Friday morning, as I pulled into my parking spot by the dumpster after a long night of work, I did something I’d never done before. I spotted something interesting in the trash and I went in and dug it out. Technically I did not go dumpster-diving because the item that caught my eye was sitting beside the dumpster. In fact, I was almost paranoid that it wasn’t actually trash and I probably shouldn’t touch it.

But after careful examination, it was a broken item and it had been abandoned… so of course I drug it into my apartment. And then I busied myself with figuring out how to adapt it so I could use it while logged into the game. I am happy to report I was successful. I can now get in a bit of exercise while gaming. You guys, I found a Gold’s Gym Power Spin 230 recumbent bike in the trash. Whatever type of digital display it once had is gone and I don’t see any way of adjusting the pedal tension, but it pedals perfectly so who cares?

Of course in finding a way to use my laptop while pedaling I gave my bedroom the appearance of a redneck spa. But sometimes you just gotta be a redneck.


Comments on: "The One With The Redneck Problem-solving" (3)

  1. Hollybrynn said:

    That is so awesome!

  2. Now that. That is brilliant!

    Definitely something I had in mind,

    – Jamin

  3. OMG that is too funny! Maybe it will slim down that chicken but so you can stay on the ledges with the spiders!

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