I’ve never really enjoyed April Fools Day. I can take a joke and I do have a sense of humor, so that’s not why. It’s just that because it’s a day that’s dedicated to trying your best to trick people I don’t know how to react to anything the entire day. I mean serious stuff can still happen today, so if someone tells me they’ve just lost their job or they just got mugged, or whatever then I would hate to laugh in their face because I thought they were only fooling me and then find out they were telling the truth. So it throws me off. I never even enjoyed it as a kid. I have confidence issues as it is and spending the whole day not knowing whether I’m seeing or hearing the truth anywhere does not exactly fill me with confidence. So I was kind of surprised at myself when I came up with my own April Fools joke today.

Yes, my post from this morning is only a joke. I am not tired of blogging or tweeting and I am not actually intending to stop. It is true that I am behind, but I should be caught up soon. Since I have been out of the loop for a week I didn’t really have a topic lined up for today and after a 10 hour night at work I let my exhausted mind convince me to try pranking everyone. As soon as I posted it, I went to bed and got some much needed sleep. But as soon as I woke up, my mind went straight back to my blog and I began worrying. Will people know it’s a joke? Will anyone care? What if someone leaves a comment that they are glad I’m no longer going to post? And so here I am.. sleep in the corners of my eyes, hair all disheveled, stomach growling for some breakfast and sitting at the computer freaking out about my first ever attempt at an April Fools Day joke.

I seriously hate this day.


Comments on: "Why April Fools Day Sucks" (4)

  1. /snerk

    I kept the day well in mind when I read your first post and admired the post a bit because it just sounded so darn convincing. And now that I actually bothered to click through to comment on your deviousness here, I see you did indeed manage to trick a few people. Well played!

  2. Kimber said:

    Why o’ why did I have to be one of them? One of the people that has the good fortune of seeing Elfi nearly every day. One of the people that SHOULD have known better. Most days I can’t even talk to her with a straight face because I’m preparing myself for to laugh, because it’s just a given when speaking to her…and, I STILL FELL FOR IT!? Damnit!! /punch Elfi

  3. Oh the shame!

  4. Bimini Asheye said:

    As Alas said, you framed the joke very convincingly. You had me going at first, but then I almost commented with, “HA! April Fools’!” but then I thought that, oh maybe she IS serious, but still, it IS April 1st, hmm…
    I understand your discomfort with making a joke for April Fools’. I don’t even try, ever since I made a joke in poor taste about 12 years ago. My boyfriend-of-that-time and I made it look to our friends like he had abused me, which we thought was funny at the time because it was so untrue, but our friends understandably didn’t see the humor in it. So you shouldn’t feel bad; at least you didn’t make a joke in bad taste!

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