While working on my archaeology today, I decided to skip the gryphon taxi and go cross country from Stormwind to Burning Steppes. While doing so, I crossed a section of north Elwynn Forest that I had never noticed before and spotted a cabin sitting high up on a hill near the top of a waterfall. I swooped down to have a closer look and see if anyone lived there. As I approached, I noticed the tiny yard was filled with about 20 sheep and I immediately decided to stop, kill them all and then see how fast they would respawn. My guild is still chasing the Critter Kill Squad achievement so I wanted to know if this would be a good place to help that along. And I did discover their respawn rate… but I also discovered two other things.

1. For some reason there is some sort of hybrid sheep there with a mechanical head and a strange symbol on it’s wool. Anyone have any back story on this?

2. The other thing I discovered is somebody does live in this cabin and they were both angry and offended… yet quietly went back inside and allowed the killing spree to continue.’

And for anyone who may be wondering, the respawn rate is the same as most other critters. No real advantage to fly up here and do this. Unless you want to see a pissed off farmer, of course.

Comments on: "The One Where I Offended A Lonely Sheep Farmer" (1)

  1. Elfi, for your Edification, the sheep is an exploding sheep made by engineers lol. They are fun little creatures. It’s a fairly low lv accomplishment but the engineer can send the sheep to attack someone and blow up!!! BOOM!!!!!

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