I don’t know how everyone else plays a druid, since I’ve only ever been me while playing a druid, but when I play a druid (that was almost confusing) I manage to use all of the forms at some point. While flight form, travel form, and aquatic form don’t affect your action bars at all, bear form, cat form, and Moonkin form all do. There is a point to all of this and I have two screenshots to share, but unfortunately, I have already exceeded the number of commas allowed in a post and I must end it here. Thank you and goodnight.

Okay, fuck grammar. This is the interwebz and it doesn’t care. Back to what I was saying. Basically my bars were all messed up. Every time I redid my talent tree, stuff on main spec bar got changed but stuff on the other bars did not. Then Blizzard screwed up my ENTIRE WORLD by taking away permanent tree form. I used to be able to walk around in my resto spec but in my natural night elf form and use my damage spells on my main action bar to do questing and protect myself. Once I shifted into tree mode to work as a healer, my action bar would shift with me and all my healing spells would magically appear. Magic is cool. Blizzard ate my magic. Let me go off on a small tangent here, one I’ve gone off on before, and say that I still don’t understand why they did this to me. They claim it’s because some mysterious people were complaining they never got to see their tier gear because they were always shape-shifted. Yet the tree was the only form they removed. Healers were the only ones affected. Seriously, the balance spec doesn’t need to look like laser chicken’s to do dps… other classes do dps without shifting. So if this really were about people seeing their gear more, they should have also taken away Moonkin form. Yes, I’m still QQ’ing even after all this time.

So not only did some of my bars have outdated crap on them, most of them had spells that were common to all forms in completely different locations. Every time I switched I was a tiny bit confused. Don’t misunderstand, it never rarely affected my dungeons and raid runs because I had the buttons mostly memorized on the forms I used the most. It was just a minor inconvenience if I had to go bear all of a sudden in an effort to get away from a mob without dying. Or when I switch to cat and prowl around things I would normally have to kill.

In addition to needing them to all make sense and match up well my whole bars area just needed to be resized and reconfigured. I use Dominos for my bar mod and I have had no problems with it, I just needed to redo it and make it look better. Line up my whole UI a bit more and make things a bit more even. So even though you won’t see how the bars look every time I change forms, I do have a before and after screenshot for you.

*click on the pictures for da big size

Here’s the before – not too terrible, but just not good and a bit too tiny.

And here’s the after – you may think at first the changes are too subtle, but they are huge in terms of making my life easier.

Comments on: "The One Where I Redo All Of My Bars… UGH!" (1)

  1. Druid action bars are such a pain in the butt! (warrior bars too). With all the different abilities for different forms, it is very challenging. When I raid I only show about 12 buttons, which suits me perfectly because I like a clean UI. However, I am going to try some arenas this week and I had to do so much work to make sure all my important abilities, for caster, tree, cat and bear form were all visible at the right times.

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