In 20 days I am going to Las Vegas for spring break. Well, I’m going for another reason but it just so happens that it’s during spring break. See, last October me and my sister-in-law bought concert tickets for a big show we wanted to see. Then when we booked our hotel in January we noticed that the weekend we were booking was about $80 more per night than the following weekend. Which led to the discovery that we are idiots and we bought spring break concert tickets. Except that while everyone else seems to feel sorry that we made such a huge mistake (because we’re too old to be at spring break, I’m guessing) I am all like BONUS! I mean, I get to go to Las Vegas for the first time AND see a great concert AND it’s spring break. That’s a win, win, win right there folks.

We are staying on Fremont Street. The concert is at the MGM Grand Hotel. We are driving out there and back (with my brother who doesn’t have tickets but is fine with playing blackjack while we’re at the show) and will be doing some of the required sight-seeing stops, such as the Grand Canyon. I mean, what a trip. I haven’t been on a real vacation in 10 years or more. If I do get to go anywhere it’s generally somewhere less than 12 hours away and it’s a 3 day weekend. And while I do love Galveston Island, I’m excited about a real road-trip and a brand new destination.

Okay, I guess I’ve bragged about that enough. The point of this post is, I will be gone 7 or 8 days beginning Wednesday, March 23 and when I get back it may take me a few days to recover. From going to Vegas for spring break. So I would love to get some guest posts to post here while I’m gone. I know I don’t have a huge amount of traffic. There aren’t a lot of you reading this right now. And most of the ones who are have your own blogs to worry about. So, no pressure. But if you have anything, anything at all that you’d be willing to share here, it would make me so happy. Funny stories, rants & raves, memories of Elfi if you happen to know me, hilarious moments you’ve had in vent with your friends, a screenshot with a funny caption, serious posts about anything WoW related, etc. I don’t care how long or how short. It’s not hard to write something more interesting than the stuff I write.

Anyway, other than begging for some guest posts, there’s not a lot going on right now that’s out of the ordinary. I’m still doing the daily cooking and fishing quests even though they don’t really benefit me at all. I’m still visiting Deepholm every day to check for the Pebbles quest, even though I hate that place almost as much as I hated Stonetalon Mountains back in the old days. Yesterday I got a wild hair up Elfi’s butt and decided I wanted her to have the key to Kara (I only hit level 70 about 2 weeks before WoTLK was released, so I have only been in Kara about 5 times… yeah, I suck). I wanna be able to go in and farm for the horse mount. So I spent last night getting the 3 key fragments from the dungeons in Outlands. I’m not sure how much of the questline is left, but I hope to finish that up today or tomorrow. I’m hoping once I do get into Kara I’ll be able to handle the fight by myself. Let’s see, what else? I’m still doing Transmute: Living Elements every single day two or three times a week (my memory for that type of thing sucks, I get distracted by shiny things so easily) and trying to work the AH for more money. I got my new Dwarf Paladin up to level 11 and parked her in IronForge to let her gather up plenty of rest. I’m not bored with her yet, still giggle when I look at her, so I’m hopeful I’ll stick with her until 85. I will probably work on my Worgen feral druid a bit now, she should be rested up good. And that’s life in my world. It’s kind of boring. Do you know what would make my world a bit more exciting? A guest post from YOU!.

Seriously, if anyone would like to contribute all you gotta do is email me your contribution at roseykrh AT gmail DOT com by March 20 and I will feature it here with all sorts of glowing commentary about how wonderful you are. Thanks in advance. Oh, and for those who are curious – I am 40 years old and I am going to a Lady Gaga concert. Let the snickering begin.


Comments on: "The One Where I Ask For Your Help" (5)

  1. I am so intensely jealous of you for getting to see Gaga live :O Also, your vacation sounds totally sick! Have fun and bring us many pictures :3

    Also, soloing Attumen is delightfully easy. The hardest part will be finding a raid group to get inside!

    • Oh drat! I didn’t even think about the raid part of it.

      There will be plenty of pictures, I am a picture taking fool.

  2. Interesting read indeed.

    I think If time permits, may consider Writing your guest post,

    Have a nice trip to Vegas XD

    – Jamin

    • Thank you for the well wishes and for considering writing a post.
      And on an unrelated note, I have added your site to my blogroll.

  3. […] I get to the real post I just wanted to remind everyone about my upcoming vacation and let you know there is still time to submit a guest post to help me out. I will need all guest […]

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