I know I am not the first person to have figured this out, but since I died like 5 times at the hands of an Undead Mage before I realized what I should do differently, I thought I’d go ahead and post it just in case someone else is having trouble. I am of course referring to the Alliance version of the daily quest from the Hallow’s End holiday event currently ongoing. The quest A Time To Lose is picked up right outside the gates of Stormwind and requires you to travel to the Ruins of Lordaeron (courtyard in front of Undercity) to douse the Horde’s Wickerman. The quickest flight path is to go from Stormwind to Androhal, Western Plaugelands and then fly over to Undercity from there. Of course, if you’re all about the hax, you can actually cheat on getting to Undercity by accepting and completing the Stink Bombs Away quest which instantly places you inside Undercity on the back of a broom dropping stink bombs. Once you’ve dropped all 25, instead of telling the broom to return you to Stormwind, just log out of the game real quick. When you log back in you will find yourself at the graveyard near the Scarlet Monestary just a hop, skip and jump away from where the wickerman is.

But I don’t want you to hop, skip and jump your way there. I want you to fly. The easiest way I’ve found for dousing the Wickerman is to fly up on the backside of him, look around to make sure no Horde are camping there on the top of the wall, and then actually land on the wickerman’s shoulder and quickly cast the dousing agent. If you’re a druid you can really get away with one here because with flight form it’s easier to land on his shoulder and then once you’ve got him doused you can immediately shadowmeld and then instant flight form up and away. Once you’re outside of the city just land and hearth and you’ve just completed 2 dailies with minimal effort.

Comments on: "How I Handle The Daily Hallow’s End Quests Involving Undercity" (3)

  1. I did this today. As you say the best bet is to fly behind the wickerman. But I immediately got attacked once I’d doused the flames. I put up a good fight but they got me in the end. Not too bad though. Ressed at spirit healer, hearthstoned back to Stormwind, job done 🙂

  2. I did this quest the other day. Flew all the way to Undercity “snuck” in via the front entrance. “Crept” (as well as a mage with a power torrent chanted staff can “creep”) around to where the Wickerman was burning…. and was promptly dispatched by a group of hordies.. Whisped to the wickerman and waited until I had a “clear” shot.. then quickly rez’ed and put the wickerman out.. and was promptly dispatched again.. lol..

    This time I took the penalty and rez’ed at the graveyard.. Was immediately flagged by waiting horde but managed to fly away.. until I landed to heal and was promptly dispatched again..

    Harrowing, yes.. fun.. yes.. wished I knew the first thing about one one one pvp? Yes!

    Would I do this quest again.. hellz yes! : )

    Maybe I’ll use your advice next time Elfi! : D

  3. Don’t forget about the Magic Broom, which is an instant cast mount. Makes for a quick getaway.

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