Sometimes I launch the game, select a character to login and then instantly develop ADHD and either tab out or simply wander away from the computer for several minutes, leaving all the “hello Elfi’s” just hanging there with no response. Okay, I do this most of the time.

Sometimes I spend hours doing nothing but taking screenshots of myself in game. I’m addicted to screenshots.

Sometimes I login just because I want to chat with my friends. I don’t do anything with my character other than check my mail.

Sometimes I forget what I wanted to do when I log in.

Sometimes I want nothing more than for Kimber to be online, then when she arrives… she doesn’t play with me.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have Real ID. Not because I don’t want to see when my friends are online, but because every once in a while I’d like to hide out.

Sometimes I remember the good old days in my guild and wish those would return. Okay, I do this most of the time.

Sometimes I kick myself in the ass for not starting a journal/blog when I first discovered the game and started leveling Elfi. I didn’t know ANYTHING. Those stories would have been hilarious.

Sometimes I wish I would talk more in vent. Then I remember I always say dorky things.

Sometimes I wish I had all the items and materials and gear levels, etc. memorized. Then I remember ‘eh, that’s what google is for’.

Sometimes I get so involved in my questing/dailies/etc. that I forget to pay any attention to my chat windows.

Sometimes I wish I had the spare money to buy a fancy gaming mouse.

Sometimes I really crack myself up in guild chat and no one else laughs. Okay, I do this most of the time.

Sometimes I wish I had a huge WoW setup with two 22″ widescreen monitors.

Sometimes I am glad I play on a 17″ widescreen laptop because I can take it anywhere.

Sometimes I wish I had never started playing WoW.

Sometimes I wish I had been playing since Vanilla instead of halfway through TBC.

Sometimes when I’m logged in, I wish I were out somewhere with friends.

Sometimes when I’m out somewhere with friends, I wish I were logged in.

Sometimes I am so used to rotating the screen with my mouse that when I’m not even in-game, I try to rotate the internet. Okay, I do this ALL THE TIME.


Comments on: "Sometimes I Try To Rotate The Internet" (21)

  1. Kimber said:

    You dork.

  2. Kimber said:

    I guess I should elaborate. You aren’t there. =(
    I wish you were too, because I laugh so hard when we run together. We’re both nearly clueless and it’s awesome. If we just had three more WoW idiots we’d have a dungeon group. Whatever happened to Cerixus? Or Azzah? They’ve just disappeared. Jackasses. Oh what a team though. It only takes one person to know what they’re doing, right?
    You seriously need to have another LAN party so we can sit across from each other at the dining room table and talk in vent about not knowing what we’re going to do.

    • We can have another LAN party any time. Just round up Azzah and Little BennyBennyBenBen and name the date. I am always ready for a nerd weekend.

    • I totally thought she was going to say “Sometimes I want nothing more for Kimber to be online, then when she arrives… I want nothing more than for her to leave.”

  3. Sometimes I wish all those same things (except the bits about Kimber and the bits about Real ID and the bits about the laptop). But I most definitely try to rotate the internet too. Am I a dork too?

  4. I try to rotate the internet too. 😛 And sometimes I try to rotate TV shows if I’m watching them on hulu on my computer. Oops.

    • Yep, me too. It really wasn’t even fair of me to start that sentence with ‘sometimes’ because it’s totally ‘always’.

  5. jamin1993 said:

    Ah haha!

    This really lightened my mood! Quite funny when you just let your thoughts/feelings out while being honest XD

    – Jamin

    • Thanks, I like to think of myself as pretty funny. But the constant silence in guild chat after one of my zingers sometimes worries me. 😛

      But honestly it’s because my hours are a bit off of normal and I’m usually online with only one or two others who are probably busy doing things way more important than reading my guild chat stand-up routine.

      • Kimber said:

        I love your guild chat stand-up. But I get behind at reading gchat sometimes because I’m in battle it it’s too late for me to chuckle without you calling me a dumbass… or some other term of endearment. ❤

      • Kimber said:

        I’m not even going to try to correct that statement, clearly the time change has my typing jacked up. What? I have to blame something, don’t I?

  6. I log in and go walk off or read Twitter or whatever SO MUCH. I always come back to discover that people had greeted me only to be ignored! D:

  7. Bimini Asheye said:

    You are certainly not alone in your particularities of how you play WoW. I can totally identify with the majority of what you said.

    Please share your favorite screenies! 😀

  8. Heh, I think your post is so cool! It’s “human” and thoughtful lol. Have a great day!

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