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Goblin Gallery – Part 3

** WARNING: Spoiler Alert – this post contains screenshots of Kezan, the Goblin starting area**

One final post about the scenery in the Goblin starting area, Kezan. These are just random shots I took.

Guest Post: The One Where Alas Sings Elfi’s Praises

I have many faults, one of which is I don’t take compliments well. I’ve worked way too hard on my inferiority complex to have some moron try to ruin it by saying nice things about me. But alas, it does sometimes happen and Alas is the moron of the moment. She has graciously sent me a guest post to use during vacation. She even put some thought into making her post title fit in with my homage to the TV show Friends by starting it with “The One Where..” Which means I would have felt bad, eventually, if I pretended I never received it. So I decided I might as well post it. I now present to you a guest post by my dear friend Alas from Kiss My Alas

When I first met Elfi, I had no idea that I was meeting someone who is everything that Elfi is: smart, funny, generous, kind and so positive it makes even the most curmudgeonly person smile just to see her log in and then – usually many minutes later, whenever she got back from wherever she had wandered of to – easily and modestly return all the cries of “Elfi!” that would have poured in while she was… wherever she was.

I was very much getting into raiding when Elfi first joined my guild. I was always too busy in those days to really lend a hand with anything that didn’t revolve somehow around raid preparedness and the level cap. I probably was mostly decked out in epics and I probably thought I was pretty badass. It was somewhere in the midst of this, months and months after I first welcomed Elfi to the guild, that I finally happened across her in the world for the first time.

It was in Zangarmarsh, as I recall. I had known Elfi had some aspirations to heal for our raids at some point down the road. What I hadn’t quite picked up on was that if I happened to chance across her in the wider world, she would be merrily attempting to kill things while shaped like a tree.

She had my sympathies. After all, I had been stubbornly stupid enough to level my priest in holy spec, stopping after every kill to drink and lining the pockets of drink sellers the whole world over. But I had done that with my eyes open to the inherent difficulties (which might make me more stupid, now that I think on it). Did Elfi know she was doing things the hard way?

At and I helped her nuke her way through a few quests, escorting that cow who insists on being captured by creatures 1/3 of her size, and then I think we were off to other things. But I had a little piece of the Elfi puzzle with me.

I knew she wasn’t the sort of person who simply assumed other guildies had nothing better to do than to help her. At and I had to talk her into letting us help out for a few minutes. And her long silences in guild chat punctuated with her occasionally saying something drop dead funny weren’t contrived. She was as funny with what she could pack into a few minutes of joint questing as she was with her carefully placed contributions to guild chat. And, bless her, she was leveling as a tree.

Eventually, I got to meet Elfi the real life person. We had a LAN party at the home of our mutual friend and we later met up with other guildies at a Renaissance Faire in St. Louis. And it was only then that I at last identified what I think of as Elfi’s best trait. Elfi has a way of looking at things that makes them seem new and, even better, she has a knack for spreading that almost childlike enthusiasm to everyone around her.

It’s that trait that makes me so glad she started up this blog. Too often, it seems, most people forget to take the time to revel in the wonderful place that Azeroth is. I know I let it become too common and cheapen the sense of wonder and the feelings of awe I felt upon first seeing all the varied corners. Elfi brings new eyes to old scenes for me, and rekindles the magic I first felt. She reminds me what a wonderful world we get to muck about in and reminds me what precious gems we might find in the people who inhabit it.

For those things, I am grateful. I hope many more people will be able to enjoy Elfi’s optimistic and exuberant spirit as much as I do.

Screenshot Saturday

Houston, we have a Problim.

Goblin Gallery – Part Two

** WARNING: Spoiler Alert – this post contains screenshots of Kezan, the Goblin starting area**

Here are some more screenshots from Kezan. These are just some views of the city and the Goblin technology.

Guest Post: Zinn Talks About Srs Bsns

I am thrilled to have a guest post for you guys today. I was so excited when this was emailed to me that I squeed with delight for days. It is an honor to present to you some words of wisdom written by Zinn from Jinxed Thoughts instead of the usual drivel from me. Zinn is one of my favorite bloggers and I know you guys feel the same way about her, so without further ado…

I always make rude gestures at people who tell me that “WoW is just a game”. Either it is to patronize my upset feelings about something or justify some asshat behavior, I just don’t understand that argument. When people say “It’s just a game” I interpret it as what they really are trying to say is “it’s just a game so why do you care?” Why is it important to you? How can it be? To me this stems from an attitude towards games that they are somehow inferior. Thery’re not a proper way of having fun. I know plenty of people who are ashamed to tell others they spend as much time with WoW as they do, but I bet they wouldn’t be if their hobby was something else than gaming (maybe if it was stamp collecting). Watching TV for 6 hours straight is ok, but not gaming? Being upset that my favorite show was cancelled is ok, but not that my class is being completely redesigned?

To me WoW is very srs bsns (serious business for all you non-leet speakers out there). I spend alot of time in, with it and I invest alot of myself in it. I do it because I enjoy it. To me WoW is important. When I go to work or do other boring stuff, WoW is one of the things that motivates me. While sitting there, tapping my fingers, being utterly bored I think – “Ok, I have to earn money so I can afford WoW”. And ice cream. And all the other stuff that I happen to enjoy. Of course I will react when something in my fun is changed into non-fun. Just as I get annoyed when I’ve invested alot of time in a book/movie/series that ends horribly bad. Or if I knit a sweatshirt and Love goes and destroys it. Or if the blog post I just spent 2 hours writing suddenly disappears into the Twwisting Nether. Or if my favorite football (I refuse to say soccer) team looses. All of these things would make fun stuff less fun, and I’d be a brick if these things didn’t matter to me. Everyone in the world has something they enjoy to do – so how come WoW isn’t ok to invest so much into? Why isn’t it ok for me to nerdrage about people who ninja or designer choices from hell?

