You guys, my new pc freaking rocks! Everything shipped right on time and my friend/guildie Azzah graciously came over on Friday night and built the shit out of this thing. It was a beautiful process all the way through. I ordered pizza for us and then set about annoying the crap out of him by touching everything and snapping pictures in his face. After it was fired up and the Windows 7 install was completed, we copied over my WoW folder and prepared to behold the magic. I logged into the game, cranked the video settings up and hovered over SW laughing maniacally at my new and improved frame rate. It’s so unbelievable. And I am now using a 23″ widescreen monitor so there’s a whole lot more of the unbelievable to see.

New Computer

But that’s not the only thing that had Elfi grinning from ear to ear this weekend. When I logged in and checked my mailbox on Friday, I found an Elementium Hammer waiting for me. A wonderful gentleman, from the growing-in-popularity guild Eff The Ineffible, very kindly volunteered to craft me this weapon and I am so appreciative of him doing so. I am leaving his name out simply because I didn’t ask him if I could publicize it and he may not want the attention. It looks pretty bad ass and though I know it’s not best in slot, I am so slowly gaining Valor Points, it will be the best I have for a very long time. I ran Heroic Vortex Pinnacle with it this weekend and I was very happy with the increase in my healing. I still daydream about how far along I might be if my guild hadn’t broken, but at least I am slowly making progress. Here’s what I currently look like with the new mace.

And speaking of looks, this weekend Morena picked up a new helm while questing. She is now a Worgen who wears a wolf head on her wolf head. Lol.

Comments on: "The One Where New Things Have Arrived" (5)

  1. Nice Rig Elfi! I’m all kinds of wicked jealous lol, have a great day.

  2. Yngwe said:

    Your worgen is like those Russian stacking dolls, whatever they are called. I lol’ed.

    • They are nesting dolls and that’s a great comparison. Now I just need some gloves that look like wolf paws and some boots that look like wolf feet. That would be awesome.

  3. I too am jealous of the cool looking computer. And you’re welcome for the mace. May it be of great assistance in healing.

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