I’m only speaking of returning to normal blogging, of course; I can’t return to normal as a person because I have never once been there to begin with. But hopefully I will now be resuming a more regular schedule of posting and get back to entertaining myself. If you’ve been reading my ramblings for the past month you will know that I have moved into my own place this weekend. My roommate for the past 5 years (my brother) has gotten himself engaged and the wedding is upcoming, so it was time for me to abandon ship. I decided to put on my big girl panties and take on a 2 bedroom / 2 bath apartment with no roommate. SCARY! Not because I’m by myself, I’ve lived by myself for years in the past, but because it’s about $400 more than I’ve ever spent for a monthly rent or house payment. And no, I did not live in tents before. Even though I am at a job where I make more money than any job I’ve ever had previously, we are also in an economy where it costs me $60 to fill up the gas tank of the same car that only cost $25 or so to fill up when I bought it 4 years ago. This weekend I paid 2 months worth of rent, $100 deposit on my new electric account, $40 for the truck and trailer involved in moving, and over $100 worth of food and drink for all the people who helped me move over these past few days. Since my TV crapped out on me about 2 weeks ago I had to drop money on a new one. I owned almost everything you could possibly need for a house except living room furniture, so I purchased a couch and chair on credit. I’M FREAKING OUT! My number-crunching over the past few months indicates that I will be able to afford everything I need to afford, but I won’t have a lot of flexible fun money and I love my fun money. And right now my brain has convinced itself that my number-crunching is wrong and I have just set myself up for a life of hitchhiking and eating ramen noodles by candle light. I suppose only time will tell.

What the hell does any of this have to do with the World of Warcraft? Well, I’ll tell you. Included in my monthly rent is water, trash, sewer, basic cable and cable internet. The only utility I have to pay for is electricity. That seems to be pretty standard around this area. What also seems to be a pretty standard part of apartment living is crappy internet. I was hoping this wouldn’t be the case where I’m at since it’s a fairly new complex in general and the building I am in just got completed this month. I am the first person to ever live in my apartment (new appliances for the win). But sadly, crappy internet is indeed what I have. As expected, the amount of lag I have in game varies with the day of the week and the time of day, but it’s lag nonetheless. And it is so depressing. I probably should wait a few more days before jumping to conclusions, but it seems to be at it’s best in the mornings so maybe during the week when I get off work and everyone else is going to work I can run my randoms then. To have a super fast new pc less than 2 months old, and a place to myself where I can nerd out as loudly as I want to and then to barely be able to participate in guild chat is just so damn sad. I’m sure there’s nothing in my lease agreement that says I can’t go out and buy my own internet service from another company, but if that’s what I end up having to do I won’t be doing it for several months because I have to give my budget time to adjust to all the new stuff and make sure I can pay for the stuff I already have to pay for.

Of course I am still able to quest around the lag. It’s annoying, but doable. Things have not been all bad. Aside from having some amazing friends helping me move and getting a brand spanking new apartment and comfortable new furniture, I have accomplished some things in-game also. Elfi now has a Winterspring Frostsaber, a mount she has been drooling over since she was about level 20 and learned it existed. Though I must admit, it doesn’t feel that special now that they’ve made it so easy. The second I hit exalted and purchased the mount I got a little sad that I hadn’t forced myself to finish it before it got nerfed. I had been about halfway through revered for about a year. Just lazy I guess. Elfi also has Pebbles as a pet finally. Now unless I need an emergency supply of Heartblossom I never have to set foot in depressing Deepholm again. Elfi is also finally geared up pretty nicely. As someone who only averages 5 or 6 randoms a month, it takes me a while to get geared up. The last thing I really needed was a belt and although I was working on my Wildhammer Clan rep to get their belt, Kimber noticed she could make me one that was pretty comparable through her leatherworking so she hooked me up.

In other news, I think I have finally figured out how to handle the fact that I want to be in 2 guilds at the same time. If it weren’t for the guild rep thing, I probably would have just moved Elfi over to the other guild for a few weeks to see how well it went. But I don’t want to risk losing my guild rep and then having to start all over again either with the new guild or with my current guild if I decided to bring Elfi back. So after much stressing out I realized my level 55 Worgen druid that I had specced as feral dps could easily be respecced to resto/balance (just like Elfi) and with some heirloom gear I could work on leveling her up to 85 and move her over into the second guild as a little Elfi junior to see if there’s a place for me and how I like it. Brilliant, right? I hope so. I hope it’s a good plan that doesn’t upset anyone and I hope I’m able to get her leveled up fairly quickly. She’s already up to 61 as of Monday night but the levels just take longer and longer from here. This whole guild thing has been so upsetting for me because I feel like I have to choose between two of my favorite people. One is in my current guild and one is in the other guild, obviously. And I almost feel like maybe I’m suffering from “the grass is always greener” syndrome and that if I switched I’d feel as desperate to get back to my current guild as I do to get to the other guild right now. Does that make sense? This Worgen idea just has to be the best option. Then I can fill the exact same role in both guilds and hopefully find a happy medium and be happy in both places. Anyone want to help me power-level through Outlands and Northrend? I could use the help, especially since I’m now dealing with lag. Lol. /sigh.

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