I knew I needed to try and get a post up today and keep this place as active as I can while things are going on. So after reading through my feed reader and re-reading my last World of Warcraft magazine, I came up with… nothing. Then I turned to Twitter and asked for post ideas. And I got some great suggestions; several of which I had a few ideas about. The plan was to come straight home and use those ideas to put something together. But then when I got home and sat at the computer, I launched the game. Because I haven’t been doing that as much lately and I just REALLY felt the need to login. I told myself I’d play for an hour and then I’d come over here and get started blogging. Well that hour is up and I don’t want to be done. So there’s no real post here because I’m going to tab back into the game and spend some quality time with Elfindale. I think an attempt at a Swift White Hawkstrider sounds like a good way to spend some time.

See you soon,
Love Elfi

Comments on: "The One Where Logging In Trumps Blogging" (3)

  1. Good luck on the hawkstrider. 6 Phoenix Hatchlings, 0 mounts. Bah.

    • No Hawkstrider and no Raven either. But what a wonderful relaxing morning to sit in the quiet and not do anything on my to do list and just go through a couple of instances and absolutely pwn everything inside. I think when your main is a healer, you enjoy spanking ass like this so much more.

  2. If your gain is just the same as my own in terms of blogging, which I’m sure it is, then write when you want to write. Sometimes you do need to push yourself, kick-start you know, but never force it upon yourself.

    Enjoy your time,

    Look forward to future posts either way,

    – Jamin

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