I am not tired of playing WoW. In fact, I am more addicted than ever. I am also not tired of blogging. I actually have rough drafts of posts and some cool things planned out. However, this past 7 or 8 days has kicked my ass and I don’t even know why. It’s caused me to spend minimal time in game and pay very little attention to Elfi’s World. I fail.

Luckily, I am familiar with failing.


Comments on: "The One Where I Offer Proof Of Fail" (3)

  1. Goof! You didnt fail, you took a break! Aint nothin wrong with taking a break from something you enjoy silly! Besides, you may have real life stuff your ateending to as well. I know I am already curbing some of my play time because I am getting ready to move halfway across the country. Its just good to hear you drop a word or too lol. Have a great day.

  2. I’m one of those multi-tasking healers who likes to feel like I’m contributing above and beyond by taking a stab at floor tanking through some of the more important fights. Strangely, my guildies don’t always seem to appreciate it in an appropriate manner.

  3. Aww, been there, done that! My guildies always make me feel worse by trying to explain my unusual predilection for, uh, checking in with the floor constantly during that fight.

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