It’s sad that we no longer see
Druids in raids as full-time trees

The new tree form is now a cooldown
A giant monstrosity that looks like a clown

Some think it looks like broccoli
But my guild thinks it’s a pedo-tree

Don’t get in the van with pedo-tree.

Comments on: "Don’t Get In The Van With Pedo-Tree" (13)

  1. Snack said:

    That tree’s got candy. I mean, that’s pretty legit.

  2. Cannot be unseen.

  3. Scott Beeson said:

    Those poor saplings!

  4. But the pedo-tree has candy hanging from its branches. Surely the van’s windows aren’t tinted that dark for nefarious purposes.

  5. Erm.. Bad tree is Bad!

    – Jamin

  6. I find myself wishing to hear this set to rap music. Can you make this thing happen?

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  8. […] is coming from. So far, the strangest ones have all involved the word “pedo” thanks to this post which subsequently led me to making it an actual song only because I must fulfill all of […]

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