Elfindale is not just the first character I ever began leveling, she’s the very first character I ever even rolled. When I launched the game for the first time, I didn’t jack around by checking out each race and experimenting with looks. I had already googled all the races and classes and knew I wanted to play a Night Elf Druid. I also had Elfi’s name picked out ahead of time. The only thing that has ever been changed about Elfi is her hair color and that was only after barber shops were introduced to the game. Well, except for changing her server once. I am so loyal to her that I paid $25 to server transfer her when she was only level 3 because I’m a dork and even though my brother told me what server he was on, I didn’t realize I had to create my character on that server if I wanted to talk to him. I believe it was day 2 for me when he asked me why I wasn’t on his server and explained how it works. He told me just to delete Elfindale and re-create her on Azuremyst. But I couldn’t do it. We had 3 levels and 7 or 8 hours of bonding already. I paid to move her and had to wait several days for her to reappear. That’s how much I loved her instantly; and I love her just as much today. One of the main reasons I never really finish levelling up any alts is because I just can’t stand to not spend most of my time on Elfi.

I had a good time in the night elf starting area. I really enjoyed running around Shadowglen killing mangy night sabers and thistle boars. When I followed the road to Dolanaar my level of excitement increased. I was in a city! There was a mailbox, an inn, vendors… it was so cool. [Now is probably when I should remind everyone that I had never played any type of mmo or even rpg game before. So I wasn’t just new to WoW, I was new to everything and I was easily impressed. Okay, back to the story.] I was soon sent to Fel Rock, which is where I first died repeatedly and learned how frustrating the game could be. And so on and so on, I quested throughout Teldrassil and stared in wonder at each new area. Then one fine day, I got to enter Darnassus.

Darnassus made me giddy from the moment I first laid eyes on it. Of course I found the owl vendor on the outskirts of the city right off the bat and bought my first ever non-combat pet. Then I walked up the steps to the Warrior Terrace and saw the city proper for the first time. I just stood there for several minutes mousing over all the people I could see and being impressed with their levels. I thought it was a huge deal to be near people who were level 40 and higher. I couldn’t even fathom being such a high level. The first place I headed in town was straight ahead of me to the bank. I mean it was a bear shaped tree, I had to get closer to it and check it out. I was so poor at the time I couldn’t even buy a bank slot yet. But I felt so important hanging out there by the mailboxes.

I spent quite a long time distractedly exploring all of Darnassus. I found the Auction House, the inn to set my hearthstone too, the Temple of the Moon, all of the stores and trainers. I looked into every nook and cranny. I even fell off the island by inspecting the waterfall and spent forever trying to figure out how to get my wisp form back to my body. But my favorite thing I stumbled across was the Riding Trainer and the Saber Handler. I love the Sabers so much, to me they are the coolest land mounts in all of Azeroth. I wouldn’t be getting a mount for months and months and months, but I spent a lot of time over those months staring longingly at the sabers. I googled screenshots of each different one trying to decide which would be the first one I would purchase. When I finally hit level 40…. I was still broke. I did not have enough money to buy my first mount. I was doing herbalism and alchemy at the time, so I could have been making money. But I was not working the Auction House at all. I was still completely clueless at this point and didn’t have anyone helping me out or telling me what I should be doing. Yes, my brother played, but he had even less money than me and didn’t log in as much as I did. But a few days after hitting 40 I swallowed my pride and asked my GM for a small loan. It was literally pocket change for him so he obliged me. I immediately went and bought myself a Striped Nightsaber. It was beautiful to me. It still is, but now that I own them all I really think the Striped Dawnsaber might be my favorite.

Why the trip down old-school memory lane? Because I miss Darnassus. I spent all of my time there in the very beginning. It’s like my childhood home. I used to hang out there, watching general chat and trade chat in an attempt to learn the lingo so I could pretend I knew what I was talking about in guild chat. [P.S. – don’t talk the way people in general chat and trade chat do]. As a druid, I could teleport to Moonglade and take a quick flight to Rut’theran Village, then walk through the pink stuff and boom! – I’m in Darnassas. I could set my hearthstone closer to where I was questing, but still get to a major city for the AH, bank, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love Stormwind City and Dalaran and I partially like Ironforge and Shattrath, but Darnassus is where I became me. And with all the lag that was in Dalaran and is now in Stormwind City, I am really mourning the fact that Darnassus remains mostly abandoned. Back when I was a lowbie, I thought it was an amazing bustling metropolis. But of course my first trip to Stormwind made me quickly realize that was not true. Darnassus is simply too far north to be a viable home city once you’re at any level over… idk, 30? Oh how I wish it were more convenient to be there. I would love to be able to make it my home once again and enjoy the fresh open air of a city that remains more natural than most. With the flight path to Darkshore and then a boat from Darkshore to Stormwind Harbor, it is almost within reach. Maybe I’ll stay there for a few days and see how it goes. If nothing else, I will at least have a few days of no lag at login and a quiet Auction House.


