When I’m lucky enough to get logged in these days, I typically spend my time in Tol Borad. I know I don’t usually get much time before the lag gets too severe, so this is a place where I can quickly get some dailies done to make some gold and gather some herbs along the way. Plus, I really want the spectral steed mount. So here’s my thoughts about Tol Borad.

5 Things I Love About Tol Borad

5. making gold doing dailies
4. Cinderbloom
3. Whiptail
2. Azshara’s Veil
1. mounts for sale

5 Things I Hate About Tol Borad

5. seeing the Darkwood Forest
4. running through the Darkwood Forest
3. questing in the Darkwood Forest
2. Darkwood Lurkers
1. Darkwood Broodmothers

Comments on: "The One With The 5 Things" (4)

  1. But Elfi…why do you like and dislike each of those…that’s the good read!!! Lol have a great day!

  2. Aaaggghhh those stupid bloody spiders aaaggghhhh /incomprehensible nerdrage

  3. I get the feeling there’s a certain element of Tol Barad you’re not a fan of.

  4. I have yet to venture into Tol Borad.

    However you’ll see my standing point with the zone in the very near future also 🙂

    (To add: Ass Mhorgrim said)

    – Jamin

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