I haven’t had much of a chance to dig into the game since the patch hit on Tuesday. When I have been logged in I’ve been doing Noblegarden stuff on alts and haven’t spent much time on Elfi this week. My time has been limited because I have been volunteering for overtime at work and even though it’s a desk job, it’s exhausting. It has also affected my blogging and things have been a little weak around here, sorry about that. Today isn’t going to be much different. I have been able to keep up with my feed reader during breaks at work so I have been reading about the patch and the hotfixes and trying to keep up with everything that way. I have an in-game event planned for tonight so hopefully I’ll be able to spend more time logged in than I have been recently.

I will say that last night I did spend about 30 minutes on Elfi doing some of the new troll quests and the quest Defend The Rebel Camp damn near made me cry. I don’t know if it’s bugged, or I was doing it wrong, or if it was supposed to suck total ass… but it totally sucked ass. You have to defend the camp for 3 minutes and as soon as you accept the quest you draw instant aggro. And before you get that mob down, you already have another one on you. It’s constant, never-ending aggro from multiple mobs until you die and even though I was in my dps spec and shifted into Boomkin, I wasn’t lasting more than 2 minutes. Because combat never ends I didn’t get any chance to eat or drink and because I was in my dps spec I didn’t have my action bar setup good enough to heal myself efficiently. Although I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t have worked anyway. I died 4 or 5 times before I finally just skirted the edge of the aggro radius and after I fought off the first few mobs I just shadowmelded for the remaining 2 minutes. Feel free to tell me if I was indeed doing it wrong.

Aside from the patch, I’ve been anxiously waiting for the new WoW Remote App to hit the Android Market so I can haz remote guild chat. I’ve been a subscriber to the remote auction house for a few months now so I was very excited to hear about this awesome new feature. I officially downloaded it at like 02:00am Wednesday morning and every time I’ve logged into guild chat…. no one’s been on in either of my guilds. But one day I’m sure remote guild chat’s going to be really awesome. One day.

I’ve been slowly packing up all my stuff to prepare for my move coming up soon and that is impacting me more than I expected. My desk is barren, my room is barren. I feel sort of naked and uncomfortable there. I’m on a temporary desk and it’s not the best setup for my back and wri….hey, wait a minute. I’m not normally a whiner – when did this happen? Okay, let’s turn this thread around right now. I’ve been slowly packing up all my stuff in anticipation of moving soon. I can’t wait to get everything settled in my new place. It’s going to be awesome and I won’t have to worry about being in anyones way with my computer or bothering anyone as I talk (or actually not talk) in Vent. A whole place to myself is going to be fantastic. 4 weeks to go and all the rules are my own once again. Woot!

Lastly, and probably most rambly, my goals for this weekend are to cram in my 7 heroics, re-do my resto tree to maximize my longevity and mana, work on finishing up some reps that should have been done already and buy heirlooms for my alts (inexcusable that I haven’t done that yet). I also have some real blog posts in mind that I need to line up. Be on the lookout for an upcoming interview with someone I consider a WoW blog celebrity.

P.S. Can you tell from the picture above how much I am loving my new pc and it’s delicious new video card. Ultra view distance, ultra environment detail, ultra water, ultra ground clutter and I still had 60 fps when I took that pic. So awesome.

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  1. Nice Screenie. I miss my big rig, it’s down because Dell has crap for motherboards and mine fried. So I’m on my back up with low rez for the time being. Funny, my wife and I are getting ready to move our selves at the end of May. I got a new posting out in Louisiana so we are starting to pack things up. Been training my replacement and I have less to do at work that I used to. But I got tons of appointments to handle to make sure the move goes well lol. Ehh well tis the life.

  2. Well luckily, I’m only moving 2 miles down the road so I don’t have to worry about anything changing at work or making a bunch of appointments to change stuff. But man, the packing sucks no matter how far or close you’re moving. Good luck with your move. I hope it all goes smoothly.

  3. I thought the Defend the Rebel camp quest sucked too. The first time I tried it I had just switched into moonkin spec and had 0 mana. I wasn’t expected to get mauled as soon as I hit Accept. I think it took me 3 tries to do it. I kept running out of mana and getting killed.

    • Yep, sounds exactly like my experience… except I was watching TV and questing the first few times so it took me several attempts to catch on to the problem.

  4. You didn’t suck ass, I had plenty of guildies who sounded quite desperate regarding that quest ^^ Apparently it is very difficult. Must try it! 😀

  5. I’m very glad I found this, as I was searching to see if ANYONE had something constructive to say about defending the Rebel Camp! I died 7 times, and finally just got tired, healed at the spirit, and hearthed, leaving myself frustrated and irritated.

    I had the same experience of getting aggro immediately and constantly. I can usually heal myself through multiple hits (85 shadow priest), even though I’m not the best-geared, but give me a break! This is totally and stupidly ridiculous! If it’s gonna be that hard, they ought to tag it as possibly needing two or three in a group! The parts leading up to this were pretty much a piece of cake, so I was NOT expecting this!

    I tried, a couple of times, staying on my bird and keeping above the crowd,and the timer WAS working its way downward. However, every time, I got too close (because you can easily get out of range and then the quest fails on you), and I got shot down and killed immediately.

    I’m going to go back, now, though, and try your tactics. I do have invisibility, and I’ll see if that works. If I can fly in and land on top of the wagon, I think I can maybe do that. Here’s hoping!

    Thank you for making me feel LOTS better, at any rate! I’ve now subscribed to your BLOG. It looks like lots of fun!

  6. Adnil said:

    Well…I tried fading…it didn’t work…three of them just beat up on me anyway. My shield does not good at all. I tried standing on the roof of the wagon, and that worked until there were 48 seconds left. Then they were on top of me, even up there. Next I tried flying up into the high tree right next to the flight point, and again, that worked until 48 seconds left. Then I was immediately shot down. To verify that, I tried it again. At 48 seconds, bang…right down in the center of things.

    Can I last 48 seconds in that crowd? Absolutely not! I can get down to about 21 seconds, and I’m toast. I don’t think even being in a group would help. I think I’ll be dropping the rest of these quests.

    This is AFTER I’ve finished all the quests in Twilight Highlands. You’d think if I could get through all of those, solo (except dungeons), I’d be able to do this one. Something DEFINITELY needs to be toned down on this quest, as far as I’m concerned!

    • Well that sucks. I wish I could offer you some other helpful hints about it. But I’ve got nothing else. I’m just lucky I made it through. 😦

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