**edited to clarify – Both the ” I Do Not” and the “I Do” lists below feature characteristics of  hardcore and casual according to my interpretation of those words. The first list isn’t all hardcore and the second list isn’t all casual. Both lists contain aspects of both hardcore and casual according to me.

I Do Not

I do not raid weekly.
I do not have the best gear in every slot.
I do not have an abundance of Valor Points.
I do not have the fights in BoT memorized.
I do not have all of the new Cataclysm factions raised to exalted reputations.
I do not prefer leveling to all other activities.
I do not have multiple high level characters.
I do not have 1 of each profession maxed out.
I do not have a significant other or family member who I quest with side by side.
I do not roleplay.
I do not regularly participate in PVP.
I do not have required enchants and gems memorized
I do not remember the locations of every inn
I do not remember what vendor specific items come from.
I do not use recount or understand World Of Logs.
I do not theorycraft. In fact, it gives me a headache like all math does.

I Do

I do wear the proper tabards to gain the rep I need for gear or enchants which will benefit me most.
I do keep myself constantly repaired so I am at my best in 5mans.
I do follow blogs and forums as a way of keeping my talent trees and rotations at their best.
I do spend time outside of the game thinking of ways to improve myself.
I do immediately enchant and gem new gear I receive.
I do spend money on the AH to better myself if that’s the quickest way to do it.
I do care enough to ask for help.
I do try my best and don’t expect to be carried through dungeons or raids.
I do enjoy achievements and try to complete them whenever possible.
I do utilize tools such as Mr. Robot to ensure I am wearing everything correctly.
I do read patch notes before the patch hits.
I do love the game.
I do participate in pvp when my friends want me to or I want a change of pace.
I do participate in raiding when it fits into my schedule
I do love the game enough to blog about it

I am not hardcore, but I also don’t believe I’m casual. Neither of those words can define me. I am in the middle. And I believe there are a hell of a lot of us here. Should we be called hardcore casuals? No, I don’t think so.

I wish I were in a position to be influential. I wish I had the ear of the WoW community. Because if I did I would suggest that we replace the terms hardcore and casual with something like dedicated and occasional. Or maybe deliberate and informal. Serious and laid back?

Or maybe it’s such a wide spectrum there shouldn’t be two distinct roles. Why can’t we all be in the middle and simply vary in range from the high end to the low end. I am not defined by my number of raid nights per month or the number of hours I log each week. Are any of us?

I am in the middle. Who’s with me?

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  1. I’m there in the middle with you. I’m fishing today, doing Coren Direbrew as many times as possible over the next 2 weeks for a ram and maybe going to Firelands later. I’m reading blogs and I blogged yesterday. I looked through some old screenshots this morning and reminisced. I did Sunwell for the first time ever yesterday and was excited and overjoyed to have finally seen and finished it. I listened to the lore and stuff at the end 🙂 I’m having fun. I hope you continue to have fun too.

  2. Although in reality I think I’m somewhere down there on the low fruitcake fringe, in spirit I’m definitely with you there in the middle!

  3. See, even your list of things that define you don’t define me, and I don’t consider myself hardcore. Yes, I have multiple alts at 85. Yes, I have professions maxed out on all of them. I like leveling. I like doing dailies. I also remember everything about this game because that’s just how my brain works. My friends and guildies call me the Ru-pedia (after my main, Ruana) because I can recall the littlest detail and I have Wowhead within easy reach for those I don’t recall right away.

    I agree I’m not casual. But while you might consider me hardcore, those in progression guilds and doing hardmodes would consider me casual. I don’t even know if dedicated, serious, or deliberate fit me.

    I am who I am and I play how I play. And if I ever become “elitist” I hope someone smacks me down. 🙂

  4. JustSomeone said:

    I’m in the middle, but you are a casual. As simple as that…

  5. I would have to say that most players I know are right there in the middle but there are various degrees of middle. Some people are in the middle because that is what time allows them to be while others are in the middle because they just do not care. A few things from the “I do” part prove that while you are in the middle you do care.

    All the various versions of the middle probably represent the largest percentage of WoW players.

  6. I think the hardcore/casual definition is very much a case where people want to identify themselves in contrast to other people – for a variety of reasons – so they create a false dichotomy. By saying, “I’m hardcore,” or “I’m casual,” they’re trying to both establish superiority over other groups and justify their own behavior.

