There totally should have been a post here yesterday morning. And there absolutely should have been a post here this morning to make up for the fact that nothing was posted yesterday. Especially since on Friday I wrote an April Fool’s Day joke about no longer posting. Not exactly the kind of thing you want to follow with an absence of posts. But alas, I did.

** Sidenote: alas has always been one of my favorite words (along with yonder) many, many years before I ever met Alas from Kiss My Alas and became her guildie. Now that I do know her, I don’t use the word any more than I normally would have. However, since I have been talking to Alas for over 3 years, every time I want to use the word alas in a sentence (like the one right before this sidenote) I capitalize the damn thing because she has made one of my favorite words a proper noun. THANKS A LOT ALAS! If you ever create a character named Yonder I will drive to your home and kick your ass. True story.**

So I just wanted to throw something up here and make sure everyone is aware my blog is still active. I took over 1000 pictures during vacation which I am trying to sort through, edit, and (ugh) title. I also shot a wedding right before I left and I have to have those pictures edited and printed before this weekend. I’m still catching up on housework. I have had to mow and trim the yard. Okay, I’ve only done the front yard, but still. I’m working overtime at work for the first time at this job. I had a doctor appointment today about my patellar tracking disorder. And, most importantly, when I do get to sit down at the computer and do something other than edit pictures… I log in and play, of course.

All of which means I am behind on writing posts. But they are coming. I may have been away from the game for a week, but I came back and immediately resumed my noobness with no hesitation. I have stories and I will be sharing them soon. I will also post some Las Vegas / roadtrip pictures. In fact, here ya go. Have a Lady Gaga concert photo and a picture of the Grand Canyon.

Lady Gaga

The Grand Canyon


Comments on: "The One Where There Should Be A Post" (3)

  1. Waaa Lady Gaga!! If you want to put up some filler posts consisting solely of vacay photos I totally won’t mind. Not one bit.

  2. I will definitely post more vaca shots over the next week or so. I had such a great time, I have to share.

  3. This makes me want to go back to Vegas.

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