I am stuck in a vicious cycle… I am stressed out and my game time is becoming very limited which stresses me out and causes my game time to become very limited which stresses me out and…. you get the idea. The big move to a new apartment is quickly approaching and yet, not approaching quickly enough. So much stuff is packed up, my life is in disarray currently. I’m still working overtime AND for some damn reason (I’m gonna blame stupid co-workers who dare to watch Netflix all night long) the internet at work has been locked down since last Friday. So, no more blogging at work like I like to do. And even though I can view my favorite blogs through Google Reader, the images that are in posts are blocked and it’s not very enjoyable to read posts that way. Grumble.

Things around this blog had already slowed down a bit over the past few weeks, but I’m here to tell ya – it’s going to slow down even more for the next little bit. I already screwed up and didn’t get a Screenshot Saturday post up over the weekend. And what little content may see the light of day here, will probably be fairly boring. Not having much time to log in and play means I don’t have anything real interesting to talk about. Be prepared to see a lot of screenshots. And probably mostly old screenshots from my older, crappier pc. Hooray!

I am also open to accepting guest posts if anyone out there has too many for their own blog and wants to share. I am moving during Memorial Day Weekend and I cannot wait to get everything settled, get my pc set up on my new desk and get right back to some serious work on my reps and my gear.

Now here are some completely unrelated screenshots:

Here’s some old guild chat fun with WWAB…

Riding Kim’s rocket through Tol Borad…

My goblin having a Space Balls moment…

Some fun, exploding sheep….

Killing King Krush….

Comments on: "The One Where I Offer Excuses and Random Screenshots" (3)

  1. More SREENSHOTS! YAY!! ^^

    First off, really taken by the new site re-design. Looking great!

    Also, just because your not in-game, doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to talk about. Think outside the box! Talk about some lore or anything, I can always throw you a topic or two 🙂

    Have fun moving, look forward to your next post,

    – Jamin

    • Thanks bud! Maybe I can read up on some lore at work since I can no longer use the internet. Also, you are more than welcome to throw me some topic ideas. I would love that. -Elfi

  2. The new site design is great! And I’m sorry to hear work-blogging is at a minimum 😦 I don’t know if it helps, but I often write my blog posts in Word (actually, Notepad- the horror!) when disconnected. I hope it helps bring us more Elfi! 😀

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