Last week I made a quick post saying I had finally ordered new internet. The update on that is … it’s a bust. No new internet for me. They contacted me later to say they don’t actually service my address. So I’m back to square one. But I have been spending some time at my friend Kimber’s house soaking up her internets and nomming all her foodz. And while I was over there the other day she told me about the King of Spider Hill achievement. Now I hate spiders but I love achievements. I had to think it over for a while, but since my achievements are few and far between these days I finally decided to face my fears and kick some spider ass.

Kim had coached me on the correct path to take up the mountain and how the mechanics of the whole thing would work. What I didn’t realize is that my fat moonkin ass was going to be a problem. When the spiders pulled me up to their platform I fell off most of them. And sure, the spiders immediately grabbed me and pulled me back up again, but then I fell off again. I was trying to move forward onto the ledge but my big furry/feathery ass just wasn’t hanging on. After 3 quick falls one after another, my health was too low and I quickly died on the next fall. Would you believe I repeated this process and died like 4 times before I finally realized maybe I should just fight these bastards in my skinny night elf form? And yes, that strategy totally worked. I never fell off another ledge. I had been in moonkin form because i could burn em down faster but the spiders were kicking my bumbling butt. So if any of you laser chickens out there have not yet completed this achievement, I recommend you do it without shape-shifting.

Comments on: "The One Where I’m The King" (2)

  1. Unlucky about the internet. Hopefully you find ‘the answer’ soon!

    Also, that achievement sounds like a challenge. Which is always a plus XD

    – Jamin

  2. Yeah, it was actually more fun than frustrating. I’m glad I did it.

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