Public Service Announcement:

The Oceanographer is a fishing profession achievement introduced with Cataclysm that requires you to catch 33 different saltwater fish. One of those required fish is the Winter Squid. In case you were not aware, the Winter Squid is actually a seasonal fish. It can only be caught during the winter. Once Azeroth’s winter season ends, the Winter Squid will be replaced by Raw Summer Bass. I’m sure you’ll be shocked to learn that Raw Summer Bass is also required for the achievement and can only be caught during the summer.

I am writing this post to alert you: The seasons will change from winter to summer around the March equinox. There is no garauntee it will match our calendar equinox exactly. This leaves you a limited amount of  time to catch a Winter Squid. And it will take some time. The best place to fish for one is Azshara, but there are 4 other zones where the squid might be found. There is also (apparently) certain times of the day where your chances of catching one are increased. For more information about the Winter Squid, check out this El’s Extreme Anglin’ page. Then grab your fishing pole and head to the open waters for some hardcore fishing.

Comments on: "The One Where Winter Squid Go Bye Bye" (3)

  1. Bimini Asheye said:

    Patch 4.1 is going to eliminate the need to catch the seasonal fish for The Oceanographer” “The Oceanographer now requires you to catch 31 different fishes, down from 33.”

  2. Oh wow, thanks for letting me know. That’s just my luck I posted this before reading about the new patch.

  3. […] on point, my previous winter squid post is basically still very accurate. I think the only thing that has changed is there are now 2 less […]

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