Comments on: "The One Where I Mourn For Darnassus" (11)

  1. I hear you loud and clear. I miss Darnassus too. Used to return there each evening after a hard day’s adventure, and just relax in the temple gardens. And now it’s so sadly empty. Everyone’s become jammed into one large sprawling city. And that’s fast become a city out of which I fallen in love.

  2. I kept thinking “me too me too!” during this post (Although my main is Hordeside – I had lost of similar experiences, including needing a loan for my first mount!) Also I used to think that you were supposed to set your Hearthstone to your racial capital because that’s where you “belonged”, rather than whatever quest hub was most convenient. Woops :3

  3. Kimber said:

    Oh that brings back such fond (and painful) memories. The night elf hunter was my first toon ever, and I do totally understand your loyalty to Elfi. I feel the same way about Kimber. I’ll never forget the first time I ran into Darnassus, running from a “mangy nightsabre,” only to fall off the side. While I did receive my “Going Down” achievement at level 10 I had no idea how to get back up. So, with what little bit of life I had left I jumped, and just kept swimming… and swimming… swimming. Finally, after dying of fatigue I was but a wisp trying to find my way back to the sea to retrieve my corpse, only to die AS A WISP from fatigue. I was so aggravated that I didn’t play for several days. When I did log back in I was somehow at the graveyard IN my body. Sweet deal! However, I fell off again. Except this time I swam all the way around the island trying to find a way up (you know, instead of trying to swim to Darkshore.) I came to what I now know as Rut’theran Village, but I was so scared they would kill me I kept swimming. Yes, dead again from fatigue. Whatever. Stupid game. Nah, I was just a moron.

    • Bwahahaha, I totally remember when this happened. I had just barely gotten you talked into even trying WoW and then you managed to fall off the world and not be able to get back for days. Lol. I remember you were so pissed off. I thought for sure you’d just quit the game and never try it again. But thankfully you stuck with it, finally figured it out.. and look at you now. I created a monster. You are way ahead of me in the game.

      Aw man, good times.

  4. jamin1993 said:

    What an enjoyable read. A rather nostalgic one as well, to say the least. Yet not in such a bad way.

    See I share/shared the exact same views and feeling when I first started out in the game (Which was also my first MMO) up until now in fact! I was just like this when I took my first steps in Azeroth.

    Priceless memories and experiences.

    – Jamin

    • I really regret not keeping notes about my learning experiences. I would highly recommend anyone who is new to the game keep a journal of some sort going.

  5. I have the same feelings for Ironforge. My first toon was (surprise!) a Dwarf, and Ironforge intimidated the hell out of me; sitting up there all big and dangerous looking. But I loved it once I got there. The look and feel of it, and how easy it is to navigate. Not to mention how easy it is to get other places since it is so central and close to the Wetlands if I need to take a boat to Kalimdor.

    Anyway, I was very disappointed when Blizzard decided to center the Cataclysm story in Stormwind. I really don’t see any reason why they couldn’t have put portals to the new zones in the other major cities as well… it would have eliminated the lag problem that cursed Shattrath, Dalaran and now Stormwind and made this dwarf happy.

    • I agree about the portals Fannon. I understand why they removed them from Shatt and Dalaran; they wanted players to spend their time back in the old worlds. But all of the old world capitals should have gotten the portals. That would have been so much cooler.

  6. Why are you bound in Stormwind, though? The Dungeon Finder will take you directly to dungeons, as will the battleground matching service. If you really need to get to Stormwind once you’re done with all the cooking daily-earned recipes, there’s a guild cloak for that. Get the tabard for Tol Barad, and all the portals there become meaningless.

    Bind where you want to be bound. The game is flexible nowadays and will accommodate you.

    I’m bound in Ironforge, myself.

    • I will definitely check my guild achievements and see if I have access to that cloak. That would indeed solve my issue. Thanks!

  7. NightElfy said:

    I am very happy that there are other people in the world who felt the same way. I miss Teldrassil so much.. My first toon was a night elf druid, and I spent my first MMORPG experience at Teldrassil. All those tall trees…nature.. and beautiful musics.. Althought I only spent around few days at Teldrassil, (out of 700 days that I played WoW), I miss Teldrassil the most. You can never forget it. I quitted WoW about 3 years ago from now. But sometimes, I still think about Teldrassil. I thank Teldrassil for letting me having the most unforgettable experience in my life that will last forever.

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