There’s a new post up at Murloc Parliament today where Zel whines about how long she’s had to suffer in obscurity. Most of her demands … I didn’t read. But I did skim the post for key words; somewhere in there she mentioned creating a Bee Pit and I know the perfect place to place it perfectly. Or something.

Picture this…. the Valley of Heroes, at the entrance to the south side of Stormwind, should be used for the Bee Pit. It’s perfect for the following reasons:

1. Since it is at the entrance we can toss over all the annoying people before they even make it into the city proper.

2. The area is guarded by 3 high-ranking Stormwind officials: General Marcus Jonathon, Major Mattingly and Field Marshall Afrasiabi. The presence of these men would ensure the Bee Pit’s rules and regulations were strictly enforced.

3. The valley already has an existing ramp structure in place leading from the bridge down to the moat itself. This will allow for easy access to the bowels of the Bee Pit when it comes time to clean the pit out and make room for more morons. Even though the area is quite large, I assure you we will need to make room for more morons.

4. The proximity of the valley to the main road leading out of Stormwind means when a clean up is required, the muck can quickly be ushered away down the road to the intersection at Goldshire at which time they can easily follow the road west into Westfall and dump the waste in the ocean where waste so naturally belongs.

5. The Valley of Heroes, while inside the city gate, is not actually inside the city walls, thereby allowing the ugliness of the Bee Pit to remain unseen by the good citizens of Stormwind. And the bad citizens too, of course.

6. Utilizing the moat in the Valley of Heroes for the Bee Pit means it would no longer be feasible to fish up Royal Monkfish for the Big Gulp fishing daily quest. This is good news for anglers everywhere. Especially the ones tired of getting nothing more than rusty keys and slimy rings.

7. Any number of other reasons that will justify the fact that we do, indeed, need a Bee Pit.


Comments on: "The One Where I Talk About The Bee Pit" (1)

  1. I approve this notion. Especially if we can start with throwing our king in there. Talk about a moron.

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