I am trying to run Morena up to Western Plaguelands to complete a Hero’s Call quest. She’s never been north of StormWind (and has barely been south of there either) so after taking the Deeprun Tram to IronForge she’s had no choice but to ride north into the unknown and hope she makes it without getting too much aggro. In Loch Modan, since it’s low-level and she was in no real danger, she decided to go ahead and open up the whole map. Unfortunately, she got a bit distracted while crossing the Stonewrought Dam and rode her Celestial Steed right off the edge. Which resulted in an accidental achievement. And then, it resulted in death. So all in all, I’m lucky I got the achievement… because the fall actually killed me.


Comments on: "That First Step Is A Doozy" (1)

  1. Kimber said:

    Goooood times right there. lol

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