I may not be able to spend much time online or in-game these days, but so far it hasn’t decreased my WoW nerdiness any. Last Saturday I spent the day with friends in Branson, Missouri at Silver Dollar City. *Sidenote – while there we decided to catch the brand new show opening that morning, The Flying Wallendas. If you’ve never heard of them, well, I’m surprised. They are world famous, I promise. And it’s a big deal that they’re here in my back yard. Anywho, while waiting in line for the show we were approached by the Discovery Channel who asked if we would agree to sign releases and be willing to sit in the first 9 rows while they recorded the show. The Discovery Channel is apparently filming a series called “Life On The Wire” which follows The Flying Wallendas through several of their different performances. So if you see any episodes (starting near the end of June) and you see the one featuring Silver Dollar City, I’ll be that one hot chick you see. Lol. So not really. */end sidenote.

The people I was hanging with are not nerds. Not only do they not play WoW, they barely use computers. So while we were driving home and I looked out the window and started screaming “Heartblossom”, they were totally confused. And probably wondering why they hang out with me. I told DJ, who was driving, that I really REALLY needed a picture of the orange flowers that were flying by on the side of the road. We didn’t have an opportunity to pull over at all, but slowed down as much as he could and I snapped the below picture. Then they asked me what the hell Heartblossom was and why I needed a picture of the flowers. Of course they totally made fun of me when I explained it was a flower my character searches for in-game and that I wanted a picture for my nerd blog. But they still love me anyway, so I guess that’s something. And it was all worth it anyway because I totally found Heartblossom irl you guys!


Comments on: "The One Where I Find Heartblossom IRL" (2)

  1. pics or it didn’t happen.

    oh, right.

  2. Hee hee! Those flowers really do look rather like Heartblossom! And they’re growing by rocks — how appropriate 😛

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