I had never been an altoholic before Cataclysm so it had never dawned on me that leveling up multiple characters would mean I’d get sick of seeing this guy all over again. I never got the chance to kill him on Elfi, but I’ve got a Death Knight here now and a feral druid who will be here in a few levels and I hope at some point I am able to kick some Fel Reaver ass.


Comments on: "Screenshot Saturday" (4)

  1. Outland does Transformers!

    Yes, I remember encountering this monster while travelling on Feignheart! *The floor begins to tremble*

    – Jamin

  2. He always seems to be where I am, too. Like I’m just trying to kill some Hellfire boars and I gotta keep looking over my shoulder and moving out of his way. Grrr…

  3. Kimber said:

    So, how many times did he annihilate you so you could get that screenshot? No sacrifice, no victory… right?
    Did I just quote a line from Transformers? Uh yep, I totally did. >.<

  4. I died twice. 😦

    It was totally worth it though!

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