Most people find this strange, but Halloween is my favorite holiday. No, it’s not because I’m evil (as far as you know). It’s just that I happen to love decorating with witches, bats, spiders and pumpkins. I love watching scary movies and all of the paranormal tv shows about ghosts. I love eating pumpkin pie and drinking hot chocolate. Strobe lights, black lights, glow in the dark sticks, jack-o-lanterns, purple and orange streamers, fake cobwebs, fake caution tape … these are all things I can’t wait to use every year. I love helping my nieces and nephews pick out costumes (only 1 this year that’s still young enough – cry!) and putting their makeup on for them. No princesses and firemen allowed on my watch, they all have to be some sort of creature or a victim of some sort of injury. Combine all of these things with the fact that October is my favorite weather month here in Missouri and I am one happy camper right now. I am also one very busy camper right now. This is always the time of year when I’m most active. There are all sorts of cool fall festivals in the area, I do a lot of shopping for new decorations, I take a lot of little scenic drives to photograph the fall trees, and my family hosts a giant community hayride and potluck/hot dog roast every 2nd Saturday of October (which is this next weekend if anyone wants to travel to my little corner of the world and have some good old-fashioned country fun) and after the kids all go home and get tucked in it becomes a beer around the bonfire night. What’s my point? Well, my family is cooler than yours would be a good one, but the main point is to say I’m going to be mostly AFK this month.

I also love this holiday in-game and I squee like a little kid when Hallow’s End begins and I see all the pumpkins and decorations all over Azeroth. So even though the purpose of this post was to let you know my online time for gaming and blogging will be greatly decreased and almost non-existent, you can bet your sweet ass I will still be logging in as many days as possible to participate in the Hallow’s End events and get some achievements for my alts AND MOST IMPORTANTLY to try and get that damn mount. It’s just that I won’t be doing much more than that.


Comments on: "This Is My Favorite Time Of Year" (2)

  1. Same! I love Halloween in game and out with a fiery passion. The month-long decorations and parties and general atmosphere are amazing. Not to mention, the weather is still bearable 🙂

  2. Yay, a fellow weirdo. Lol.

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