander through Azeroth in my night elf form without ever leaving my healing spec. Sure, it wasn’t the most efficient way to do quests… when you have to stop and heal yourself 3 times before you finally kill your target, you’re wasting time and mana. But it could be done. I could do my questing and live my life without ever having to remember to switch to dps spec and then remember to switch back to healing spec when I queued with a group. In my night elf form I could arrange spells on my action bars so that I had both damage and healing spells available to me and I would slowly work my way through fights. Then, when I did enter a dungeon or raid, I could just shift into ToL form and my action bar would change to all of the healing spells and cooldown related things I needed to use for the job. Now that I can’t do that permanent shift, I don’t get that action bar rolling up with the certain spells on it. Now I just keep the same damn action bar I had before I stepped through the swirly portal. Which means either I heal an instance with moonfire and wrath, or I do my questing and kill crocolisks with rejuvenation and nourish. Yes, I do realize there is a way to configure my bars differently and use my mouse wheel to scroll down to one that is hidden until I need it. But I tried doing it that way at first and I rarely remembered to change the bar myself. And I really did try to kill crocolisks with rejuv and nourish. I have my UI setup exactly the way I want it. It’s something I’ve put a lot of work into because it seems that my mind can sometimes work in unconventional ways and a normal setup just doesn’t cut it. So, it was much easier when a shapeshift changed my bars and an un-shapeshift (new word I just invented, run with it) changed them back. Now I actually switch back and forth between dps spec and healing spec a bazillion times a day. Or at least once. Whichever. And no, it doesn’t cost me anything to make that switch… unless you count the number of years my life is being shortened due to the sheer rage I feel that I can’t just shift into tree and get my damn action bar. I used to brag about doing everything in my resto spec (though I only ever bragged to myself because everyone else had a habit of telling me it was not something to brag about, but was actually something I was doing wrong). I never used Boomkin form until sometime in the past year (personally I think the stupid owl/chicken/moose form is way uglier than the tree form was). Now I’m stuck living most of my life in my balance spec (somehow I think this is directly related to the fact that I now use way too many parenthesis in my sentences).

Okay, I apparently had some pent up rage about Tree of Life form that I needed to release. I’m glad I finally got that off my chest.

Comments on: "The One Where I QQ About Tree Of Life Form" (7)

  1. I have definitely caused some buttpulls by wandering into mobs thinking that I’m the OTHER tauren idling about, since I can no longer identify myself as the tree.

    Also I feel you on action bars – I have a spell action bar and a quest/profession item action bar, so having to put all of my healing spells and cooldowns on my tauren action bar means that when I’m not actually healing I only have space for 4ish DPS spells, and they are on all of the least convenient keys!

    • Right? I am so glad I am not the only one out there who hates the action bar issue. It’s such a pain in the hiney.

  2. Kimber said:

    I’ve had a habit of looking for you in an instance as the tree, too. I’m like “Where’s Elfi?” I could always find you and never have a worry about standing too close to the heals. Now I find myself standing nearly on top of you. My bad.
    Tree or not though, I love your heals… and parenthesis.

  3. I miss my tree on Maplesyrup. Why didn’t they just give us a cooldown called ‘uber tree’ and let us shuffle around in tree form. With a bear and a tree in raid, it was more like a circus feel and I liked that. I wouldn’t even mind the new tree form.

    • Yeah, the way the tree looks now doesn’t bother me at all. The whole point of being a druid is being able to shapeshift depending on the situation. I don’t care that they removed all the benefits of ToL and made it a cooldown, that’s fine with me. I just wish they had left the form.

  4. I’m torn (and tauren, HEYOOO. Ahem.) I really disliked how in tree form you couldn’t see your gear, partially because I liked seeing the gear I worked hard to earn, and partially because I’ve healed COUNTLESS instances with a fishing pole, jousting lance or etc. equipped. >_> That being said, I do find myself missing the tree form – or rather, hating the huge clumsy tauren form. Something about the lumbering gait, the slow, ponderous hand waving while casting a spell combined with healing touch’s mind-numbingly (seeming) long cast time, and I feel like I’m playing the game in slow motion.

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