And then there is the other side of the coin. People who don’t seem to enjoy anything about WoW and yet they care so much about it. As with everything else in life I think we should have a healthy attitude towards WoW. So I don’t like the changes made to my class, but should I really get this upset about it? Or should I just be annoyed about it and move on. I can agree that alot of people take some things too seriously. When is something too serious and when is it just healthy commitment? If our goal is for us to have fun with something, we have to ask ourselves – is the fun really gone? Sometimes when Love whines about his class (which seems to be constantly), I just tell him to go do something else for a while. Why play something that isn’t enjoyable? Or if it really bugs him, go tell the people who actually can do something about it – the devs.

That doesn’t mean I should turn hooligan on Blizzards behinds just because I feel like they nerfed my class too much. If you take things that seriously you’re not having fun anymore, and even worse, you’re ruining the fun for everyone else (which might be the idea, but that’s not good). In a way I don’t think that is taking the matter serious at all, because then you’ve completely forgotten the original reason that you wanted to play, which hopefully isn’t because you wanted to whine about stuff. Taking something too serious is when you think it is personal. When you believe that Blizzard does something just to annoy you. When you feel like the buff to rogues stealth is just to make you twist and turn at night in anger. Arsenal didn’t lose that match because they thought it would be fun to ruin your day (I don’t cheer for Arsenal or any other football team, but it was the first name that popped into my head), and Blizzard don’t do changes to make you sad.

We should be upset when things don’t go our way. We should be angry and write heated blog posts about how Blizzard don’t seem to understand anything anymore. We should vent our feelings. But also remember that when all the fun is taken out of the thing we do, we should rather consider go do something else than ruin the fun for everyone else. Don’t turn into the kindergarten child who destroys everyone sand castles just because you don’t like to build them yourself. And don’t mock people who think their sand castles, which they have spent all that time and fun with, are serious business.

Goblin Gallery – Part One

** WARNING: Spoiler Alert – this post contains screenshots of Kezan, the Goblin starting area**

So many people have talked about how awesome the Goblin starting zone is, I finally broke down and decided to give it a try. Guess what? Everyone was right, it was a total blast. I knew that once I made it through the city of Kezan I wouldn’t be able to return so I documented the area before it was destroyed. Since I’m busy preparing for vacation right now I thought it would be a good opportunity to show you some of the shots I took. There will be a few more Goblin Gallery posts over the next couple of weeks to fill in around my absence and I hope you guys enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed being there.

In this post: shots involving the Hot Rod and the road system

Screenshot Saturday

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a screenshot addict, but you guys seriously have no idea. I manually take hundreds every week in addition to using the add-on Multishot which automatically screenshots achievements, new levels, reputation changes, etc. If your interested in that add-on, I’d highly recommend it.

Anywho, sometimes I get all carried away and I just set myself in front of something in game and work on capturing screenshots without paying any attention to whether I’m getting my ass kicked. This is one of those times where I completely got my ass kicked. I even died completely dead. But this picture was totally worth it. I mean, look at how serious this dude is. He has got his game face on. But that’s not the best part. The best part is his buddy there in the back? The guy standing only like 10 feet away? He is dancing his ass off this entire time. Doing the MC Hammer dance without a care in the world. My Worgen may have been busy sacrificing herself for the sake of my screenshot art… but she was laughing her ass off while doing it.

The One Where I Talk About The Bee Pit

There’s a new post up at Murloc Parliament today where Zel whines about how long she’s had to suffer in obscurity. Most of her demands … I didn’t read. But I did skim the post for key words; somewhere in there she mentioned creating a Bee Pit and I know the perfect place to place it perfectly. Or something.

Picture this…. the Valley of Heroes, at the entrance to the south side of Stormwind, should be used for the Bee Pit. It’s perfect for the following reasons:

1. Since it is at the entrance we can toss over all the annoying people before they even make it into the city proper.

2. The area is guarded by 3 high-ranking Stormwind officials: General Marcus Jonathon, Major Mattingly and Field Marshall Afrasiabi. The presence of these men would ensure the Bee Pit’s rules and regulations were strictly enforced.

3. The valley already has an existing ramp structure in place leading from the bridge down to the moat itself. This will allow for easy access to the bowels of the Bee Pit when it comes time to clean the pit out and make room for more morons. Even though the area is quite large, I assure you we will need to make room for more morons.

4. The proximity of the valley to the main road leading out of Stormwind means when a clean up is required, the muck can quickly be ushered away down the road to the intersection at Goldshire at which time they can easily follow the road west into Westfall and dump the waste in the ocean where waste so naturally belongs.

5. The Valley of Heroes, while inside the city gate, is not actually inside the city walls, thereby allowing the ugliness of the Bee Pit to remain unseen by the good citizens of Stormwind. And the bad citizens too, of course.

6. Utilizing the moat in the Valley of Heroes for the Bee Pit means it would no longer be feasible to fish up Royal Monkfish for the Big Gulp fishing daily quest. This is good news for anglers everywhere. Especially the ones tired of getting nothing more than rusty keys and slimy rings.

7. Any number of other reasons that will justify the fact that we do, indeed, need a Bee Pit.