Okay, here’s the latest update on my recent move – I love my new place. I’m thrilled to have a master bathroom. I’ve got so much storage space that several kitchen cabinets are just completely empty. There’s no cat hair anywhere (but I do miss the cat). For an apartment, I’ve got a great view. Life is peachy… almost.

What I dont have is good internet. Or even decent internet. In fact, the longer I live here the worse it becomes. I am posting this from my phone because currently I am not able to get any pages to pull up at all. I’m getting a great connection to the router and I’ve changed router channels, turned off the router firewall, restarted everything several times, etc. And yes, I’ve hardwired directly in. That does technically make a difference but it’s so minor it doesn’t count.

Although I’m very upset about not being able to access the game, I have been a fairly casual player throughout most of my WoW life so I’m used to being away from the game for days and sometimes weeks at a time. But when I’m being forced out of the game and it’s not my decision, it just isn’t the same. It sucks ass. But then, nothing has been easy for me since this latest expansion launched. Back in October and November I got really excited about Cata and decided I didn’t want to be a casual player any longer. Then my guild fell apart. Now this. FML.

I was counting on my guildmates and other WoW friends to keep me from feeling lonely now that I live alone. Obviously that isn’t happening. Not only can I not spend time in game, I can barely use the internet at all. And since everything got blocked at work I’m going batshit insane from withdrawal. I’m lucky to have a smartphone which I can use to blog, read facebook and twitter, and do important google searches. But it’s not the same. I guess this means I need to stop by the managers office and complain but man I hate doing that. I’ve already had to turn in a small maintenance list and I don’t want them to view me as a troublemaker. But surely this entire complex doesn’t put up with this kind of service. There are a million young couples around here, I know I’m not the only person addicted to the internet. It’s gotta be something that can be fixed.

Until then, bear with me here. I’m not planning on taking a break from the blog, I will still have opinions and thoughts about the game. But things might be a little intermittent around here for an undetermined amount of time. And in the meantime please feel free to hit me up with an email or google talk me to keep me from going even further into depression. You can see my email address in the right hand column over there and you can find me on google talk with that same ID. Keep in mind I may be responding with my phone, so my typing may be a bit slower than normal. Luckily I use Swype on my phone, so it’s not that bad.

Later homies.

Comments on: "The One Where I Say FML" (9)

  1. We look forward to you coming back to us in pixelated glory (even if it needs to be smartphone glory for a bit). Courage!

  2. Keep your head high! Life is just plain stupid to us sometimes and all we can say is “FML!” and hold on. Just remember that there is always light ahead in the tunnel and this is only a temporay thing 🙂

  3. We’re not going running away and un-subscribing when it gets quite, not to worry XD

    Take it easy,

    – Jamin

  4. Eesh :< I hope you get it sorted soon. I know I go crazy without internet.

  5. Thanks for all the words of encouragement guys. I truly appreciate it. I am positive it will only be temporary, it’s just a matter of how long it will be temporary. If I need to I will just pay for my own DSL connection, but if that’s what I end up having to do it will have to wait for a while.

  6. Theanorak said:

    Here’s a thought:

    Can you hook your pc up to your smartphone use it as a data connection?

    iPhone 4 has personal hotspot, and I’m pretty sure there’s been something similar for android for a while. Depending on you area and your cellphone contract, it might work as a stopgap til you can get Dsl…

    • Yeah, I have an app on my Droid for tethering and I have used it a bit but it’s not actually allowed in my contract so I limit the use.

  7. I’m sorry to hear about your crappy connection. Being connected to a community digitally is really important when meatspace is lonely! If you don’t mind, I’ll add you to my cell email and chat at you 🙂

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