So I’ve mentioned on here many times that I take a lot of screenshots and I’ve been a little unsure on the best way to sort them, store them, etc. But I have finally started that project and I’m going to let you guys have a sneak peek. Aside from WoW, one of my biggest hobbies is photography. I have a Nikon dslr and I take way too many pictures of everything. I’ve had a account for several years as a way of sharing my decent/favorite photos and I pay the annual fee to have unlimited storage. I had thought about sharing this space with my screenshots before, but just never got off my ass and got it going. Until now. I recently uploaded over 1700 WoW screenshots to my Flickr account and have slowly and randomly (as in tonight finally) began editing them to make them prettier.

Now, I’m going to provide you guys with the link to the set, but don’t get all excited that you’re going to flip through pages and pages and pages of them because only the few that have been edited are marked as viewable by the public. The rest are marked as private. Mostly because that way I can better keep track of which ones have been edited and which ones haven’t; but also because some of them may be ugly and I may delete them before anyone sees them. So as I have time and continue editing and marking them public, the album will continue to grow. And in the meantime I am taking more screenshots. Hopefully I will actually get caught up at some point, but I can tell you right now it’s not necessarily a priority to work on this project. I may spend 10 hours this weekend working on them or I may spend 10 more minutes and then not touch them for days. Hard to say.

And be prepared to be mildly disappointed to learn that I’ve only been using FRAPS to take screenies for the past several months. Before that I just used the default system… which means most of the 1700 are not at the highest resolution. They look okay at the default size Flickr displays them, but if you zoom in too much they become pixelated a bit. And they are all in random order, which I chose on purpose, just because I know I am sort of a minimalist and if I noticed 5 in a row from the same area I would likely delete 4 of them simply because. So by randomizing their order, I’ve eliminated that problem.

Okay, enough rambling. Here’s the link to the set. There are only 24 that are viewable as public right now, but keep checking back to see plenty more. And I’m seriously not fishing for compliments here, I am really not very happy with most of them that have been edited so far. Mostly because of the poor resolution, but also because I had my interface setup so damn stupidly. I can’t believe I played with all that shit all over my screen for 2+ years. Ugh. I can’t wait until I get to the newest shots that feature the new UI and the better resolution.

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  1. An addon you may want to look at it one called Multi-shot. It takes screencaps at certain points and you can dictate which ones… Options include boss kills [first kills or all kills], achievements, and even trades I think 🙂

    • I have actually been using Multi-shot for quite a while now. It’s a great add-on. I use it to capture achievements, level ups, rep changes and boss kills.

  2. Nymbol said:

    Love the pics Elfi! Can’t wait to see more!

  3. I’m planning on getting more edited and made public this week.

  4. I just let my flickr account lapse, but you are making me reconsider it. Perhaps if I could rename it and make all my personal pics invite-only I would feel less weird about having bajillions of SS rotting away in my WoW folder. But then I would have to prettify them all *_* I don’t know if I have the fortitude for that… As always, your SS are lovely! 🙂

    • Well Flickr has built in integration with Google’s Picnik picture editor which is the only editor I use for all of my screenshots and actual photos. You just have to click into the actions menu for each photo and choose to edit with Picnik.

      And then of course the privacy settings are pretty easy to control. When you upload them all you can batch edit them to be private and then you have the option of making them public or “friends only” which would be people who have created a Flickr account and are added as a friend by you. So it’s pretty easy to control.

      Also, for the record, even pictures that are marked as private can be shared on blogs or message boards by using the “grab the link” function in Flickr, but because they are marked as private, they are not clickable so they don’t lead anyone to your album. But the will appear for everyone on the page you posted them to.

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