Last night, while running Heroic ShadowFang Keep, I finally hit exalted with Ramkahen. The timing on it was perfect because it happened right as we downed Lord Godfrey. So of course, I have to go running to Uldum and grab myself a camel. I picked the tan one and I love the way the camels look, especially the looks on their faces; but let’s be honest, night elves do not look cool while riding one. I’m really not sure anyone looks cool riding one. However, while I’m sitting still I am damn hawt. That has nothing to do with the mount though.


Comments on: "Screenshot Saturday" (2)

  1. Kimber said:

    Wait, you didn’t buy both of them? /gasp
    I’d also like to point out that I’m a little hurt there was nothing else mentioned about the night you ran that instance and who you were with, oh, and where you were. That’s okay though, I had a super time. =)~

  2. I did go back later and buy the brown one. Also, I apologize for not mentioning I was at a mini-LAN party at your house with you and Azzah, my most favoritist local guildies. I can say that because you two are my only local guildies. Thanks for hosting us that night!

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