I would like to say that this post was my attempt at being clever, that I created this as a way of mentally escaping from the weeks of sizzling summer temperatures over 100 degrees. But that wouldn’t be true. Truth is this post was born from my ignorance and not my cleverness. Just last night, for the first time ever, I accidentally found the Dun Morogh Sledders on the west side of the mountain that contains Ironforge. Somehow I had never even heard about them before.

You guys, they actually sled down the hill and then they pull their sleds back up the hill. It’s so cute. They’ve thought of everything here. There is a huge mound of snow at the bottom of the sledding path that the dwarves run into to stop. When the dwarf pulling the sled up the hill gets to the top he raises his arms in victory. There’s an old troll cave nearby where a couple of dwarves are tending a fire and watching over some barrels of brew. I’m assuming this is where the sledders go to warm up and hydrate after they’ve made the uphill trip a few times. There’s even a cute little puppy named Ollie who is being hauled around on a sled. I’m guessing he’s there in case someone needs to be rescued. The whole thing was so adorable. Plenty-o-screenshots incoming.


Comments on: "The One Where I Discover The Dun Morogh Sledders" (15)

  1. Okay that’s pretty awesome. Except you should be able to ride the sled.

  2. Honestly, I think that’s new for Cata. I haven’t seen it but if the cave is what I think it is, it actually DID have Trolls in it until now. I have some screenies somewhere in which I thought it might be worth posting about. Not sure if I ever did.

  3. How haven’t I seen this before! This is just a spectacle!

    Going to head there now. Thanks for letting us know 🙂

    – Jamin

    • I’m kind of surprised that I apparently found something other people didn’t know about. Usually I am way behind everyone else.

  4. Kimber said:

    Holy smoke! Thanks Elfi, I’m totally going to check that out.

  5. Lycanthrope said:

    I just saw this recently flying into IF. Thought it very whimsical and cute.

    Yes, rideable sled is a must.

  6. New one on me too, this looks absolutely amazing! May have to temporarily suspend my hatred of Dwarfs (seriously, give me that one last fishing daily! Grrr!) and go and see this first-hand. Will give a big credit and link on Postcards when I do so! x

  7. […] Elfi’s World: Dun Morogh Sledders […]

  8. […] Elfi wrote an adorable post about the Dun Morogh Sledders. Every time I pass by I give them a wave. Well last night Keilei, my Night Elf huntress (we’ll discuss my huntresses another time) felt restless, and wanted to hone her skinning skills. She took a wrong turn, and saw a cave on the side of a mountain. This cave is hidden by the large IRONFORGE banner on the map. Inside the cave are two Dwarfs: a lady and a gentlemen. And they are drinking. And dancing. And….awkward! Though Keilei was invited to join them, she declined and bowed out. Get out?! Bowed out? A hunter! Woot! PUN! […]

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