World of Warcraft Screenshot by rosey_krh
World of Warcraft Screenshot, a photo by rosey_krh on Flickr.

I am still slowly editing the massive amount of screenshots I recently uploaded to my Flickr account and just this morning I stumbled across this image. Darkshore was one of the zones hit the hardest when Deathwing passed over and the boat docks and village of Auberdine were featured in the media trailer previews for Cataclysm. After installing the new expansion, this is the first place I went when I logged in. At the time my hearth was set in Dalaran so I used my druid ability to teleport to Moonglade, flew to Rutheran Village and then flew towards Auberdine. I was in shock to see how completely the whole zone had changed.

After I explored everything on Elfindale and got her to level 85, I rolled a Worgen druid and spent a fair amount of time doing the new quests in Darkshore. Some of them were so sad. That’s the only time I’ve passed through the new area, but I remember thinking they did a great job of keeping the story interesting. Though it’s really weird to realize how different the place looks, I do believe the changes made there were for the best. Darkshore used to be such a long, boring grind and I remember feeling like I’d never get out of there when I took Elfi through years ago. The Worgen was in and out pretty quickly and I found myself remaining entertained the entire time.

I’m really glad I was able to capture this sight before it was destroyed completely. In the months before Cataclysm was released I spent quite a bit of time trying to capture scenic images of the world before it was forever changed. Strangely enough, Deathwing did not actually do as much damage as I expected and a good 80% of the landscapes I decided to immortalize don’t really look any different. I do know that I took pictures of Thousand Needles though and I can’t wait until I finally come across those so I can see how things used to be.

Comments on: "The Reason I’m Glad I Take Screenshots" (2)

  1. Scott Beeson said:

    This is how I remember it. Would be weird to visit now…

  2. Interesting screenshot. I took a moment to take in the destruction of Darkshore when I first landed, upon the Cataclysm.

    This area just reminds me of the quest based on the two lovers. ‘Love Eternal’, or something? However I totally agree that this was a great place to level through after the rework. Especially being able to meet such important characters and heroes such as Malfurion!

    – Jamin

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