Most of my WoW friends do not understand why I keep an active trade chat window open. They wonder why in the world I want to expose myself to the immature noobs that seem to login just for the pleasure of trolling others in trade chat. To be honest, it actually serves two purposes for me:

1. Sometimes I have total noob questions (such as not knowing what an acronym stands for) that I’m too embarassed to admit I need to know… and if you wait long enough some noob in trade chat will ask the same question. And somewhere among the 37 lines of ridicule, someone will actually answer the question. Boom! I’ve learned something I needed to know.

2. I am basically a generous and kind person (please don’t ask Kimber to confirm, I do not believe she would agree) and I do approach WoW with a “do unto others” type of mentality. I also have very vibrant memories of how badly I struggled as a newbie player and how I was in awe of high level players who would run by and take the time to stop, come back and either buff me or kill something for me. Keep in mind this was pre-Wotlk, well before Azeroth received an influx of spoiled brat players who only think of themselves. My point is… I’m not actually enough of an expert in anything in-game to offer up amazing internet guides, so I try to help the world out by answering noob questions in trade. Of course, I’m smart enough to whisper them the answer instead of subjecting my words to the trolls.

Apart from the two things I mentioned above, I mostly ignore trade chat and let it just scroll by without paying much attention. But sometimes… sometimes… sometimes trade chat is very entertaining. *some language nsfw

Comments on: "The One Where Trade Chat Can Be Entertaining" (2)

  1. I’m guilty myself of answering noob questions via whisper ๐Ÿ˜›

    Though sometimes I’m not sure why I leave Trade chat on.

  2. Comical yes.

    However a channel entitled SPAM should be created for this sole purpose ๐Ÿ™‚

    – Jamin

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