I have been playing WoW since January, 2008. Over 3 years. Don’t believe me? It says so right in the header image of this blog, so it must be true. In that 3 1/2 years I have accomplished … well, I’ve had a lot of fun. I can’t really say I’ve accomplished much though because I only have 1 level 85 character. And while she does have the Loremaster Title and earned the Violet-Proto drake from the holiday meta-achievement over 2 years ago, she hasn’t done much else. She’s not even a Kingslayer. I really don’t have any one good excuse for my lack of multiple high-level characters. It’s been everything from summer slump to crazy busy social life to needing a break from the game to working hours a bit off from everyone else in my guild and finally to having internet issues. But something weird seems to be happening lately. I am actually getting close to having another level 85 toon.

My worgen, Morena, went from 68 to 71 this weekend and it really was sorta fun. She’s in Northrend so the random dungeons can be ran quickly and without too much trouble. Since I’m just pugging with strangers the whole time, I queue up as dps and if I lag then I type it into party chat. If I disconnect I just reconnect and tell them I’m sorry. I’m not stressing about being a burden to my friends or causing a wipe with a disconnect. These aren’t troll heroics, they’re the 20 minute dungeon runs that are solely responsible for the creation of the term “wrath baby”. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. And holy shit at the experience I am gaining. I was excited to be logged in all weekend instead of feeling sorry for myself that I am not doing all the big boy runs with the rest of the guild. Morena has brought some joy back into my life. She actually has some decent gear now thanks to running Utgarde Keep and the Nexxus dozens of times each and a generous soul even donated some JP BOE sandals for me to throw in the bank until I can use them. The current plan is to keep leveling her until it’s no longer any fun and then when I reach that point, start leveling someone else. I may not be able to raid right now, but I can at least work on getting several different characters established so I have more choices later.

Comments on: "The One With All Of The Leveling" (1)

  1. Mean, I guess we can ‘believe you’.. But who stole the cookies then?

    Don’t judge yourself by how many alts you have! Anyway, your getting what you want from the game right? That is assuming that you play solely for fun. So yes, you have ‘achieved’ your goals in a sense. Your the one paying/playing. Not for anyone else to judge.

    Good to see that your enjoying the new character. As many seem to resent the leveling process, which I can’t understand in the new expansion content! (Other than the 60-80 part, maybe).

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