*Before I get to the real post I just wanted to remind everyone about my upcoming vacation and let you know there is still time to submit a guest post to help me out. I will need all guest posts to be submitted by the 21st at the latest. If you want to help but aren’t sure what to write about, feel free to email me @ roseykrh AT gmail DOT com and I will gladly send you a few questions about you that you can answer essay style. Fun, huh?

** I also want to mention real quick that I was very honored this week to be featured on the Welcome Wagon over at Twisted Nether. Beru does the community a great favor by introducing us all to new bloggers and by making new bloggers feel special and getting them some recognition. Thank you Beru, for all you do.

Now on to the real post. Since I’ve been in a bit of a funk concerning heroics and the like, I have been spending a lot of time leveling alts. Mainly for the professions. Cause I’m suddenly a gold whore. Turns out there’s a lot of money in mining and smelting. Who knew? Oh, everyone but me. Anyway, I had rolled a DK back when they first were available and had chosen mining and blacksmithing on her. And in true Elfi fashion, never did much with her after that. But recently I have dusted her off and sent her out into the world to gather ore. Because I would like to get my mining skill all the way to 525, I obviously have to level her up as a character too. So I find myself in the Outlands again. Man, I haven’t been here in forever.

Now Jaylindale is having to choose between the Aldors and the Scryers. Elfi went with the Scryers because of the spellpower and intellect on some of their rings and trinkets. But since Jaylindale is not a healer, I believe she’s going to go with the Aldors. Looking up all the gear and rewards and comparing them all once again has, of course, made me revisit one of my favorite WoW Youtube videos of all time. I’m sure you’ve all seen it before, but probably not for a while. So sit back and enjoy Jimmy: The World of Warcraft Story.

Comments on: "The One Where I Show A Youtube Video" (3)

  1. Kimber said:

    I remember the first time I seen that video, I wasn’t even playing WoW and it made me chuckle. It’s still one of the best ever. Thanks for the early morning giggle, Elfi. =)

  2. jamin1993 said:

    Ah I remember seeing this video way back XD

    When I recently went through Outlands, I decided (Or Feignheart should I say) went down the Scryers route also. Mainly with a RP perspective on it, didn’t look at the specific rewards. Mainly because they’re outdated now anyway.

    – Jamin

    • Yeah, I really don’t know why I even bothered thinking about it because I’ll probably never buy any of the gear. But since it was only the second time I’ve been to this point, I just automatically had a flashback about how important this decision was with Elfi. It took a lot of wowhead and google and a small guild chat. Lol. Now I might as well pick Aldor simply because they’re located closer to the outskirts of town.

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