Since the Dungeon Finder Tool was introduced in patch 3.3 it has been surrounded by mixed emotions. From excitement during the pre-launch as we daydreamed about all the emblems and gear we could easily farm, to anger and disgust at the atrocity that is the pug, to the hilariousness and atrocity that is the pug. And I have ridden that roller coaster of emotion the whole way, though it does seem to have more downhills than loopty-loops. But surely we can all agree that when it comes to holidays in Azeroth, the dungeon finder tool is just about the best damn thing in the game. I remember desperately trying to complete holiday achievements back in 2008 when I first started playing and just being so upset that there were so many days I wasn’t able to do the holiday boss. Usually it was because I always seemed to be 30 minutes late to the party and everyone in my guild who was currently online had already completed it for that day. So I’d hang around and do some random questing, waiting for new blood to log in. It usually didn’t work out for me. It was so frustrating.

Now I’m so spoiled I log in every day, queue up and have Coren Direbrew dead before I even finish saying hi to my guildies. It’s the most amazing thing ever. Dare I say it? I’m gonna say it – it makes all of those horrible, horrible pugs we’ve endured for 2 years now completely worth it. Or maybe I’m just high from spending 5 minutes a day during Brewfest earning gold, justice points and a Swift Brewfest Ram.

Comments on: "The Dungeon Finder Tool At It’s Most Useful" (1)

  1. I have to agree with you there. Though I usually managed to catch a group on my main, my alts rarely got to go into the holiday dungeons. Now, it’s worlds easier to get them through as well. Login, queue up, win.

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