I’m sure an outside observer would tell you I do some weird things and have some odd habits, but I don’t really notice myself being too far out of the norm. I’m pretty chill and agreeable; I’m flexible and adaptable… until it comes to WoW, that is. For some reason, when I log in I go a little bit OCD.

Mailbox Maniac Here in the real world, I don’t give a rat’s ass about receiving physical snail mail. In fact, I am one of those people who postmen hate because I go so many days without checking the mailbox, they run out of room and have to rubber band it all together and actually lay it on my doorstep. In my defense, it’s almost all junk mail and catalogs and papers I do not subscribe to or want. I’m not ignoring it because it’s junk, I just go days without the mailbox ever crossing my mind. Until I login. I am absolutely obsessed with in-game mail. I have the mail icon set to show “always” on my sexy map and the minute I see the envelope is there, I go immediately to the nearest mailbox to see what is waiting. And I always log out parked near a mailbox so that it can be the first thing I check when I login. I cannot get enough in-game mail; I’m disappointed if I don’t get any at login. I don’t know how I ended up on such opposite ends of the mailbox spectrum, but I doubt I change either habit anytime soon.

Domino Dictator The addon I use for my action bars is Dominos and even though my alts all have different classes and roles, I absolutely have to make all the bars the exact same as every other character in terms of position and columns and general scale. Obviously I fill the bars with different spells and items (or do I?), but I just can’t function if my screen doesn’t look the same every time I login. Sexy map is exactly the same across all toons, my bag add-on looks exactly the same across all of them, the chat windows have to be the same size and opacity… yeah, it’s really OCD.

All-Around Anal Once I have my bars all looking the same it’s still not quite enough. I still have to make sure my hearthstone is in the very last position in the bottom of my bag and then in the same position on my action bar for each character. I have to have the same number of stacks of food and drink in my bags, in the slots right next to the hearthstone, and they have to be in the same spots on my bar. My mounts are located in the same spot, my cast bar is located in the same spot, my primary spells have to be in the same key order (5, 3, 2, 6, 4), etc. And if you think that all sounds bad enough, you should experience the stress that is bank organization. That shit is not pretty.

Comments on: "The One Where I’m A Little Bit OCD" (5)

  1. *Snickers*
    I am a mail box idiot too. The Dominoes thing I totally agree with as well, if it isnt just right I go ape…
    Bags though, hmm well when famring I have a certain place where I put all my gathered good in a certain order for ease of selling. Vendor trash always goes to the first pack, then everything else. My last pack always contains things such as tabards, fishing pole, skinning knife or tools, hearth stone and gear that I can immediately equip upon getting the next level. Oddities I spose but I do understand.

    • But the question remains…. are you like this at all outside of the game? 🙂

      • I’ll never teeeelll…. Muahahahahaha!!! >:D
        Anyways, hmm in the real world not a tall. My desk at work is a pile O Paperz with no rhyme or reason. I’m kinda disorganized in the outside world. lol.

  2. Lyraat said:

    I do the same. Spells and toolbars are in the same position on my characters, bags are organized similarly. Adds a level of comfort when Im not on my main. Though I dont stress quite so much about in-game mail, real snail mail waits until either my or I remember to check the mailbox. We get the dreaded rubber-banded mail, too.

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