    There ARE different skill levels between players in WoW, and there are different ranges of time commitment, both of which result in success in the game. This is absolutely true. But trying to divide all players into two camps, the “like me” and “not like me?” There’s another agenda there.

    Nice post!

  7. Nymbol said:

    Yup, right there with you Elfi.. although I have yet to use some of the tools you described above. Glad you mentioned them though, I’ll give em a try.. I’m still getting the hang of the game as there are so many different levels on which to play.

    Thanks for posting!

  8. I think my list is closest to that of Julia’s – multiple 85s, maxed profs (except LW only 522 ><), I like levelling and so on. As she says though I wouldn't consider myself "hardcore", I prefer the idea of dedicated, serious and such.

    The fact that many people see other players in such black and white terms (you are either "better" than them and therefore hardcore or "worse" and therefore a casual baddie) isn't good for the game or the community. There are so many shades of grey and people may excel at one aspect while not liking or being bad at another.

    There is also a world of difference between someone like you (Elfi) who is in the middle (playing as you have stated above) and someone who is in the middle but has no idea bout rotation, gear, gemming etc and doesn't even bother to find out. Unfortunately this latter kind of player is also usually the pushy one in groups who won't accept politely offered advice ^^ and therefore give the rest of us "in the middle" a bad rep.

  9. Right there with you, Elfi! ❤

  10. Interesting stuff! We’re featuring this post on the MMO Melting Pot later on today.

    Interestingly, I found myself on a completely different continuum to you – there are parts of your “hardcore” description that I do (World of Logs is my friend) and parts of your “casual” description I avoid (Achievements – aargh, nooo!).

    My impression is that we’re not even on a single line, but all over a wide spectrum of different interest levels, skill levels, and commitment levels to different aspects of the game.

  11. I have multiple 85s (four), and my main has all the Cata faction reps maxed. Other than that, I nodded at every single one of the things on your list. I, too, am The Middle.

  12. Gronthe said:

    I’m definately in the middle. Although raiding of most kinds, except for nostalgia reasons only, is no longer on my DO list. I’m increasingly frustrated with things especially relating to the 4.3 news. There just doesn’t seem like anybody but the “fuller-time” raiders are being rewarded. Blizz just ain’t tweaking the rules of how they’ve done things in the past, they are shattering them to pieces, and leaving me stuck in the middle with nothing.

    One example, for each dungeon introduced since expansion launch (not including the new ones launched at expansion) there is ONLY heroic difficulty. It seems it’s been put into motion a vehicle for people to become raid ready faster, but with nothing for those who have no interest in raiding. To my knowledge, the other two expansions had normal and heroic mode dungeons, such as Trial of the Champion and the 3 ICC 5-man’s. But for reasons that I see as only catering to raiders, new dungeons are heroic only, leaving the interested-hardcore-casual-middle-man like myself left to progress or rot. I can’t even enjoy the epic benefits on my profession (Jewelcrafter) cause I won’t raid in 4.3.

    Oh I’m in the middle, and right now there’s nothing new for me, and that’s frustrating.

  13. Casual Hardcore is what I consider myself. I to almost all the same things you do. I know the fights, even if I have never been there, I watch the videos so I am somewhat prepared for it. I gem, enchant and all that too.

    I think Blizzard thinks “Casual” means “Stupid” Blizzard makes changes and nerfs boss fights to make things easier for “the casual player” but I don’t raid 3-4 times a week for 4-6 hours a night and I thought the fights were fine. Hard, yes but not so undoable that only a hardcore player and his hardcore friends are smart enough to figure out.

  14. […] the conversation between “Hardcore” and “Casual” right now, and she’s feeling the pain of being in the middle […]

  15. Is eleven million and change buggers playin’ in Azeroth, and they all does it different. Tryin’ fer ta classifies’em all as eithers “Hardcore” or “Casual” is as worthless as tryin’ fer ta find the one crayon what exactly matches yer skin color – it just don’t work. Folks is way too nuancified.

    Me, I labels meself as “bugger what done found his fun.” That one seems ta work a lot better.

  16. From the wise words of Stubborn, from Sheep the Diamond, we are the “Part-core Gamers”

    Interesting to see your interpretations 🙂

    – Jamin

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